Unhappy Girl Faraway Chapter 19 Part 2 (After the 20th chapter I'm
going straight to part three yay )
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Unhappy Girl Faraway Chapter 19 Part 2 (After the 20th chapter I'm
going straight to part three yay )
Category: Sad, happy, Awsome
Tuesday, 17 March 2009
03:30:23 PM (GMT)
The police came Cory answer the door. Courtney went into the twins room and she
picked up Sophia and brought her downstairs. She sat down next to Cory and the police
ask them question then he left. Cory took   
Sophia and put her to bed. Courtney didn’t go to bed because she was worried about

Isabella sat on the bench she check her pockets and she had enough to take the bus
downtown. The bus pulled up to the sidewalk. Isabella got on and she put her money in
the slot and then sat down. The bus drove to the last stop and Courtney got off and
went into the subway station. She payed the teller ha dollar and she got a ticket.
Isabella got on the train and she sat down. She didn’t get off the train to the
last stop. She walked up the stairs and she was on the boardwalk she walk around the
beach to she got to the park. She got on a swing and swing high.  Her dogged barked.
She stop the swing and she got up she pet the dog then she walked to the end of the
boardwalk. She saw trees.  She walked back to the train station and she got back on
the train. She got off on the city stop. She walked around the city.

Courtney sat on the couch with the phone in her lap. She jump when the doorbell rang.
She got up and answer the door. The police was standing there. She let the police in
and the police said 

Police:  We want to know if we can put her on the news maybe it will help us.

Courtney: Sure.

Police: Can we have her picture 

Lovely grab the picture on the fireplace. She hand it to the police and the police
took and thanked her and he left. Courtney look at the time and she went upstairs and
got Sophia up for school. Sophia said she want to take her own shower. Courtney let
her.  Sophia got in the shower and Courtney took out a pair of jeans and a purple
shirt. Sophia came out and got dress. She grab her bag and she went downstairs. Cory
walked outside and waited with her to the bus came.

Isabella watch the school bus go by. She walked to the bus station. The bus came and
she got on the bus. She sat down and the bus drove her back to her part of the city.
She got off and walked to the park and she hid behind a tree and sat down. 

Courtney and Cory sat on the couch with the news on. They was watching about the
weather then a picture of Isabella came on with the title Have you seen this little
girl. The news caster went on with the information. Courtney laid down and put her
head in Cory’s lap. she fell asleep. Cory Carry her up to bed. When Cory went back
downstairs there was knock. It was the police. They said they might of got a lead.
Cory called Courtney and Courtney came down and they follow the police to the park. A
women pointed to a tree. Courtney ran fast to the tree and she went behind it.
Isabella sat up and she looked at her mom.

Courtney hugged her and picked her up. Cory took the dog’s leash. Courtney thank
the women and the police. Isabella got down and she ran toward the woods. Courtney
ran after her.  Isabella ran faster. Courtney yelled for to stop running. The police
came in and they ran faster up to Isabella . He picked her up and brought her back to
the police car. Courtney walked behind him. Isabella pound on the police’s back  to
let free. Cory gave the leash to Courtney.  Cory let the police put Isabella in his
arms. They all went home. When they got home Cory set Isabella into the bathroom and
slip her clothes off. He got her the tub and he fill the tub up. He wash her and then
he dress her. He put her with Courtney. 

He moved her stuff out of Sophia’s room and into the room next to Courtney and his
room. He put a alarm on her door then he went downstairs. Isabella was asleep against
 Courtney’s chest.  He picked her up and Courtney got up. Cory put Isabella in her
arms. Courtney brought her to her new room. Cory went outside to wait for Sophia’s
bus. When Sophia bus came and she got off she jump into Cory’s arms. He brought her
inside and gave her a snack. Isabella came down stairs. Sophia hugged her. They went
into the living room to watch TV. The parents stayed in the kitchen. The parent was
cooking to they heard a crashing then yelling`. Cory and Courtney rush into the
living room and they sad Sophia and Isabella on the floor fighting. 

Courtney grab Isabella before Sophia can punch her. Cory held Sophia. Courtney
brought her to the upstairs bathroom. She clean her face and she took off her clothes
and she brought her to her room and change her into a nightgown. She brought her
downstairs and put eyes on her left eye. Sophia came out of the downstairs bathroom
with Cory. She only had a sore leg. Sophia was sent to the beanbag chair for timeout
to dinner.  Isabella sat on a kitchen stool and help make dinner. (your wondering why
Isabella didn’t get timeout well because Sophia started the fight and Isabella
kicked her because Sophia was hurting her so thats why Isabella isn’t in trouble.)
Cory sat in the living room watching Sophia. Isabella called them for dinner.

They sat down and Mindy and Tamika came down and join them. Everyone was happy and
eating then Isabella let out a painful Scream. Courtney got up and went to her and
pull her chair out. Isabella was clenching her knee. Courtney move her hand and it
was all red. She look at Sophia and she started laughing. Cory picked her up and
brought her into the living room. He set her into time out. Courtney comfort
Isabella. Cory came in and lift her up to  the counter to check her knee. It was
bruise so he put a ice pack on her knee.

Sophia was sent up to bed. Isabella laid in Courtney arms and would not leave her
side. When it was time to go to bed Courtney went in to Isabella’s room and sat in
the rocking chair. Courtney sang Isabella her song. Courtney put her to bed then she
went downstairs to clean up. Cory came in the door wet and with the dogs. Courtney
smile and kiss him. Cory brought the dogs upstairs and he put Sophia’s dog in her
room and then he shut the door. He put Isabella’s dog in her room. He went to his
room and got ready for bed. Courtney stayed downstairs and watch TV.  She laid down
and fell asleep. Cory came down and he turn the TV off and he picked up Courtney and
brought her upstairs.  Courtney was strip down and put into PJs. She was put under
the covers and Cory went to bed 

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   17 March 2009   392873  
I love it...
‹Emma Bear› says :   17 March 2009   852447  


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