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unhappy girl faraway( A shocking part)Category: love
Friday, 27 March 2009
06:57:52 PM (GMT)
8 Months later  	
	The next morning Isabella got out her bed and she went inside her bathroom and took
a shower. She got dress in a jean skirt and a pink shirt. She put on socks and her
shoes and she comb her long hair She walked out of her room and the alarm made her
scream. Courtney came out and she shut it off and she smile at how nicely Isabella
was dress and she hugged her and said happy birthday. Isabella walked downstairs and
Sophia was already down there dress in the same outfit but her shirt was purple. She
smirk at Isabella and got up Mindy told her to be nice. Sophia ignore her and she
walked up to Isabella and she spill milk on her shirt. Isabella jump at how cold it
was and she cried. Mindy put sophia in timeout and Cory came down and he frown at
Sophia and he brought Isabella ups stairs to fine a new outfit. They found a pink
skirt, a pink a shirt with a butterfly on it, He help her put her shoes on and they
walked down stairs.

	Cory said happy to her and Sophia and that he loved them and he left to go to work.
Courtney brought them to the bus stop to wait for the bus. The bus came and they said
goodbye to each other and Courtney went to her car and went to work.  She got to work
and her boss hugged her. She went into to the recording   
room and sang some lullabies. When she was done she went to her desk to get some more
work down. When she was close to leaving she got a call at the school saying to come
get sophia. She rush to the school and she went into the office. 

	Sophia was there outside the office was a little girl who had a fat lip, a black
eye, and a bloody noes and next to her was Isabella who was laying in the nurses
office who was crying and her leg was ben out of shape. The principle told the sophia
wouldn’t be coming back to school here and the ambulance was on there way  They
waited for the ambulance to come. When the medic came. They picked Isabella up
carefully. They rush her to the hospital when they got there Cory came out with
nurses and brought them into a room and help them put her on the hospital bed. The
nurse look at her leg with Cory. They rush her to  surgery  and got her leg fitted
for a cast and when they was done Cory brought her back to the room and stayed with
her. She looked him with very sad eyes. He comfort her.  Courtney came in and sat on
the other side.  

Cory kiss her. Isabella was ready to go and they taught her how to use the crutches.
When she got the hang of it they brought her home. They had a birthday party for the
girls then sat down at the table with sophia and they looked at a list of schools.
They decided on sending her to the school in a mile from home. After they talked to
Sophia they send her to her room. Courtney went up to Isabella’s room to check on
her. Isabella was on thee bed crying holding her teddy close. Courtney sat next to
her and held her close. They both fell asleep. Cory went into Sophia’s room to get
her ready for bed and he tucked her in and put her teddy bear in her arm. He went to
Isabellas’s room  and smile at them he shut the door and went to bed.

The next morning  Cory drove Sophia to her new school. Courtney got up and Isabella
to go take a shower and get dress. Isabella did what she was told. Courtney got dress
and  Isabella came out with her towel around her holding her skirt and she had a
shirt on but no under clothes. Courtney held her finish getting dress. She grab
Isabella’s crutches and picked Isabella up. She drover her to school and help her
inside. Isabella was giving a pass to use the elavator and then she was sent off to
her class. Courtney left when she got half way to her car when her water broke. She
got the ground when a sharp pain hit her. A teacher saw her and help her into her car
and she drove her to the hospital. She help her inside and put her in a wheel chair a
nurse came to her side and Wheel her inside a room. Cory came in to hold her hand and
a doctor came in and told her to push. Court repeated this step to the baby was out.
the doctor took the baby and wash her off (Are you shocked  that isn’t a boy). He
cut the cord and then but a diaper on her. The nurse clean up Courtney and put a
diaper like thing on her. The nurse put the baby in her arms. Cory said 

Cory: Can we name her Emma Victoria?

Courtney: Yes.

Courtney was started to getting tired. The nurse put her in the crib next to Courtney
and the baby slept. Courtney fell asleep. The next morning Courtney woke up and smile
at her new baby. Isabella came in and jump in her moms arms. Courtney hugged her.

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   27 March 2009   751195  
oh...my....goodness grascias.

‹Emma Bear› says :   27 March 2009   679572  
lol you welcome


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