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The Puzzle-Piece Effect: Chapter 3Category: (general)
Friday, 17 July 2009
11:50:44 AM (GMT)
(It's a shortie, but it's all I could do! Next chapter is loooooong!)


The door slowly closed with an odd squeaking noise, as if it had not been touched for
many a century. The room inside reflected this thought as well; it was a rustic,
dimly-lit room with dilapidated furniture set in the corners, and a small fire was
smoldering out in a grey fireplace near the people inside. 

There were two things that the girls noticed upon entering. I’ll start with the
less obvious one first.

Over in the corner, sitting on a small puffy stool and combing his fingers through
his hair, was a beautiful man. I’m talking beautiful. Not pretty, not effeminate;
you couldn’t help but call him handsome. His long brown-red locks licked the
corners of his face, and his eyes gleamed through the shadows like beacons of light.
This man, as he has not been introduced properly yet, was Kacie’s captor. Kami.
Overall, quite the looker.

Too bad that the girls barely gave him a glance.

Their attention was drawn to the center of the room, where five large chairs (we
could reach so far as to call them thrones) sat majestically. They looked as if they
were the only modern, taken-care-of things in the whole room. 

In the middle chair sat Gackt. He was smiling, laughing even, as he chatted with a
girl that sat at the foot of his throne. She was dressed in…well, I guess it was
usual Malice Mizer fare; it looked as if she had borrowed one of Gackt’s bondage
costumes from one of their darker concert numbers. Not to mention the added fishnet
stockings and heeled boots.

“…Katie?” Courtney said unsurely, and the other girls held bated breaths as the
girl turned around.

“Oh! Hey, guys!” Katie said casually from underneath a brand-new coat of dark
black makeup, “I was wondering where you were.” At the base of her neck, the
others could see a black collar wrapped around her, with a dark chain leading back to
Gackt’s throne.



The girls tried to hold in their laughter at the ridiculousness of it all.

“He…had to...chain you up?" Kacie squeaked through her pressed, smiling lips.

“Not really. I guess you could say it was consentual...” came her nonchalant


The girls let it rip. 

“F-fangirl!” Frenchie gasped through giggles, “FANGIRL!”

“This is extreme, even for you, Kat!” Kacie laughed.

Katie blushed, barely visible due to the layer of pale foundation, as she heard Gackt
chuckle quietly as well.

“What?” she said defensively as the others recovered, “I needed something to
wear while you were all unconscious!”

Oh, and just to mention it…Well, not really. Not mention. Explicate. Just to
explicate what the girls were now wearing, I *the authoress* will launch into a deep
paragraph(s) just to give you a better description on how the gals were donned up in
their new duds.

Katie, as slightly explained before, was wearing Gackt’s Illuminati costume. AKA, a
black jacket with fishnet sleeves, short leather shorts, fishnet stockings, and large
black boots. Add a couple belts, straps, zippers, etc., and you’ll understand the
idea that she looked as if she had walked into Hot Topic during an indoor hurricane.

Kacie was dressed the normal-est of the group, much to her relief. She had been
ordered to wear a light salmon sweater (complete with those little fur-ball tassels
that you could use as gentle bludgeons), a slightly over-large pair of jeans, and
bare feet. She could live without her shoes alright.

Frenchie looked as if she stumbled into a campfire: Bright red tank top, bright red
pants, and bright red flip flops that were at least six sizes too large. Also, she
took time to mess up her hair a LOT, giving the whole outfit a
“punk-rock-just-woke-up-minutes-ago” look.

Rachel was wearing the huge dress that her captor had stitched up for her and was
actually enjoying it, as it fit perfectly against her figure. It had a lot of black
lace, purple buttons, and the rare bow stitched along it, making her feel as if she
walked out of a fashion magazine.

Courtney was quite comfortable in her outfit, as it was her usual attire anyway. A
dark purple T-shirt, ripped jeans, and a good nine belts snaking around her waist
made up the ensemble.

Anyways. Extreme digressing here.

Gackt rose up from his ‘throne’ (snort) and, simultaneously, all the men walked
straight over to him, forming a small huddle in which they whispered quietly.

“…What do you think they’re plotting?” Rachel asked quietly.

They all turned a leery eye to Katie, who shrugged.

“Dunno. We didn’t talk much about why we were kidnapped, persay,” she murmured

“Well,” Kacie said as if she had just woken up, “I’m already sick of this
place. I wanna go home. Maybe if we just ask them nicely-”

“-Not happening,” said a voice from the man-crowd in the front of the room, and
Kacie turned to see Kami speaking in his melodic voice. “We’ve decided.” The
other members nodded in agreement.

“Decided what?” Courtney said, tilting her head to one side.

“Until we know exactly what move we’re going to make about our, er,
situation,” Gackt added the emphasis on situation quite exaggeratedly, “We
have chosen to keep you here, if only for a little while.”

“Um, no. Not at all.” Kacie said firmly, stepping out to face Gackt head-on, (I
gasp at her brass. And stupidness.) “You must be joking if you think that I’m
going to stay here with you fre-.”

“Shut your mouth and do as your told, wretch.” Kami snapped loudly, causing us
all to jump at the same time. “Unless you want to put said mouth to better use.”


Oddly enough, Kacie was silenced quite quickly.

Each man went behind their respective captive and stood, waiting for Gackt’s

“…Well. It’s around 1 AM, and I have the odd notion that you guys aren’t the
most awake people of the hour.”



The sarcastic sounds were mainly from Kacie.

“So I say we take a couple more hours until morning until we start planning.

The men murmured their consent.

“But…erm…sir?” Frenchie spoke up, aiming her comment at Gackt. “Where are
we supposed to sleep?”

“…Hmm. I think we’ll just keep things simple, okay? I’ll take Katie (her eyes
widened to saucers), Kami and Kacie, Mana and Rachel, Frenchie and Kozi, and Courtney
and Yuki.”

So basically, Frenchie thought, we’re just going back the way we came.

“So, dismissed,” Gackt said, and one by one, they filed out of the room, minus
Katie, of course.

Hmmm….Katie thought to herself quietly. 

I think I don’t mind this. Not one bit.



My friends are gonna kill me.

End of Chappie Three

Rose_Baker says:   17 July 2009   336916  
your right we are going to kill you just for injoying this so much

by the way I love my outfit
Rose_Baker says:   17 July 2009   676712  
I have one question 
how does he know our names
Katilix says:   17 July 2009   189147  
I told him all of our names, where we were from, etc. 

gothprincess says:   17 July 2009   865141  

niiice... ilovesit!
Ixceka says:   20 July 2009   217342  
gentle bludgeons! not as fun as the metal ones, but they'll do if
someone annoys me.....If we didn't love you kat...X_X
Go smile powers! 'tis the best!
Katilix says:   20 July 2009   473497  
Heehee! Thanks X.X Don't hit meeeeeeee.
popsciclexdino says :   30 July 2009   944425  
nice....  Me, in the library, with the candlestick


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