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Sunday, 8 February 2009
01:59:08 PM (GMT)
"Hey Alexander, it's your turn to guard Her Highness." Jacob, one of the previous
guards, said mockingly.
Alexander sighed and put down his meal. He had never watched over the High Priestess,
but he heard that you could expect to have at least half of your life force drained
when she woke up. As he left the brightness of the waiting room for the
all-encompassing darkness of Her chambers, he invoked his Blood Vision. Everything
was quickly outlined in red. He turned his view to the bed and stopped cold in his
tracks. Instead of red, She was outlined in the sickly purple of poison. It was
obvious she wouldn't last much longer, as there was only muscle left in her neck and
jaw, and even that was quickly disintegrating. Alex lurched to the side of the bed
and sat down, resisting the urge to drain the poison from her blood. Even to him, it
was obvious she didn't have any blood left, just poison running through her veins.
As the time passed and She slept soundly, Alex began to wonder where the other guard
was. He heard the door creak open and turned. His greeting died before it left his
lips. Stalking with deadly grace into the room was one of his cult's most deadly
enemies, a follower of Bastet. Her body was covered in fine black hair that took the
place of clothes, her weapons were toxic claws, and her food was the followers of
Hades. The Cat walked towards him, purring a sensuous music that soon rooted him to
his chair. Alexander was forced to watch as the Cat landed silently on the Lady's
chest. The Cat pulled back Cynthia's covers and revealed a stomach that had so many
infected cuts crossing it that it didn't look like a stomach anymore. The Cat quickly
dragged ten claws through the flesh and lapped up what little healthy blood came out.
The toxin spread in a purple wave through Cynthia's body, causing her to go into a
seizure. Sometime during the exchange, Alexander regained his voice.
"St-stop," He stuttered weakly at the Cat. She whipped her head around, surprised to
find him able to talk.
"Why?" She said, stepping off of Cynthia, "Kitty wants to play, and no one's here to
stop her."
She purred and walked toward him.
"J-just because you warped your Goddess horribly doesn't mean you have to kill
She hissed and made as if to claw his face, "We did not warp her! We fixed her! Just
like we're fixing your little baby over there. Our venom will slowly counteract the
poison in her blood. It will save her life, and give us the perrrrfect breeder. Food
and hunter all in one!"
At this point she laughed, a laugh that had nothing human left in it. She then
stalked out of the room, tail swishing behind her. As she left, her spell broke from
Alexander. He slumped down, unable to do anything else.
However, this was just the first of many visitors that night.

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