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Twilight is a horrible book. ♥Category: (general)
Wednesday, 18 March 2009
09:44:42 AM (GMT)
Twilight is a horrible book.

If you disagree with me, feel free to tell me why in a civil, logical fashion.
Debates are okay--they are fun! But I am not looking to start a flame war.

Also, I'm not trying to stop people from reading the books. Of course they should
read them and make their own opinions. Heck, I don't even mind if they enjoy them. I
was talking about Twilight on another forum and this was the response I got:

"I agree with you, but I still like the books. I don't read them to read a fantastic
piece of literature with a complex plot, I read it because the hopeless romantic in
me loves every little bit of those books."

See, I can understand that attitude. Some people recognize that the books have
flaws, but still find them entertaining. That's fine. What bothers me are the rabid
fangirls who think the series is the best thing ever written.

Anyway, here are a few of the main reasons I don't like Twilight very much.

I. The characters.

We'll start with Bella. First of all, Bella is a type of character called a Mary
Sue. For those who don't know what Mary Sues are, a general definition would be “a
character that is unrealistically perfect or special, oftentimes a self-insertion of
the author.”

The key word in that definition is “unrealistic.” No real person could be as
perfect or special as a Mary Sue character. Because of how unrealistic they are,
Mary Sues are considered a hallmark of bad writing. For more information, see the
Wikipedia article on Mary Sues:

I think Bella fits this definition fairly well. When she moves to Forks, it is like
the entire school falls in love with her. Girls want to be her; boys want to be with
her. Everyone is always telling her how beautiful, sweet, and smart she is. She has
perfect As, never skips homework, cooks and cleans, never misses work... when does
that ever happen in real life?

To make it worse, Bella spends the entire novel moaning about how horrible a person
she is! This is another main Mary Sue quality: the girl who is perfect but is
insecure and hates herself anyway. If Meyer was trying to make her humble, it didn't
work; it just made her look whiny, like she was fishing for compliments.

Also, Bella is Special, with a capital S. Her blood smells especially good. She is
immune to Edward's mind-reading, as well as Jane's and Aro's powers. Everyone bends
the rules for her: The Volturi, the pack, the Cullens... again, it is unrealistic
that she should be so unique, always the exception to the rule.

Speaking of unrealistic, lets discuss the way she talks. When people write
characters, they have to alter the “voice” depending on who the character is. A
professor and a beach bum probably have different speech mannerisms. Girls and guys
speak differently, too. Teenagers do not talk the same way as adults... except Bella
sounds like she's thirty. Or, more accurately, she sounds like a thirty-year-old
masquerading as a high-school student. It feels like the author just used her own
words and made no effort at capturing what a real teenager would sound like. I know
some people say she's just mature... but if you look at her actions, she's really
not (more on that later). She doesn't sound mature; she just sounds unrealistic.

She fulfills another item on the Mary Sue checklist by being a self-insertion of
Meyer. A self-insertion is basically when the author puts a better, cooler version
of themself in a book. Basically, it means the author is using the character to
write what they wish they could be and do. So, let's look at a description of Bella,
by Meyer herself.

“In my head, Bella is very fair-skinned, with long, straight, dark brown hair and
chocolate brown eyes. Her face is heart-shaped—a wide forehead with a widow's
peak, large, wide-spaced eyes, prominent cheekbones, and then a thin nose and a
narrow jaw with a pointed chin. Her lips are a little out of proportion, a bit too
full for her jaw line. Her eyebrows are darker than her hair and more straight than
they are arched. She's five foot four inches tall, slender but not at all muscular,
and weighs about 115 pounds. She has stubby fingernails because she has a nervous
habit of biting them.”

Now go look at a picture of Meyer. Here, I'll link you.
 Okay, brown hair and eyes are
pretty common. But then we get to the other details. Wide forehead? Check. Widow's
peak? Check. Large, wide-spaced eyes? Check. Prominent cheekbones? Pointed chin?
Lips too full for her jawline? Check, check, check!

Yet, for all this perfection, Bella annoyed the heck out of me! She constantly
whines and all she ever thinks about is herself, or her boyfriend. She is incredibly
self-centered and can be very rude to her “friends.” Yet, did anybody in the
complain about this or point it out? No. Essentially, the other characters act as if
Bella has no flaws, and it is clear that Meyer intended to make her that way. This
is, again, unrealistic... and I think it's uninteresting. Real people have flaws.
Often, the best books are about main characters that are generally good, yet have
some flaws. Part of the excitement of the book is whether and how they overcome said
flaws. This does not happen in Twilight. Any flaws Bella has don't seem to affect
her. They are romanticized; they are not really presented as flaws. A person without
flaws is a person without personality. Bella is that person.

I guess the only real flaw is her clumsiness, and this is so “convenient” that
it is laughable. She is always clumsy just at the right instant for Edward to swoop
in and save her, such as on her birthday, when she cuts herself accidentally. Her
clumsiness isn't a real character flaw, it is nothing more than a plot device.

Okay, I've gone on about Bella long enough. I mean, she's not the entire book,
right? There's also Edward. The problem is, he is even worse of a character than

Essentially, he is the male version of a Mary Sue (a Gary Stu). Now, we don't see it
as much because the novel isn't from his viewpoint, but I still think it's pretty

As with Bella, his perfection makes him unrealistic. After you find out how
handsome, smart, rich, musical, athletic, strong, sparkly, and loyal he is, what's
the point in reading the rest of the book? You know whatever trouble Bella gets
herself into, Edward will obviously save her because he's got everything going for
him and nothing else to do. There is even a facebook group called “Because of
Edward Cullen, I have unrealistic dreams about love.” And another one called
“Dammit Edward Cullen, now I'll never find a man.” And another one called
“Because of Edward Cullen, human boys have lost their charm.”

Now, I hear you saying, “Well of course he's unrealistic, he's a vampire!” The
thing is, Meyer's other vampires aren't perfect like Edward. They have character
flaws: Jasper is unstable, Rosalie is vain and petty, Alice oftentimes annoys Bella.
And then, there's all the non-Cullen vampires in the series. They aren't perfect,

Edward does not even have normal emotions like the other vampires. In the part where
Jacob kisses Bells for the second time, Edward's reaction was unrealistically
understanding. He doesn't even feel mad, though most guys would want to punch Jacob
senseless. Instead, he is completely fine with it, playing the gentlemen. If your
significant other were kissing your mortal enemy, would you be so calm? I don't
think so. Also, of all the characters in the book, Edward is the only one to get
over the hatred between werewolves and vampires. This rivalry has been going on for
centuries, but Edward is, of course, so perfect that he sets it aside for Bella's
sake. Why is this bad, you ask? Again, it is psycologically unrealistic...not to
mention that Edward's perfection makes him boring.

He has no personality. He is just a cardboard cut out of your stereotypical awesome
boyfriend. He doesn't really have any individuality, or quirks that make him seem
like a well-rounded, three dimensional person. And yet, it seems like almost anyone
who likes Twilight is smitten with Edward! When you ask them, they will say it is
because he's hot. And in the end, that's all he has going for him, his looks. I want
my leading man to be more than a pretty face.

They way all the Twilight fans go on about Edward reminds me of a quote from one of
my favorite fantasy authors, George Martin. His books are aimed at a more adult
audience than Twilight, but they too have topped the bestseller list. He has won
Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy awards. I consider him a knowledgeable source on
writing. He says:

“I don't concern myself over whether my characters are "likeable" or
"sympathetic." My interest is in trying to make them real and human. If I can create
a fully-fleshed three-dimensional character, some of my readers will like him/ her,
or some won't, and that's fine with me. That's the way real people react to real
people in the real world, after all. Look at the range of opinions we get on
politicans and movie stars. If EVERYONE likes a certain character, or hates him,
that probably means he's made of cardboard.”

II. The romance.

Okay, so now that I've discussed why I harbor such antipathy toward Edward and
Bella, let's talk about their relationship. It is the central thing that the books
are based on. And yet, this “madly in love” couple have no chemistry. How come
they never talk about anything but themselves and each other? Politics, music,
books, fashion, art, movies, skateboarding, anything? It feels like they don't even
know each other.

In fact, their relationship was summed up very well in two comics I found on
deviantART. The first one goes like this:

Edward: I <3 you Bella.
Bella: Really?
Edward: But... I'm DANGEROUS!

(200 pages later...)

Edward: I really <3 you Bella.
Bella: ...?
Reader: NNNNGHH! Eat her already you bi-polar freak so this book will end!

Here is the link to the comic. It really is better with the art:

The other comic went like this:

Bella: Like, hi! My name is Bella and I'm a special and unique snowflake and I'm so
pretty and nerds are so lame! Also, all the teachers and students at school think
I'm sooo awesome!
Edward: Hi. I am Edward and I am a vampire. I have no personality and you and I are
void of any kind of actual chemistry.
Bella: Ooo, you're pretty! We should be in love! Let us frolic!
Edward: Okay.
(shows a picture of them frolicking)

Again, here is the link:

And if you think about it, how did Edward and Bella fall in “love” in the first
place? Edward was only interested in Bella because she smelled so good, and he was
intrigued because he couldn't read her mind. Bella, on the other hand, was
interested in Edward because he was hot. Wow, that is such a good basis for a
serious, long term relationship... not. No matter how many time Bella, Edward, and
Stephanie Meyer say that Edward and Bella have True Love, I don't believe it. To me,
their relationship just looks like an obsessive teenage infatuation.

The last thing that bothers me about these characters is how dumb they are. In
Eclipse, I figured out that the stuff stolen from Bella's room was connected to the
murders way before the characters did. There is no way they could be that dense.

Then, there is Bella's common sense to deal with. She went wandering brainlessly on
her own down empty streets in an unfamiliar city. And, Meyer claims that Bella is
from a big city! Anyone from a big city like Pheonix would know better than to do

But as if that weren't enough, there are other problems too...

III. The message.

Twilight is a very sexist book. It constantly portrays women in ways that should
scandalize the teenage girls that make up the bulk of its audience.

First of all, there is Bella. She is the viewpoint character, the protagonist, the
“heroine” of the series. And her entire life revolves around her boyfriend.

Once Edward and Bella get together, Bella is completely dependent upon him. She has
no friends outside of Edward. The few people she talks to are so few and far
between, they hardly count. The closest thing Bella has to a friend outside of
Edward is Jacob, but she gives him up once Edward becomes jealous and forbids their
hanging out.

Furthermore, she is constantly put in the role of “damsel in distress.” In the
beginning of Twilight, a boy pricks his finger and Bella almost faints at the sight
of the blood, so of course one of the boys in her class has to take her outside. And
this is just the first instance of Bella having to be saved by a big strong man.

As the book progresses, she finds herself in various dangerous situations. She
almost gets hit by a truck. Guess who saves her? Edward. She goes with her friends
on a shopping trip to seem normal, then separates from her friends and ends up an a
back alley with some guys who want to take advantage of her. Does she scream? Call
for help? Try to fight for herself? No, instead, Edward swoops in and saves the day!
This continues on throughout the whole book.

While these things are happening, Bella describes her intense fear, and how she
feels like fainting. What a typical damsel in distress. It's makes her look like,
"All new: Victim Barbie! Push a button and she screams for her man to rescue her!"

And don't even get me started on New Moon. I mean, sure, some sadness is to be
expected. But Bella becomes so depressed that she can't even remember what went on
in her life for those three months that she didn't have Edward. That's healthy...
not. Basically, she is helpless, weak, and passive without Edward. Her way of
“helping” in Eclipse was to try committing suicide, for goodness's sake!

This is basically sending the message that girls are nothing without a boyfriend...
and as a woman, I find that very offensive, demeaning, and misogynistic.

And what's up with Bella always cooking and cleaning for her dad? He managed for
fifteen years without her, but now all of a sudden she is expected to do this kind
of work for him. Can you say stereotypical, 1950s housewife?

Then, there's the way Edward treats Bella. He's controlling and stalker-ish to the
point of being abusive. The most disturbing thing about it is that it's supposed to
be romantic! I just find it creepy.

He starts off following Bella's smell around, and watching her sleep without her
permission or knowledge. That is stalking, and it is illegal. Later on, he invades
Bella's privacy by listening in to all her conversations via her friend's minds. He
even goes so far as to take the engine out her car so she can't see her best friend.
In the scene where they're in the car, running away from James and Victoria, he has
Bella forced down so that she can't move. That is just sick.

And yet, so many people say they want an Edward of their own, someone to "love" them
so much they control their every move. That is not right. What happened to feminism,
girls? What happened to having you own freedom? What happened to an equal

As if Edward and Bella's lopsided, abusive relationship weren't enough, all the
other female characters do nothing to improve Twilight's depiction of women. Esme
doesn't really do anything, except be a stereotypical maternal figure. Rosalie is
vain, hates Bella, and even in Eclipse when we find out more about her, it is just
that she was victimized by men, unable to defend herself as a human, and bitterly
vengeful as a vampire. Angela, Bella's human friend, doesn't get much screen-time in
the series and doesn't have much personality. And Jessica only wants to be friends
with Bella so she can be popular too. Leah, the only female werewolf, is judgmental
and makes things harder on the rest of the pack. And, the last damning piece of
evidence about these girls?

Most, if not all of them, have boyfriends who are stronger and more capable than
they are.

Besides the anti-feminist message that Twilight seems to be sending, it also seems
that in the books, a person's outer appearance is much more important than anything
else about him. Bella would forgive Edward anything: his controlling attitude, his
stalking, even his leaving her, just because he's hot. I don't care how hot a guy
is, the instant he did that stuff to me I would never speak to him again!

So, Twilight so far: uninteresting characters and a sexist, superficial message. At
least it's well written, right? Oops, too bad Meyer fails there as well.

IV. Just plain bad writing.

I was very disappointed with the plot of Twilight. When I reached the 300th page, I
looked back and realized that 300 pages worth of events had not happened. Meyer
spends 300 pages building the sexual tension between Bella and Edward, and doesn’t
even begin the plot until two-thirds of the way through the novel. Basically, Meyer
had James show up just so she could give the reader a little bit of action at the
end. Too bad there was almost no action in the rest of the book! It was very random.
The same thing happens in New Moon, where Bella spends hundreds of pages just moping
about, and then, at the very end, has to stop Edward from sacrificing himself to the
Volturi. Eclipse is a little better, but the ending fight still seemed a bit

So, if there is no action throughout most of the series, what are all those hundreds
of pages filled with? The boring details of Bella's day, that's what. Remember back
to when you were a little kid in school, and your teacher would set you an
essay-writing assignment on 'What I Did At School Today'? Well, this book reads like
one of those essays, only it goes on and on and on and on and on, day after day
day. It is not important to tell us every single class that Bella goes to at school,
for months on end, especially if it's totally irrelevant to the storyline. And the
same goes for Bella's homelife - we get to hear what she eats and when, what she
does for homework, exactly how well she slept each night, and so on, every day. And
it's almost never interesting facts that are relevant. It's dry, boring, repetitious

In a novel, every scene is supposed to have a purpose. In Twilight, you could cut
most of them out and tell the same story.

In addition to her pacing, Meyer's diction and description are deeply flawed. I was
very tired of reading the words "glower" and "incredulous." And how many times in
one book can someone be described as marble? Or stone? Or cold stone? It gets really
old, really fast. She also overuses the words “liquid,” “honey,” and
“amber” when describing the vampires' eyes.

Then, there is the first-person structure that Meyer gave to the book. A
first-person narrative can be a wonderful thing. In the hands of a good writer, it
conveys central character's feelings and thoughts and motivations so much more
effectively than third-person narrative. But this author wasted this opportunity,
and gave us practically nothing in the way of the narrator's personality. Instead,
she fell into the trap of making too many 'I' statements, which sound repetitive,
dull, and annoying. It wasn't uncommon to find an entire, long paragraph where every
sentence began with “I” (page 114, for instance).

And finally, there seem to be a few holes in the logic of the books, like this
exchange between Edward and Bella:
Last edited: 18 March 2009

neverendingdream says:   18 March 2009   892868  
Bella : You really shouldn't do that to people. 
Edward : Do what?
Bella: Dazzle them like that - she's probably hyperventilating in the
kitchen right now.
Edward: [looks confused]
Bella: Oh, come on. You have to know the effect you have on people.
Edward: I dazzle people?

Now, at first this doesn't seem like a problem... until you realize
that Edward can read minds. How would he not know that he dazzles
people?! And just for your information, if you read the entire scene,
it is quite clear that he is being serious about his comment. He
actually doesn't realize that he dazzles people. That is what we call
a plothole. Learn logic, Stephanie Meyer.

And that is why I hate Twilight. It's full of awful characters, has
awful message, and is written awfully to boot.
‹ruthie .› says:   18 March 2009   623823  
Very comprehensive XD
neverendingdream says:   18 March 2009   526445  
Thank you! I tried to present it in a way that wasn't childish. I
don't like Twilight, but it makes me twinge when I see Twi-haters
saying they hate it when they know nothing on it.
DAY_ANDNIGHT says:   18 March 2009   156237  
I agree with you, 100%
neverendingdream says:   18 March 2009   726692  
I'm glad my essay has been received well thus far. :3
‹+ThErapY-haZArarD+› says:   18 March 2009   264126  
i like it but everyone has a different comment on it so if you dont
like it im glad you said it
neverendingdream says:   18 March 2009   431745  
Thank you, I'm almost oddly happy with how well this has been

I was expecting flames from hardcore fans, but apparently most of the
denizens of Kupika are beyond that.
‹+ThErapY-haZArarD+› says:   18 March 2009   511962  
ya i hope they are ya every one is in love with edward cullen and
everything but what about everyother character alice the sweet jasper
yea he wants to eat every human but in the end and gets it under
control and hes very ummm how do i say this smart and not acward
anymore and rosalie is just as in love with edward as everyne else and
shes jealous
‹+ThErapY-haZArarD+› says:   18 March 2009   242682  
but do they attention to anyother characters sept edward and bella 
bella is way to perfect no one in this world is anyway like that
neverendingdream says:   18 March 2009   977324  
Jasper was an interesting character, I suppose.

I do agree with you on that point. Meyer failed to give her any flaws.
‹+ThErapY-haZArarD+› says:   18 March 2009   711266  
thanks i likes emmit somewhat but hes just inhuman and i like jasper
the most ya edward is gorgess but so is jasper but just because f him
being unstable no one likes him
ya sept maybe bieng very clumsy cause i have friends that are as
clumsy as her
neverendingdream says:   18 March 2009   267567  
It was just used as a plot device in the end. Did you like Jacob? He
was one of my favored characters from the series.
‹+ThErapY-haZArarD+› says:   18 March 2009   891538  
ya and it sucked cause it really pissed me off
ya i loved jacob but he needs a hair cut
neverendingdream says:   18 March 2009   132193  
....That's excellent. I can't tell you how lovely that was.

He needs a hair cut. ♥
‹+ThErapY-haZArarD+› says:   18 March 2009   334469  
hey we have alot to talk about can i be your friend on here
neverendingdream says:   18 March 2009   984285  
Absolutely, just add me as a friend.
‹+ThErapY-haZArarD+› says:   18 March 2009   955923  
‹Joanna;FinallySetHerselfFree♥› says:   18 March 2009   218915  
hmm, i do like twilight, but i hate edward cullen fangirls
neverendingdream says:   18 March 2009   371119  
A little harsh, wouldn't you say? I don't mind the ones that aren't
rabid about it.
bestfriendsforeva11 says:   18 March 2009   958525  
I like the Twilight books I've read, but oddly enough I do agree with
you on most points. I read these books for the word choice, not the
actual plot. After awhile you start to dislike Edward's attitude, and
near the end of the first book I was seriously hoping Bella would gain
some power and kick some ass. Needless to say, I was rather
The thing that ticks me off though, is not the actual books, but the
fangirls. In math class, I used to sit by three of them at once, and
the whole time all they would do was talk about how hot Edward was and
pass around pictures of the movie cast. Near the end of the month I
saw the Twilight movie and told them it wasn't as good as the books.
Do you know how they responded? They said "Oh, yeah the movie sucked."
So Annoying!!
‹♥EmiCupcake♥› says:   18 March 2009   356426  
finally! someone who came out and said it!:D
I loathe Twilight. Bella is a 1000% Mary-Sue and shes not even that
pretty in the movie. I could hardly stop laughing in the 1st book and
Meyer drowing on about how beautiful Bella was, and how perfect Edward
was and how she fell in love with him. She only wanted Edward because
he was hot and Meyer just wanted a Mary-Sue and Gary-Stu to be

Im sorry if I make NO sense
neverendingdream says:   18 March 2009   793818  
They wish to cater to the outsider, I suppose, in order to gain
another ally. 

....Gah, that was worded strangely, wasn't it?
‹♥EmiCupcake♥› says:   18 March 2009   175315  
hmm, not really :P
you seem very mature about this :D
neverendingdream says:   18 March 2009   962915  
You make complete sense, some japanese characters that my keyboard
cannot type! 8D I'm glad you're in agreement and can see the major
flaws this book has. It truly did come as a shock to me when it
developed such a large fanbase.
neverendingdream says:   18 March 2009   265713  
Thank you, I try my best to be. 

[I seem to be posting too fast.]
‹Syndromic_Wonderland› says:   18 March 2009   222238  
I was at my lunch table discussing the reason why I don't like

The girl that's an extremely rabid fangirl (Every day since she's read
the book, she talks nonstop about it), claimed that she WASN'T a

We all stare at her. She just looks confused and goes, "What?"

Anyway, this really explains the book. I read the first one, and never
finished it because I got bored. Bella and Edward really are too
perfect, and I hate how the plot moves fast and they just 'fall in
love' immediately.
bestfriendsforeva11 says:   18 March 2009   656447  
Oh, I forgot to mention. I. HATED. the movie. The characters weren't
actually that hot and half the time Bella spent leaning against the
wall with her mouth hanging open, trying to look cool. She succeeded
in looking like she had just smoked about a pound of crack.
BoatsNHoes says:   18 March 2009   496155  
I Agree.
neverendingdream says:   18 March 2009   921873  
*Feels obliged to reply to every post*

@MyWonderland : Eek, I've known quite a few people like that over the
years. As long as she didn't mean any harm and didn't become violent
about it, it's not much a problem, mm? An annoyance at best.

@bestfrannn: I have yet to watch the movie. If so, it sounds as if
they weren't able to improve it in the cinema adaption. What a pity. 

@BoatsNHoes: Your screen name made me giggle. Thank you for the
‹goodfornothing› says:   18 March 2009   922968  
You know what?

This wins. You deserve a gold star. This message should be posted on
billboards because FINALLY someone found a clear, concise way of
describing EXACTLY what Twilight is: a cute story that should have
been left on the fan fiction websites. In fact, I've read fan fictions
under 5,000 words long that have more dimensional characters than
this, which is quite sad. 
I love how you do into detail about everything; YOU certainly have NO
plot holes in YOUR writing, that's for sure (:
I agree with you one hundred percent on every single point. You really
win at life <3
Juggalo_for_life says:   18 March 2009   152434  
Ok...i was very skeptical about reading twilight at first but i was
getting board with all the stupid books in my schools library so i
ended up reading it and liked it.

Now one more thing: Why in the hell would you waste time writing a
whole rant on that it is so stupid. Exactly how long did it take you
to come up with that whole thing. Why did you take the time to do it?
AND Why in the hell would anyone take the time to actually read that
whole thing? I got sick of it after the first paragraph.
‹FearrFerocious› says:   18 March 2009   278188  
just shut up about twilight... its not horrible but its not the
neverendingdream says:   19 March 2009   769825  
@ Juggalo_for_life  To answer your questions in order -even though
some were not given the proper punctuation to be considered a
question-  :

1.) It isn't a rant, it's an opinion. If you believe expressing your
opinion is stupid and time wasting then fine. 

2.) Not all that long really, a little over thirty minutes.

3.) I have all the time in the world. ♥

4.) They wish to see another opinion on the book besides one that
glorifies it, I suppose. Why did you take the trouble of reading the
first paragraph if you weren't even going to finish? You have no
reason to give me your opinion if you didn't even view mine. :/

@ <fearrferocious> How much of the entry did you actually read? 
‹;; Dr. Phil , Please help me ;;› says:   19 March 2009   328172  
I'm a "fan girl" , but i don't like Edward because he's hot. Everyone else does ,so i found something i liked about him that no one else liked him for, his amazing loyalty. Anyway , i wanted to give you kudo's . You have made an amazingly accurate point. But for me and my friends and family who read twilight , Twilight is our escape from the normal world. I'd be SO incredibly bored with Twilight. But i love that you had the courage to fight with fan girls if needed :D . Peace out :D , ima message you :D
‹[.R'.]› says:   19 March 2009   545447  
I Think Twilight Rocks. Though Bella Swan Is SO NOT MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER. I Think Stephenie Meyer Describes Edward So Awesomely Yet She Gives The Mind Enough Room To Let You Decide How He Acts & How He Sounds. The Plots Are Cool. Though New Moon Is Weird. New Moon Is The Worst. 3/4 Of The Book Without Edward?! OMG THAT IS SO WRONGGGG.
‹<3 Alison› says:   19 March 2009   419599  
it is one thing to make fun of Bella, but another to make fun of
you should make fun of Jacob more though..
xC4NDiiDR0Px says:   19 March 2009   836426  
This diary entry owns all.
I read this whole thing, and it's true.
All really true.
I'm glad you made this to knock some sense into those fangirls who
only care about Edward, and all that.
Sorry if I sound dumb after the thing about to say:
‹♥vintagepersona.› says:   19 March 2009   754337  
i thought the twilight books were fair-i didnt like them,but i didnt
hate them.U r rite about  how Bella is like a damsel in distress and
she is a Mary Sue character.The writing was a bit repetitive too,the
only words i heard were 'beautiful' or some other romantic sap like

The last twilight book,i have to admit-was actually a bit good.It had
some drama,mystery and action weaved in one,even if Bella is the hero
and Mary Sue and all that
‹Linziee;;IsLeaving♥› says:   19 March 2009   838384  
The books, they were a bit below ok, but they were enjoyable.
But now, Oh my god, girl's a obsessed.
It's completey insane.
‹Linziee;;IsLeaving♥› says:   19 March 2009   512518  
neverendingdream says:   20 March 2009   258659  
@Dr Phil  Please Help Me : That's perfectly fine! As long as you
don't proclaim it as the greatest book in existence, there is no shame
in being a fan. 

@Rose Pixie : I can guess why Bella isn't the top of your favorites. 

@Mrs Edward Cullen : It's okay to make fun of Bella? Hmm, I wonder why
you would condone that but not making fun of Edward... :P  Personally,
I thought Jacob was one of the few people in the book that actually
had any character. That would be the reason why he wasn't "made fun
of", as you said.

@C4ndiidrop : You don't sound dumb at all! I enjoy praise. :3

@Rozy : Thank you for sharing your opinion in such a polite way! 

@Linzie : I once saw a girl cuss out another girl because the
other girl said she didn't like Twilight. These girls were once on
good standards, but after her declaration the Twilight fan broke off
their friendship. That's pretty sad. :/ 
‹.:cσℓσυяε∂ sσx αяε мч ωσяℓ∂:› says:   20 March 2009   148879  
i dont know wats your problem! ok why would you crush girls dreams or
fantisies like that. its like ok you dont like twilight, no big deal,
but you dont have to write a whole freaking novel about it. bella isnt
perfect, cant you see that shes so clumsy and she even admits shes not
beautiful. and edward ya hes fine in the movie and the book, but some
girls like myself fell in love with his soul, persona and character.
jeez. thats not even right. keep it to your self next time.
‹goodfornothing› says:   20 March 2009   427253  
Crush a girl's dreams?
HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA. Please. Don't make me laugh. I can't help but find
it extremely sad that a girl's dreams would revolve around a fictional
In my opinion what's wrong with a little anti-Twilight when we've got
more than enough "omgg twliights th best an if u dont lik it then ur
obv stupd and mently chalinged or somfing". At least us anti-Twilights
have good grammar.
And no, actually, Bella IS perfect. She's gorgeous (why else would
boys like her, since her personality obviously fails?) and, as
neverendingdream has already stated, her clumsiness isn't a fault,
it's part of the plot. If you were a very pretty girl like Bella you'd
probably say you weren't pretty either. And now that I come to think
of it, I don't recall Bella ever saying she wasn't pretty.
As for Edward... What soul? What persona? What character? OH... You
mean the overprotective stalker? HIM? 'Nuff said.
So next time, why don't YOU keep it to yourself. Honestly, on the
internet, one click closes the page. If you don't like it, don't read
it, and DON'T stop other people from sharing their opinions.

Sorry neverendingdream xD
I just don't like spineless comments like that.
thunder755 says:   20 March 2009   538429  
i hate twilight i read the first book and hated it!
blindwonder says:   20 March 2009   141263  
I don't like Twilight.
But I don't hate it.
I agree with everything you said here. I could honestly go on and on
about how I seriously wouldn't want someone stalking me and watching
me while I sleep.
Bella annoys me to no end.

Still, I can't bring myself to downright hate it.
Why, I really don't know.
I never really expected it to be as good as the fangirls said,
I never usually like what the world is obsessing over.

But without Twilight, parodies of it wouldn't be made.
And if that didn't happen, I probably wouldn't have been laughing for
the past month or so.

Okay, you're probably getting bored with my ramblings.
You did a wonderful job. :D
Juggalo_for_life says:   20 March 2009   146831  
@ neverendingdream the two "questions" you are referring as not
having proper punctuation: they are not questions they are statements,
meaning i really wasn't expecting an answer...and i do see your
opinion on the books. I read Twilight and liked it, now new moon is a
different story it definately not as interesting, the story line keeps
jumping around and i get lost. 
‹Let You Fall For Every Empty Word I Say› says:   20 March 2009   818361  
I do like the Twilight series, and I didn't notice a lot of the
problems with it until now. I guess I'm just used to reading sucky
books. And the book would be much better if the characters were
somewhat realistic.
angelz_blue says:   21 March 2009   433571  
I like Twilight and the rest of the series  its a good book but I
never realized the weirdness. I guess its 50/50 for me. :D
‹Im In Love With A Mini Ravioli♥› says:   21 March 2009   544821  
my opinion: i like twilight, but im not all fan girly. 
on thing i dont like, though are the people that go ON and ON about
how they hate it. its ok if you hate it, its just sort of annoying how
people are like "OMG I HAAATE TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!"
I_Like_it_rough says:   21 March 2009   847132  
exactly my point 
angelz_blue says:   21 March 2009   593426  
I just need more KP so SPAM!
Prismatic says:   21 March 2009   188866  

‹The~Labryinth› says:   25 March 2009   916762  
I do get what your getting at . 

but i'm interested in the Twilight books, not because of the Edward
and Bella thing. But the fact that Edward does use sarcasm and Bella
is just a wreck. To be its a book of 'interest' that some people dont
Akiba23 says:   25 March 2009   718364  
Yeah of course.
I totally agree. BUT
Here's the reasons I like them.
Book 1: The fact that Edward's actually a sarcastic bipolar loving
(In the beginning)He reminded me of Rhett Butler aka awsome lovesick
jerk. And the medow scene how corny!....and sadly most girl's love
fest dream.(mine included T_T)

Book 2: All of that depressing crap. I can totally relate on a
person's life is so meaningless their life revolves around another
person(except I would have the guts for ending my life).  

Book 3+4: You HAVE to know what happens next!!!!! The whole reason
would read the rest of twilight and even touch new moon! And I like
Jacob's point of veiw, my favorite person EVER! He seems more
down-to-earth then the rest of that lot. Plus Bella gets knocked up!
Hello?! Just how the hell would that happen? Either Edward raped
or vice virsa.
Akiba23 says:   25 March 2009   124754  
Oh and sorry for it being so long and well writing this one.

You've got your hands full w/this entry, don't you?
‹♀evilmonkeyactress♀› says:   26 March 2009   944732  
Thank you. I don't really hate it. I think the books aren't that
bad... I mean I like reading a whole lot of different books though. I
just hate how everyone makes this big deal out of a book and then make
a bigger deal out of it when a movie about it comes along. Then they
compare the two. I wish that movies and books just stayed seperate
things....the charaters never turn out how you think they should....
besides that fact.. why does everyone want to read a book about a
vampire having sex?
Xx_IwIshIwasafIsh_xX says :   28 March 2009   747697  
I like Twilight, but I'm not obsessed like most people.
I read it because I like to read.
But yes, I see what you mean.
I like the way you put it.


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