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Chapter 4: Change.Category: Jonas Impossible
Thursday, 28 May 2009
11:34:48 AM (GMT)
Natasha had gone to Gemma's house to get ready for the party. Gemma wore black
leggings and a black and gold short dress covered top to bottom with sequins. She had
glittering huge gold hoop earings and had put blonde highlights in her hair. "You
sure did put a lot of trouble to impress Zoe." Natasha joked, she was wearing Jeans
and a tesco white t-shirt.
"It's not for Zoe." Gemma replied as she handed Natasha the same dress as she
had but silver. Natasha looked confused and said "Who is it for then?"
"Jhjm" Gemma mumbled.
Gemma let out a big sigh and said clearly "John."
Joh had been Gemma's crush since year 7. And Zoe's boyfriend ever since. Natasha
looked at her in astonishment. "Gemma you can't be serious!"
"I am. Zoe is no good for a blonde hair, blue eyes, straight A funny and sensitive
boy." Gemma gazed into thin air. "Now let me do your hair."
"Why do I have to look nice?"
"It's a party! We are acting with the jonas brothers!" Gemma shook Natasha's
shoulders." This is my-OUR chance."
At the party the room was so crowded and the only spec of light was the electric
disco ball on the ceiling. Gemma and Natasha felt so out of place and slouched in the
corner of the room. Natasha was stuffing her face with all sorts of junk from the
buffet. Gemma however was watching Zoe and John at the other side of the room. She
couldn't hear them but saw Zoe leave a disappointed John and went to her room with
Megan. A buffed blonde bully.
Gemma left Natasha and went to talk (shout) to John. "Great party!" Gemma yelled.
"Yeah" John sighed. Gemma sat down on the table with him.
"What's wrong?"
"I don't know you enough to tell you."
"John. We were best friends up til year 6 then you stop talking to me and went out
with Zoe."
"I have had more time with you than ANYONE in this whole room."
"Zoe doesn't treat me like a boyfriend. She never kisses me never hugs me. Barely
even talks to me."
Gemma put her fingers to John's lips and said " Then lets go back to the old days.
Just you and me!"
Before anyone except John, Natasha and Gemma knew it. John thrust himself onto Gemma
and they were kissing. Natasha gawped at her and left the room, slamming the door so
everybody turned to see.
Unfortunately the table where Gemma and John were was next to the door...

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