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Unhappy girl far away part 2 chapter 5Category: (general)
Thursday, 8 January 2009
06:10:08 PM (GMT)
Cory was about to doze off when he got the call that Cindy was in a car crash. Cory
called Mindy. Tamika went to go get Cory’s parents. They drove to the hospital.
When they got there they was told to sit and wait. Cory got mad and said 

Cory: How can you tell me to sit and wait?! My girlfriend is in there my baby is in
there we don’t know if she is dead or not and you want us to sit here! 

Women: Its not my rules sir. Can you please go sit.

Cory went into the waiting room and fell to the floor and cried. Tamika comfort him. 
Tamika help him up and sat him the chair. They both fell asleep. A doctor came out
and called Cory’s name. Cory open his eyes and stood up. The doctor lead him to a
room and said 

Doctor: She has a broken arm and bruise legs. She has a crack head but we wad able to
save her from blood lost. She went into a coma. 

Cory: Can we be with her?

The doctor open the door. Cory walked in and sat beside Cindy. She looked so pale and
fragile. She look so tiny. She had no emotion on her face just a blank look. Her eye
lids where purple with purple under her eyes. Her hair was soft and spread out on the
pillow. She was laying straight with one hand on her chest. She had the blanket half
covering her. Cory sat there listen to the Beep sound on her heart monitor. He notice
a white patch on the side of her head. She had a cast on her arm. She had a IV in her
good arm. She had a tube in her mouth to help her breath. He held back his tears.
Tamika fell asleep on the couch. Mindy came in. She look so tired. She hugged Cory.
Cory told her to sleep. Mindy laid next to Tamika and fell asleep.  Jacob came in and

Jacob: They let me out of Jail and I heard Cindy was in a crash I came to be with her
and to say sorry and be here for my friends. 

Cory: You promise not to hurt her?

Jacob: Yes.
Jacob was aloud in and he sat in the other chair.  He kept his hands close to him and
didn’t move then he said 

Jacob: You never should of let her drive in the rain storm.

Cory: She wanted to go so bad.

Jacob: You have to put your foot down and say no and block the door. 

Cory: Next time I will know. 

They sat in silences.  Cindy was back in the dark world. She didn’t move this time
she laid still. She felt broken and empty. Mindy sat up and her hair was sticking up
in places. Jacob and Cory laugh. Mindy got up and grabbed her bag and took out some
clothes and went to take a shower. Tamika woke up and went into the bathroom. She sat
on the toilet seat she wonder how it felt to cut. She took a razor and broke it. She
lifted her pant leg up. She made a long cut. She quickly got toilet paper and wrap it
around the cuts. She clean the blood off the floor she hid the razor in her pocket
and she left the bathroom. 

Mindy hand her a bag and say go take a shower and shoved her back in the bathroom and
shut the door. She hand Cory his bag and say go in the other bathroom to take a
shower.  Cory came out clean and he sat back down in his chair. Cindy came come out
with a skirt on. Her friends looked at her leg. Mindy said 

Mindy: Tamika Ann Jones what is this and it looks fresh? 

Tamika : I cut myself.

Jacob: No bad. You better not do that again.

Cory: We don’t need you to end up killing your self.

Tamika: Whatever your not my parent! 

Cory: Well since my parent adopt you you’re my sister!
Jacob: You’re my sister too and as your brother I will not let you cut!

Cindy heart monitor started to beep like crazy. They all shut up as the nurse came
in. She put a needle in her arm to calm her heart down.  The nurse said no more
yelling. They all sat in down and stared at each other. Cory said he is going to get
everyone coffee and doughnuts. Cory left. A few minuets he came back and pass around
the doughnuts and coffee. He sat down and drank his coffee.  Mindy took him by his
hand and lead him to the bed couch. She lay him down and took his coffee. He fell
asleep.   She saw Jacob was still smelly. She hand him his bag and he went to take a
shower. Cindy spread the room so it can smell good and she sat down in the chair.

A week by and as they was on the second week they notice no change. One  day they was
watching TV. They got bored and turn to watch Cindy. They notice Cindy toes wiggled.
They watch carefully. Cindy started to moan. She slowly open her eyes. She saw all
her friends looking at her. The tube was chocking her. Her heart monitor started to
beep. The nurse came in and took the tube out.  The nurse picked her up and said she
was going to give her a bath. The nurse left into the bathroom. Cory change the
sheets and blanket throwing the other away. Mindy spray the room. The nurse came in
and said to check if Cindy is wet ever two hours. Cory nodded. Cindy was laid down.
Cindy had on a new hospital gown. 

The nurse left. The doctor came. He gave Cindy a check up and put a new IV in her.
Cindy was asleep all. Cindy didn’t like it when she was felt down there to see if
she was wet. She hated to see there sad faces.  Cory hold her hand and he watch her
sleep. He was the one in charge of changing her every two hours she looked so
uncomfortable. To go home she had to go to the bathroom on her own and she had to
eat. Cindy was to tired and weak. Cory saw the nurse come in. She took the IV out.
She said to wake up her up when she looks like she has to go and help her to the

Cory watch her. When he saw her make the face he woke her up and told her that he is
going to take her to the bathroom. She said no and to let her die. He push the alert
button. He told the nurse she wants to die. The nurse came. Cory was so scare this
wasn’t his Cindy. His Cindy never wanted to die. The nurse changed her. After
laying her down Cindy curl into a ball and cried. The nurse started taking out all
the sharp things and needles and medicane and other things for her not to kill her
self. Cindy heart monitor went crazy another nurse came in and she calm Cindy down. A
nurse stayed in to watch her. Cory was so scared. His Cindy wanted to give up, the
one who was strong wanted to give up. The nurse left and came back with a tray. She
woke Cindy up. Cindy open her eyes. The nurse sat her up. She fed Cindy slowly. When
they was done. She let Cindy lay down again. Cindy went to curl in a ball again but
the nurse laid her straight. Cindy sat up and got off the bed slowly. She went into
the bathroom and went and she flush the toilet. She sat on the ground and cried. The
nurse knock on the door. Cindy said leave me alone. She laid on the floor.

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   8 January 2009   915189  
write more, please!!!!
‹Emma Bear› says:   8 January 2009   357328  
I will
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   9 January 2009   362173  
wow. sadness. I would of read this yesterday, but I was grounded, plz
write more soon! plz dont die cindy!!
‹Emma Bear› says:   9 January 2009   368795  
I wiil
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   9 January 2009   865644  
sry, I read this b4 I saw the next entry, so just take your time
please. stupid 8th graders!
‹Emma Bear› says :   9 January 2009   537819  
ok I will I know the 8th graders are stupied and mean


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