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Tuesday, 14 April 2009
05:17:00 PM (GMT)
I'm messing around with this, trying to figure out a set of circumstanses that could
have been running through my subconscious mind that ked my conscious mind to me
thinking up a way to almost kill Naono. For that matter, I kinda want to know what
would happen after Shikuro "rescued" Naono... In addition, I'm bored.

      Shikuro headed towards the full-time teleport circle. As Shikuro had explained,
you need to think of a teleporting spell and a destination while standing on the
circle, and you leave. No power drained. Naono hadn't learned a teleporting spell
from Shikuro just yet, but was content to roam the castle when Shikuro wasn't around.
This time though, Shikuro seemed prepared to be gone for a long time, wearing what
Naono could now recognize as a riding cloak and carrying a satchel over his
     Naono looked up from his task- he was supposed to be enchanting arrow heads so
that they couldn't be affected by normal breezes. It wasn't a hard spell, but Shikuro
had set him on it to build his endurance. And anyway, it needed to be done, and Naono
liked to be helpful. The bandage on one arm from when that blue horned monster had
biten him didn't get in the way of magical labor, so he could get quite alot done in
between meals.
     "Where're you going?" Naono asked. He muttered the spell, and added the newly
enchanted arrow head to the "completed" pile.
"I need to go and check on progress. Seeing your leader inspirers soldiers, abandoned
children need to be shown to the nearest outpost, and the resistance needs to be
observed carefully. The usual, really." Shikuro gave a kind, if tired smile. The
"Resistance" wasn't new, but it had gotten stronger because of the rumors that the
Crown Prince had returned. Rioters had been making life difficult for the poor guards
posted in major places of comerce; in time, Shikuro said they might realize that the
guards were there to stop bandits, and people had to stay inside at night to stop
them from getting hurt by theives. Until then they had even gone as far as breaking
the windows of the Outposts.
    "Any idea when you'll be back?" Naono inquired, "Some of the Outposts are pretty
far away," Naono said the spell again without looking away from Shikuro.
This got Shikuros attention; he looked impressed. "You've gotten very good at that.
Have you done all those today?" Shikuro gestured the pile of finished arrow heads.
    "Yeah. It is a beginner spell after all, and it doesn't take long to say."
Shikuro picked up one of the enchanted arrow heads and examined it closely. He
carefuly turned it over in his palm, then replaced it on the table and did the same
with another arrow head. Naono held his breath and waited for Shikuro's reviews.
    "It seems you've already progressed beyond this. The bronze arrow heads are even
enchanted more strongly then the steel ones. Did you do that on purpose?"
"Yes. I thought that since the bronze ones are lighter then steel, they'd be more
likely to drift off course in the wind. Also, since I figured that the bronze will be
going to the less experienced archers, it would give them a competitive edge in
battle." Naono wished fervently not to have to reenchant the more expensive steel
tips so that they were equal to the bronze. Thankfully Shikuro looked pleased and
patted Naono fondly on the head.
     "Exelent. Your reasoning was spot on, and not many people can control their
power this well at this stage of training. Have you even passed out once?" Shikuro
battled breifly with the hair flopping over his right eye. Finally Shikuro cast a
spell at his own head to keep the hair in place. Naono surpressed a giggle.
"No. Should I have?"   He asked, still amused by Shikuros antics. When around Lords
and other dignitaries Shikuro acted cool, poused, and collected. Naono felt special
in that he got to see Shikuro's sandy hair hanging in his face.
     "Well most people do... They just... Can't quite... Control it..." Shikuro was
staring at the arrows, appearently lost in thought. He did this sometimes. Naono
"Well you'd better find a spare saddle." Shikuro said briskly.
"Wait... What?" Asked Naono- one of the few problems with Shikuro was that he was too
smart. He'd jump from observation, to thought, to idea, to plan, without stopping to
make sure others were on the same page. Shikuro waved his hand at the remaining arrow
heads on the table. With Naono's newly awakened magic sense he could tell that all
were enchanted powerfully. Shikuro handed the satchel to Naono for him to carry.
      "You're coming of course. Look in that bag, there should be a second cloak.
Might be a bit big on you, but that's all for the better when riding." Shikuro said,
then proceeded to the circle.
"Well, come on!" He urged as Naono rushed to get the cloak out  and over to the
circle. Naono stood nervously within the circle as Shikuro readied the spell. Did
magical transport hurt?
Shikuro could tell that Naono was afraid, and stifled a smile. Good. The more
frightening situations he comes out okay from, the more the boy will trust me.
      "After helping the children in the outposts, how about we keep an eye on
Eichiro and Mana? It only takes a minute to locate  them by magic, but if we know
where they are, maybe we'll know where their going. Who knows, maybe we can even try
to find you a dragon before we're done."
       "Whatever is most convieniant." Naono said politely. As it happened, he hadn't
heard of the possibility of him getting a dragon before that moment, but Shikuro had
probably been planning it for awhile. Shikuro spoke a rather complex spell, and
before Naono realized the spell was finished they were in the Real Stable. Since
Shikuro hadn't wanted to cause alarm in the citizens by letting them know he already
had a castle, Shikuro had just used the inside of an abondoned ancient castle. The
downside to this clever plan was that horses couldn't live in a rotting or crumbling
stable, and the only entrances and exists for the castle were now magic. Stable hands
wouldn't be able to get back in to the castle after going out to feed the steeds.
So Shikuro left the delapitated stable as it was and had a real stable built in the
forest. Stable hands traveled by a tunnel system guarded by a girl who would allow
those she had seen before to pass. Shikuro visited her sometimes, but for the most
part used the quicker, magical methods of transportation. The tunnels strenched under
multiple cities and the Plains anyway, and getting lost wasn't hard.

I'll finish this later. Maybe. Proably not. It's rather piontless, rambling, and
typ-o filled anyway. Byyee!!

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