Ocean Veiw Juvenile Psychiatric Ward - Wake up calls piss me off. Did
you know asylum food is un-flavoured?
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Ocean Veiw Juvenile Psychiatric Ward - Wake up calls piss me off. Did
you know asylum food is un-flavoured?
Category: OVJPW
Sunday, 1 March 2009
10:30:02 PM (GMT)

   Simile was standing over me, giggling as I opened my eyes. The bags under them
were gross and dark ass purple. I glared up at her sleepily. "What?" I stated
angrily. She continued to giggle, and ran to the bathroom. I got up and rolled my
eyes, yanking my shirt off, throwing it into the hamper across the small dorm. My
chest is bony looking, and my breasts aren't very big. I'm too pale. I disgust
myself. Shuffling grubbily to the mirror, I wiped my nose on my hand and frowned.
There was a gray shirt sitting on my desk, so I grabbed it, and yanked it on. We
weren't allowed to wear bras (Especially me, No sharps. Sharps include wires.)
because we could choke someone with one, Or use the wire as a weapon. Stupid, I know,
I don't make the rules, I just obey some of them. I scratched my head and
sighed, grabbing for my brush. I ran it through my hair a few times until it looked
decent enough to leave the dorm. I glanced at the clock on the wall next to a large
framed photo of Simile and I. She was smiling hugely, and I was frowning. Last year
my hair was long and black, now its short. I sighed again, And headed out into the
hall, and to the cafeteria. I walked into the large white room and quickly spotted
out Darren and Argyle, And made my way to their table. Darren didn't speak any human
language, and he cut himself a lot. I mean everywhere. He looked like a zebra. Argyle
was fairly normal compared to most people here, But she was a pretty violent little
girl. They were my friends though. I sat down, and smiled. Darren looked up at me
with his beady little brown eyes and smiled toothily, his shoulder length black hair
falling abruptly into his face. "A.m, Kaiden." He giggled. "Good morning to you too."
Argyle elbowed me. "Did you get any sleep?" She asked, eying me deviously. I nodded.
"Four or five hours at the most." She chuckled. "I have red walls now." She said
proudly. "Oh dammit, You ate another of your roommates?" I asked, Trying not
to laugh. She nodded, and smiled toothily, Like Darren did. "Argy was tummy?" Darren
put in, raising an eyebrow behind his thick black hair. She nodded again. I smiled,
thinking to myself how much I loved those two. Ocean Veiw Juvenile Psychiatric Ward
was an awful place, and there was no Ocean veiw. It was a nuthouse in Germany, and
all I ever saw of the outside world were fences. Long electric fences.   

‹Wallflowers♥› says :   1 March 2009   892193  

LOL. Did you eat another roommate?

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