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Dreams......what about you?Category: (general)
Thursday, 19 March 2009
12:42:58 PM (GMT)
I have been having a strange reccuring dream. No, not like it is the same
every time, but it's always different somehow.
The first time I had it I was lost in some twisted version of my school- I took a
wrong turn, and climbed down an ornate
staircase into an office building- kind of like a reception area of a hospital. I
asked the receptionist where I was, but
she ignored me. I climbed some more flights of stairs, and suddenly I spotted a
teacher from my school. I shouted to them
-but they just told me to get back to my lessons. So, I found the stairs again, and I
climbed them. But as I climbed them,
the stairs morphed into a maze, and then suddenly, they collapsed.
And I was

Then, I wake up.
Sometimes I am lost in a museum, sometimes I am lost at a friends house....does
anyone have any ideas WHY I dream so crazily?
Oh, feel free to post your own dreams too. Your brain, my brain- they're both as
confusing as each other XD

yup, comment my friends 

neverendingdream says:   19 March 2009   824354  
Reminds me of I book I read once.

I could try to psychoanalyze it if you want! :D

I've had dreams come up again before as well ; though they were a tad
more disturbing. ♥ I was audience to a large group of beings eating
my innards in each one. Strangely, I didn't have much of a problem in
the dream. @_@ 
ChouChou says:   19 March 2009   344628  
@_@ Heres my take at having a psychoanalysis of both your dream + my
Feel free to have a go at working out the deep meaning of mine....I
havent properly worked it out yet XD

My dream- I have a deep fear of staircases collapsing? 0.o

Neverendinddream's dream (lol dreamdream :p, you couldn't have picked
a better nickname)- When ever something goes wrong, you accept
criticism- sometimes it is a personal comment about you- it might
offend you, but you don't show it. So effectively, you are sitting
back and letting them eat your innards...ahem.

any more dreams for the dream team?
lol dream dream team RHYMED 
neverendingdream says :   19 March 2009   426411  
My take on your dream : You have trouble adjusting to things. Sure,
it seems like you've become used to it, but there is one part of you
that just wants to be away from where you are at the moment. When you
consider going away from those places you fear that they may hold you
back, and keep you from what you want to do with your life. 


I love that explanation. I just interpreted it as I give too much of
myself to people. [Kinda take things literally at times, urk.]

I was organizing sets of blocks once. That was...the whole dream. Red
blocks in one pile, green blocks in one pile, and blue blocks in
another. >_>


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