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Saturday, 20 June 2009
12:27:35 PM (GMT)
 Your Autobiography

Part 1: The Birth of You:

Were you a planned baby?:
I don't know.

Were you the first?:

Who was present at your birth?:
haha, i don't know?

Were your parents married when you were born?:

What is your birthdate?:
september 26th.

Part 2: The Family

How would you describe your family?:

Are your parents married?

Siblings or an only child?:

If you have siblings are you oldest, middle, or youngest?:

What are your siblings names and ages?:

What parent do you get along with best?:

What do you fight about?:
Haha, alot.

Do you have step parents?:

Part 3: The Friends

Do you have more than one best friend?:

Who are your best friends?:
Emily, Marie, and Osborne.

What do you like to do when your together?
Alota fun shit(:

Do you share the same interests?

Which friend can you tell anything to?

Part 4: Your Personality

How high/low is your self esteem?:

Are you an extrovert or an introvert?:

Are you happy?:

Do you live life to the fullest?:

Part 5: Appearance

Are you comfortable with the way you look?:

Do you have any piercings besides your ears?:

Describe your hair.:
Blone, curly.

What make-up do you wear?:
cover up, mascara and sometimes eyeliner.

How do you dress?:
I wear clothes.

Part 6: The Past

Were you a strange child?:
You don't even know :]

What did you use to love that you no longer do?:
Jump and land on my knees.

Do you have the same friends?:

Was there anything in your past that was traumatizing?:
Oh yess.

Part 7: The Future

What is your ambition?:

Are you scared of growing old?:
not really.

Do you want to get married?:

Part 8: The Outdoors

Do you prefer indoors or outdoors?:
Summer- out, winter-in.

What is your favorite season?:
Summah, fo sho(:

Do you like walking in the rain?:
Not just walking, playing.

Part 9: Food

Are you a vegentarian?:
I wish.

What is your favorite fruit?:
Watermelon !

What food makes you want to gag?:
Micky - D's.

What is your favorite dessert?:

What is your favorite restaurant?:
.. olgas!

Are you a picky eater?:
Not really.

Part 10: Relationships and Love

Are you single or taken?:
Single all the wayyyyy.

If taken who is the lucky guy/girl?:
Me, myself, and i(:

Do you think love is the best feeling in the world?:
i wouldn't know.

Do you believe in love at first sight?:

Part 11: Experiences

What was one of your greatest experiences?:

What was one of your worst?:
Alot too.

Have you ever done drugs?

Have you ever thought you were going to die?:
haha yeah.

Have you ever suffered from depression?:
In a way ?

Part 12: Random

Is it warm out enough to go out in a T-shirt where you live?
Yeah, finally

Would you rather be able to teleport or be invisible?

If someone offered you a million dollars to move to the opposite end of the earth
would you?

How did you get your hair the way it was today?
I took a shower, now I'm gonna blowdry it and straighten it.

When's the last time you wished your day would just be over already?
Day before yesterday?

Name something you know about algebra?

Do you like dollar stores?

What's the last thing you bought?
I can't remember.

If you walk by a mirror, will you check yourself out in it?
I don't usually check myself out, I would probably look in it though.

Do you plan on sleeping in tomorrow?

Do you like to take walks?

Whose hand did you hold last?
Marissas! (:

What did you do yesterday?

Have you ever seen a dead person?

Do you like flowers?

Hate is a strong word, who do you hate?
One and a half people.

Do you drink a lot of water?

Were you happy when you woke up today?

Do you keep a planner?
Ew? No/

Do you remember who your 4th grade crush was?
Ha, no.

What was the first thing you did when you woke up?
Rolled over and tried to go back to sleep.

Do you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell everything to?

What are your plans for tomorrow?
I don't know.

What are you most anxious/?excited for?
Dance recital.

Are you satisfied with your life?

What happened at 10:00 AM?
I woke up.

What does the song you're listening to remind you of?
Rainbows. Jolin.

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