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Understanding.Category: a story
Tuesday, 23 June 2009
06:11:48 PM (GMT)
gah.. i gotta keep this story going.. its pretty good for my material :D "Darn it!" Milliard said once she noticed Chloe went to get the Valluns. "She'll be fine." Kenshin reassured her. Isamu sighed. "You dont know the grudge against her." "We'll have to do it with the Balkuns." Michi said. Milliard looked at Michi. "Your talk about Osamu's personal army here. " Kenshin nodded. "Yeah.. not like they'll want their leader dead." "What the chances?" Michi said. "His own son is against him! For God sakes!" Isamu smiled. "It just might work" Of course, Milliard was worried for Chloe. But, you can't just plan a battle and stop it for anyone! "What are you telling me Isamu?" Daisuke, the leader of the Balkuns. Isamu looked at Milliard. "Im telling you.. that we have to kill Lord Osamu.. " "For?" Daisukes dark eyes plotted on Milliard. Milliard shied away into Isamu's arms. "For forbidden love..." she said softly. Daisukes dark eyes melted into soft mounts. "I will... lead this army ... for the Prince." "Michi was right..." Milliard said astonished. Isamu just hugged her. When the fight began, Osamu was confident. We'll just say it was slowly gone when he noticed Isamu and Milliard. "Ashamed!" Osamu's voice shouted, making an almost thunder sound. "My own son.. love the peasant WITCH!" Milliards voice shout at him like a bullet. "Who you calling WITCH? When your the one that destroyed your own kingdom!" It was true.. his castle barely stood, his army was the enemy, and his wife was dead. "Your DEAD!" Osamu grabbed his sword of evil and stood in stance. Milliard and her army stood there unafraid of what might happen. "NO I THINK YOU SAID THAT WRONG!" Milliard hit him first, his weakest area, the heart. The army toke fire on him swiftly and they got him strucked off his feet. "Please dont.." Osamu barely got out before Milliard use her skills to destroy him once and for all. The bolt of energy hit Osamu with a bomb loudness, but no effect on anyone but him. He was gone before anyone could notice. Osamus voice came through the wind speaking "i..love...you...Isamu......" Milliard and her family lived their lives as the did before. Chloe did return safely right after the battle, she was mistaken for a Vallun that the Valluns themselves didn't listen to her, but she got out. Kenshin and Chloe had another child of their own, but not a magical being. The child was named Emi. When Emi turned three, Isamu and Milliard got married, in the most strangest possible thing happened that day. Osamu's voice was heard crying, right after they both said 'I do' . Isamu had tears in his eyes, unlike most men. By the time Emi was arround 4 years of age, Isamus and Milliard had a child of their own. That child was named Katsu. And the very same happened on their wedding day, Osamus voice was heard, the very day Katsu was born, Osamus was crying. THE END. :D

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