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Chapter 2:Just a Dream or Real?Category: Sooooo romantic!But wait a minute...
Tuesday, 9 June 2009
10:25:43 PM (GMT)
The next morning,thunder was clapping and lightening struck.Violet woke up with the
loud roar of thunder and cowered in the corner.With the towel wrapped around her,she
went downstairs and got into her regular clothes.With still no breakfast set out,she
walked out the door and as she shut it,Zander pinned her to the wall and
said,"WASSUP"?Violet stared into his eyes with a surprised look in her eyes."Just
sneaking out of the house.Needed it after being wrapped up in a towel all night
long".Violet told Zander.Julie came up and slapped Zander on the back of his
head."Naughty boy.Just kidding!Ok,you two love birds,quit fooling around and come sit
down in the grass.I have an idea,but I lost it after going to sleep last night.I
wrote it down,surprisingly,in my diary".Julie said.Violet looked up at Zander while
his short,wild black hair blew in the wind and his turqoise eyes shone in the
lightening.Just do it,just reach up and kiss him,that's all you need to
do,Violet thought.Violet puckered up her lips,but Zander looked away,grabbed her
hand and said,"Come on Violet"!Violet stared at his hand while her hand lay perfectly
in it.She refused to go,and as she stopped,Zander fell down on top of her.Zander
blushed and laughed while Violet did the same.Violet rolled out from under him,but
Zander gently put his hand on her face and put her face towards his.The two stared
into each other's eyes for a while,but Julie yelled out,"GET UP YOU COUPLE OF
LAZIES"!Violet and Zander both got up and looked away from each other,blushing
red.Both of them sat down while Amelia and Codie sat down beside Julie."Ok look,the
only way we're gonna do this is if we use strategy".Julie said.After reviewing the
secret plan they all went to bed.Violet came home around 6:48 and took off her
clothes and put them in the washer as she wrapped the towel around her.She lay in the
corner and went to sleep.Suddenly,a little kink on the window woke her up.Violet went
to the window and pushed it up.Zander was down outside and shook a "come on" look on
his hand.He ran into the woods and Violet quickley followed while still putting on
her clothes.When they were finally on,she followed again.The sounds of the forest
were simply delightful.The coyotes howling,the frogs croaking and the birds and owls
chirping and hooting.Zander was backed up against a tree with his arms
crossed,shooting a love look towards Violet.Violet ran up to him and Zander quickly
pushed her against the tree,getting close to her face.'Zander,this is so unlike
you".Violet told Zander."It might not be,but it surely feels like I could use a
little kiss right about now".Violet got wide eyed and closed her eyes.Her and Zander
were kissing,finally.The kiss was long and subtle and gentle,but as her eyes
opened...FLASH!She was back in her room again,still wrapped up in her towel.She was
confused.But,it seemed so real,why...oh nevermind,just dream about that again
because that was the most fun dream I've ever had.Violet closed her eyes
again,but awoke with the lightening striking again.Another day was ahead of her,and
hopefully,it was like her dream.

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