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Saturday, 30 May 2009
03:16:34 AM (GMT)
rocakstar1200154 = ME [22:45] jacksonsiegal96: has joined the chat [22:45] hunterdrew1998: has joined the chat [22:45] rockstar1200154: has joined the chat [22:45] Katie: has joined the chat [22:46] Rachel: has joined the chat [22:46] Katie: whos hunter and jackson? [22:46] rockstar1200154: IDK [22:46] Rachel: heyy [22:46] Dardan: has joined the chat [22:46] Dardan: hi im dardan sister [22:46] Katie: hey heyyy party people, want to play truth or dare? [22:46] rockstar1200154: Okay, so we will now play truth or dare. [22:46] Katie: ok [22:46] Rachel: okk [22:46] Katie: invite scoottt [22:46] Dardan: yea bye heres dardan [22:47] Dardan: hi [22:47] rockstar1200154: I did, he doesn't want to join, should I invite Net??? [22:47] rockstar1200154: HUI!!! [22:47] Katie: who? [22:47] Dardan: kk [22:47] rockstar1200154: Netanya. [22:47] Rachel: I CAN'T WAIT TILL TOMOROW [22:47] rockstar1200154: HOLD ON PEOPLE!!! [22:47] Rachel: DRAG ME TO HELL [22:47] Dardan: kk [22:47] rockstar1200154: Okay, so, katie, truth or dare??? [22:47] Katie: add her [22:47] Katie: DAREEE BITCHESS [22:48] Dardan: kk [22:48] Rachel: hah [22:48] Neyanya: has joined the chat [22:48] rockstar1200154: I dare you to lick your foot. [22:48] Rachel: ha [22:48] Dardan: ll [22:48] Dardan: kk [22:48] rockstar1200154: DO it Katie. [22:48] Neyanya: helloness [22:48] Dardan: werif [22:48] Dardan: weird [22:48] Katie: i did [22:48] Katie: even askn netanya [22:48] Dardan: kk [22:48] rockstar1200154: Ew, okay, so now you get to ask someone. [22:49] Neyanya: yepp its was gross [22:49] Katie: ok, dardan truth or dare [22:49] Rachel: has left the chat [22:49] Dardan: truth [22:49] Katie: is it true that u love rachel? [22:49] Dardan: hell yea [22:49] rockstar1200154: XD [22:49] Katie: lol, [22:49] Dardan: yy [22:49] rockstar1200154: Dardan, ask someone. [22:49] Neyanya: lol [22:49] Dardan: truth or dare rachel [22:49] rockstar1200154: SHe left. [22:50] Dardan: oh i didnt no [22:50] rockstar1200154: She comeing hold up. [22:50] Katie: kk [22:50] Rachel: has joined the chat [22:50] rockstar1200154: She be here now. [22:50] Dardan: truth or dare rachel [22:50] Rachel: truth [22:50] Dardan: y u love me? [22:50] Rachel: yes [22:50] rockstar1200154: XD [22:50] Dardan: lol ok good [22:50] Neyanya: wowwwwwww [22:50] Katie: awwww [22:51] rockstar1200154: That's funny. [22:51] Dardan: shut up katie jst jeaouls [22:51] rockstar1200154: Rachel, you ask someone. [22:51] Katie: im not jelouss [22:51] Dardan: sureee [22:51] Katie: i just said awww [22:51] rockstar1200154: Rachel ask someone now. [22:51] Katie: i dont like u freako [22:51] Rachel: okk umm who wants to go [22:51] rockstar1200154: XD [22:51] rockstar1200154: ME!!! [22:51] Katie: me [22:51] Dardan: wut? [22:51] Neyanya: ........... [22:51] Neyanya: ME [22:51] Rachel: ok truth are dare [22:51] rockstar1200154: Your late Netanya. [22:51] Neyanya: WHO? [22:51] rockstar1200154: WHO??? [22:51] Neyanya: Awhhh [22:52] Dardan: wut [22:52] rockstar1200154: Dardan, your just slow. [22:52] Dardan: im gna get off bye [22:52] Rachel: not netanya [22:52] Dardan: srry [22:52] Rachel: noo [22:52] Neyanya: ='[ [22:52] rockstar1200154: No. [22:52] Katie: ok i pick truthh [22:52] Dardan: sis wants her computer ill see torrowom babe [22:52] Dardan: i proimse i love u [22:52] Rachel: byye [22:52] rockstar1200154: Wait, so me Rachel??? EW. [22:52] Rachel: ya [22:52] Dardan: wut? [22:52] Dardan: bye [22:52] Katie: ewwwww [22:52] rockstar1200154: Ewwww. [22:52] Katie: babe my but thats gross [22:52] rockstar1200154: BLAH!!! [22:52] Neyanya: umm not to be rude but [22:53] Neyanya: um ew [22:53] Neyanya: sorta [22:53] Neyanya: yep [22:53] rockstar1200154: Not to be super ride but... [22:53] rockstar1200154: EEEWWW!!! [22:53] Katie: i agree with alexis andnetanya [22:53] Rachel: alexis [22:53] Neyanya: LOL [22:53] Rachel: truth are dare [22:53] Neyanya: xd [22:53] rockstar1200154: Okay, truth. [22:53] Neyanya: XD [22:54] Rachel: do u love peter [22:54] Rachel: teehee [22:54] rockstar1200154: Who is Peter??? The Panda??? NO!!! [22:54] Katie: lol, [22:54] Dardan: has left the chat [22:54] Neyanya: LOL [22:54] Katie: alexis ask someone [22:54] Neyanya: WOW [22:54] Rachel: okk then [22:54] Neyanya: I wanna go [22:54] rockstar1200154: Netanya, truth or dare??? [22:54] Neyanya: truth [22:54] rockstar1200154: Is it true that you still like Scott??? [22:55] Neyanya: Nope not at all he is more of my best friend now well dustin is my best friend so watever [22:55] Rachel: okk then [22:55] rockstar1200154: Lol, you ask someone. [22:55] Scott: has joined the chat [22:55] Neyanya: Scott thruth or dare [22:55] Scott: dare [22:56] Neyanya: I dare u to marry KATIE AGAIN.... [22:56] Katie: what? [22:56] Neyanya: YEPPERS [22:56] Scott: i dare me not to [22:56] Neyanya: Katie loves that dare [22:56] rockstar1200154: XD [22:56] Rachel: XD [22:56] Neyanya: u have to [22:56] Katie: SHUTTT UPPP [22:56] Rachel: haha [22:56] rockstar1200154: Okay, Scott, ask somebody. [22:57] Katie: WAIT, R WE MARRIED NOW? [22:57] Scott: no [22:57] rockstar1200154: XD [22:57] Katie: u have 2 [22:57] Neyanya: lol [22:57] Scott: no [22:57] rockstar1200154: She is luuuvin this. [22:57] Neyanya: YES [22:57] Katie: shut up no im not [22:57] rockstar1200154: XD [22:57] Rachel: i gotta go [22:57] rockstar1200154: I am at leasty. [22:57] Rachel: by [22:57] Neyanya: Scott ask someone [22:57] Rachel: has left the chat [22:57] rockstar1200154: BYE!!! [22:57] rockstar1200154: Yeah, SCOTT!!! [22:58] Katie: scott ask someone [22:58] Scott: ummm [22:58] Scott: netanya? [22:58] Scott: truth or dare? [22:58] Neyanya: Wat.... [22:58] Neyanya: ummmm [22:58] Neyanya: truth [22:58] Neyanya: lol [22:58] Scott: is it true u ate a waffle today? [22:58] rockstar1200154: WHat the heck??? What kind of truth is that??? [22:59] Katie: what? [22:59] Neyanya: No not rlly i wish i did thoo [22:59] Katie: lol, [22:59] Katie: netanya ask someone [22:59] rockstar1200154: Netanya, ask someone. [22:59] Neyanya: Alexis truth or dare [22:59] rockstar1200154: Truth??? [22:59] Neyanya: Do u think Dustin is the hottest thing on earth? [22:59] rockstar1200154: No, not no more. [22:59] Scott: you do netanya [22:59] Neyanya: okay [22:59] Neyanya: Nope [23:00] Neyanya: tht [23:00] rockstar1200154: Now he looks like a mushroom. [23:00] Neyanya: is TAYLOR LUNTER [23:00] rockstar1200154: XD [23:00] rockstar1200154: Katie, truth or dare??? [23:00] Katie: alexis ask someone [23:00] rockstar1200154: I did. [23:00] rockstar1200154: Katie, truth or dare??? [23:00] Katie: TRUTHH [23:01] rockstar1200154: Is it true that you like SCOTT??? [23:01] Scott: ewww [23:01] Katie: uhghhh... [23:01] Katie: uhhhhh. [23:01] Scott: has left the chat [23:01] Katie: a little not alot [23:01] rockstar1200154: He left. [23:01] Katie: add him again [23:01] rockstar1200154: I reinvited him. [23:02] Katie: lol [23:02] rockstar1200154: Okay, Katie ask somebody. [23:02] Katie: alexis truth or dare? [23:02] rockstar1200154: Truth (i keep this game boring). [23:02] Katie: is it true that im a sexxy beasttt? [23:03] rockstar1200154: Yes!!! [23:03] rockstar1200154: Lol. [23:03] rockstar1200154: No, not really. [23:03] Katie: hahahaha [23:03] Katie: thankz [23:03] Katie: what? [23:03] rockstar1200154: Yeah. [23:03] Katie: lol, [23:03] Katie: alexis ask someone [23:03] rockstar1200154: Okay, Netanya, truth, dare, pick of the two. [23:04] Neyanya: dare [23:04] rockstar1200154: I dare you to tell Scott you love him and then put the caht log in here. [23:04] Scott: has joined the chat [23:04] Katie: hahahaha [23:04] Neyanya: WHAT [23:04] Katie: no do it on here now [23:04] Neyanya: HECKIE NO [23:05] Katie: u have 2 [23:05] Neyanya: I CHICKEN I CANT DO THT [23:05] Neyanya: NO [23:05] Neyanya: NO [23:05] Neyanya: NO [23:05] Neyanya: NO [23:05] rockstar1200154: Lol, Okay, ask someone. [23:05] Katie: what ev loseerrr [23:05] Neyanya: NO [23:05] Neyanya: NO [23:05] Neyanya: NO [23:05] Neyanya: kATIE TRUTH OR DARE [23:05] rockstar1200154: OKAY ASK SOMEONE!!! [23:05] Katie: dareee [23:05] Neyanya: this involes scott [23:05] rockstar1200154: XD [23:06] Scott: ? [23:06] Neyanya: Tell him u think he is the SEXXIEST THING THAT EVER WALKED TO PLANET [23:06] Scott: eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww [23:06] Scott: has left the chat [23:06] Scott: has joined the chat [23:06] Neyanya: We love u Scotty [23:07] Scott: no [23:07] Katie: DEAR SCOTTT, UR THE SEXXXIEST THING I EVER SAWW ON THE PLANET AND I LOVEYEWWWW [23:07] Scott: u dont [23:07] Neyanya: Yes we do [23:07] Scott: no u dont [23:07] rockstar1200154: Okay, Katie, ask someone. [23:07] Neyanya: XD XD XD XD [23:07] Katie: SCOTT TRUTH OR DARE/ [23:07] Scott: umm [23:07] Scott: monkey? [23:07] rockstar1200154: Hm??? [23:07] Katie: answerrr [23:07] rockstar1200154: Boy, pick one. [23:07] Scott: dare [23:08] Katie: i dare u 2 ask netanya out and marry meee [23:08] Scott: [23:08] Scott: no [23:08] Scott: [23:08] Neyanya: wOAH tHeRe [23:08] Katie: yes [23:08] rockstar1200154: u have 2 [23:08] Neyanya: Its my b day to morrow so i refuse [23:09] Neyanya: So beat tht [23:09] Katie: ok,what ev scott ask somoneone [23:09] Neyanya: lol [23:09] rockstar1200154: Yeah. [23:09] Katie: askkk [23:09] Scott: alexis truth or dare [23:09] rockstar1200154: Oh gawd, truth. [23:10] Scott: r u bi [23:10] rockstar1200154: NO!!! [23:10] Scott: r u suree [23:10] Katie: ILOVESTEVENNNBOOMERRRR [23:10] Neyanya: XD [23:10] rockstar1200154: I'm sure!!! NO!!! [23:10] rockstar1200154: Geez. [23:10] Scott: good [23:10] Neyanya: XD [23:11] rockstar1200154: [23:11] Katie: ILOVESTEVENNBOOMMERRR [23:11] Neyanya: You guys are funny [23:11] rockstar1200154: Okay, Netanya truth or dare??? [23:11] Neyanya: Truth [23:12] rockstar1200154: Is it true that you like Dustin??? [23:12] Neyanya: Yes...... [23:12] rockstar1200154: Hehe. [23:12] rockstar1200154: Ask someone. [23:12] Neyanya: Katie truth or Dare [23:12] Katie: i think everyone knew that smart one [23:12] rockstar1200154: I did, but I couldn't think of anything. [23:13] Katie: ummmm, truthhh [23:13] rockstar1200154: Can I post this convo on kupika when we're done??? [23:13] Katie: suree [23:13] Katie: truthhh netanya [23:13] Neyanya: Who do u think is better looking Shane Dylan Scott Steven or Garrett? [23:14] Katie: GAREETTTT LOL, JK [23:14] Katie: STEVEN TYLERRR BOOMER WILL ALWAYS BE FIRST [23:14] Neyanya: Okayyy then [23:14] Katie: STEVEN [23:14] Katie: STEVEN [23:14] Katie: STEVEN [23:14] Katie: STENEN [23:14] Neyanya: Shut up Katie [23:14] Katie: STEVEN [23:14] rockstar1200154: Okay ask someone Katie. [23:14] Katie: SCOTT TRUTH OR DARE? [23:15] Scott: truth [23:15] Katie: is it true that u want to do something to netanya [23:15] Katie: ??? [23:15] rockstar1200154: XD [23:15] Neyanya: WOAH THERE [23:15] Scott: no [23:15] Katie: r u suree [23:15] Neyanya: WAT KINDA QUESTION IS THT? [23:15] rockstar1200154: Hehr. [23:16] rockstar1200154: XD [23:16] Neyanya: Now thts rudee Scott [23:16] Katie: [23:16] rockstar1200154: XD, Scott, ask someone. [23:16] Katie: ok scott ask someone [23:16] Scott: netanya? [23:16] Neyanya: huh...? [23:17] Scott: t or d? [23:17] Neyanya: Ummmmmm Truth [23:17] Scott: ok [23:17] Scott: y do u only pick truth? [23:17] Neyanya: Cause im afraid of dare [23:17] Katie: lol. [23:17] rockstar1200154: Is that the turth question??? [23:17] rockstar1200154: *truth [23:18] rockstar1200154: I died my hair Scott!!! [23:18] rockstar1200154: In the front. [23:18] Katie: adam lamberrtt is so sexxxy [23:18] rockstar1200154: Okay then./.. [23:18] rockstar1200154: Okay, Netanya, ask someone. [23:18] Katie: ADAM LAMBERRTTTT IS SEXXXXYYY JUST LIKE SCOTT LOL [23:18] Neyanya: Alexisss truth or dare [23:19] rockstar1200154: Dare... [23:19] Katie: JK BOUT THAT LAST PART [23:19] rockstar1200154: XD Katie [23:19] Katie: HAHA [23:19] rockstar1200154: DARE [23:19] rockstar1200154: DARE [23:20] Neyanya: I dare u to make another one odf those pictures u and katie made and to name it Scotts [23:20] rockstar1200154: WHat pics??? [23:20] rockstar1200154: In social stufies??? [23:20] Katie: remember in soical studies [23:20] rockstar1200154: Oh, I will on Monday. [23:20] Katie: lol [23:21] rockstar1200154: XD, OKay, Scott, truth or dare??? [23:21] Katie: scott? [23:22] rockstar1200154: Scott??? [23:22] Katie: hellloo? [23:23] rockstar1200154: SCOTT WHERE ARE YOU?!? [23:23] Katie: idk were he is? [23:23] rockstar1200154: Uh... [23:23] Katie: uhhh ello? [23:23] rockstar1200154: Ello??? [23:24] rockstar1200154: Uuuhhh... [23:24] Katie: o well [23:24] Katie: someone ask me? [23:24] rockstar1200154: Uh, Katie, truth or dare??? [23:24] Katie: dare [23:24] rockstar1200154: I dare you to call Scott and see wheer he is. [23:25] Katie: cant call mom blocked my number cause tony [23:25] rockstar1200154: Oh yeah...well, I'ma be on kupika, I'm done on AIM, bye. [23:25] Katie: i pick truthhhh

mizzrhi says :   8 November 2009   751242  
thats really shitty


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