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Challenge for this year.Category: Challenge.
Thursday, 19 March 2009
05:42:17 PM (GMT)
My challenge?

Write a short story every day.


Can be about anyone or anything, except
I'm going to do each category on this list:

after you get dirty
all in one colour
as soon as you get out the shower and put a towel on
before and/or after a haircut
before you take your pills
biting your lip
blowing bubbles
Brady Bunch mosaic style
by candlelight
by torchlight
capturing your zodiac/star sign (eg. Libra's are supposed to be fashionable -
pretend to be runway model. Scorpios are powerful and intense - pretend to push
something heavy, etc. OR imitate horse, rat, etc.)
copying someone else's picture
depicting a stereotype (nerd, jock, goth, blue collar, mafia, gangsta, emo)
depicting a traditional act of your gender
depicting your screen name
dress ups (princess, ninja, indian, cop, doctor, ballerina)
dressed up to the nines
eating pocky
facing the other way
featuring a shadow
featuring multi-coloured socks
featuring puddles
first thing in the morning
flying off a swingset
from a bird's eye view
from an ant's eye view
half in the shade, half in the sun
half naked
holding a sign (will ___ for food, 4 sale, free hugs, etc.)
holding another photograph
Holiday themed
illustrating a secret
illustrating a song/quote/poem
imitating a CD cover
imitating an ad, scene, statue, etc.
in a mirror
in a no-photography, no-trespassing, or no-standing zone/premises doing the
in a purikura/photo booth
in an elevator
in black and white
in formal attire (boy, for both genders)
in formal attire (girl, for both genders)
in someone else's clothing
in the rain
in your pajamas
ironing/doing laundry
laying on the grass
licking something
making a peace sign
manipulate it
modernising a famous painting
Mug shot style
naked, wrapped up in blankets
of “behind the scenes” (putting batteries in your camera, on a [photography
/movie /theatre] set)
of a scar/tattoo/piercing
of your head on an animal's body (photo manip. or tourist billboard)
of your pearly whites and/or dental photos
of yourself bowling
of yourself juggling (or attempting to juggle)
of yourself jumping
on steps
over one week, each day depicting one of the seven dwarves
over one week, each day representing each of the 7 deadly sins
playing with a picture frame
pointing at the camera lens
Polaroid style
reflecting in something other than a mirror (glasses, lake, window)
running from the camera
Scan yourself
Side/profile shot
singing karaoke
smiling, like a school photo
standing on your bed
that spells something out (not necessarily by holding up a letter)
through a clear object (cup)
through a veil or other gossamer item
under a bed
under the hair dryer
upside down
using sign language
wearing a hat
wearing bunny ears
wearing face paint
wearing glasses (properly or askew, lens or no lens, sunglasses or reading)
while baking
while doing homework
while doing housework
while eating
while on the computer
with a book
with a childhood toy
with a musical prop or instrument (headphones, boom box, iPod)
with a parasol/umbrella
with a sibling
with an X-Ray
with another [flickr, kupika, LJ] user
with flowers
with jewellery
with money
with nature
with one half of your face/hair done up heavily, other half au natural
with plastic surgery dot plans on your face
with your boobs as the main focus
with your eyes closed
without editing it
writing a letter

(This was actually a list of photos to take of myself, but I decided that writing
would be easier!)

‹WE'RE GOING IN THE VAGINAAAA› says:   26 March 2009   256591  
I'm toally doing this..if ya don't mind
Katilix says :   26 March 2009   752245  
No, of course I don't mind! Yay for another person to jump on the

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