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Wolf Story(not finished)Category: Wolf related
Sunday, 12 April 2009
09:09:51 AM (GMT)
       The wolves howl in the dark night. The moon as full as can be, a young girl is
taking care of her dog. "good boy" says the girl. HEr name is Emelia and she has a
sister named Charlotte and her mom and dad. It was a big happy family until one day.
It was a Dark full mooned night and Emelia decided 2 go 4 a walk. She walked into a
forest near a mountain. SHe looked around searching for light and then she heard
growling. SHe jumped and lit a match. She saw a wolf and screamed. She dropped the
match causeing a fire. A whole bunch of wolves started 2 sorround here. They attacked
her and she ran as fast as she could. They chased her throughout the forest w/ the
fire still roaring and burning. She ran and ran and then the a wolf jumped her. he
stood on her spine and she screamed. "W-What do you want from me?" A wolf bit her
arm, another bit her leg and the one standing on her bit her spine. Her arm got
pulled off and so did her leg. The wolves continued to eat her body alive. Charlotte
ran 2 where the wolves where having there "meal". Tears ran down her face "its 2 late
Emelia is gone."
        A month after Emelia's death, Charlotte and her new boyfriend went 2 the
forest where Emelia died at teh exact time on a full moon. They here howling and
growling. "What was that" Charlottes boyfriend James asked her. She grabs him and
shivers in fright. "They're here. We should go" Charlotte tells him but wolves
sorround them so they cant escape. "RUN!!!!!" They run past the wolves and they chase
them. They run faster and faster breathing heavily. A wolf jumps them and they
quickly dodge. A wolf jumps in front of them and they get jumped from behind.
Charlotte gets stepped on by the wolf, and James stares in fright. "im sorry
Charlotte," He runs off. CHarlotte gets torn apart by the Wolves and was never seen
ever again and her boyfriend was ashamed from that day forewod.
       Another month goes by and James is walking toward where Charlotte lived. He
gets to the parents house and knocks on the door. The mom answers w/ a tear stained
face. "I am so srry Julie. I know i should of told u this earlier but me and
Charlotte where walking in the forest together and got chased by wolves. I ditched
your daughter. I knew I should of saved her but if we both died well.....yeah." He
explains to the mom. She holds him close and full out cries. "This is the day....The
day a victim will be killed" says James.
Last edited: 13 April 2009

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