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Death Note Another Note:The L. A. B.B. Murder Cases CriticCategory: Everyday Shit
Monday, 5 January 2009
07:47:26 PM (GMT)

'Kay where to start.....*frown* Well Beyond lost worse or just as bad as Light.
I mean COME ON!!!!! B didn't face L......he lost to Misora, which added insult to
*sigh* It became more......pronounced, that L's a cheat and has been cheated. *double
Well... not exactly, it just feels that way. It's just so much left unsaid between
those two.  
I supose L didn't take interest in Beyond, because she didn't know they were brother
and sister.
(I am firmly sure that L is a women) Twins, even.........No, I did not like how B

But setting that aside, it was a shock that Rue Ryuzaki was Beyond.
Here's what I thought: The time Rue cralwed out from under the bed,
I thought "OMG! Beyond STAYED under there?!" Yes at first I knew it was Beyond.
But I was thrown off by the whole " I  am Rue Ryuzaki." "So it's L?" but that thought
wiped away when he took out the JAM!!!!!!! Sadly as the story progressed I slowly
fell for Beyond's 
trick. I thought L was Ryuzaki. I mean, Beyond was a very good copy-no backup it
seems rude to call him a copy....... I felt so dumb, I didn't get it till Misora
arested Rue.
And in the end I thought it was fitting as L  said  " You can call me Ryuzaki."
L took B's name,as payment and sign that B lost. 

And I also thought they would talk more about A!
Booo! *pouting* I wanted to know mooore!!!!
But! It's safe to say he failed in the "hang himself department."
We think R saved him.

The only nice thing Kira aka Light did was kill Beyond in jail.
Poor poor Beyond.
I wish at least B did die the way he planned.
Then it'd be a tie. Because L would know, but Beyond would get away with it.

Another thing that irked me is that,Misora fucking attacked L when she tried
to hug her! Does she know how rare that OUCCURS?!?!?!?! Nearly impossiable!
Unless you're Watari, Misa(after L gets used to her), A,or Near(being cute).
No wonder L doesn't hug. Last time she tried it, she got "downed".
Ha,hee poor L!

Well at first, the book left a nasty taste in my mouth.
But it's only the book, we don't have to follow it..........unless AxeGirl is picky.
Last edited: 10 June 2010

foreverchacha says:   5 January 2009   626757  
Have I told you how much I love you, Els?

[and eww, I know, the book was just terrible.]
i_likes_L shouts:   6 January 2009   359878  
L IS A MAN. One more "L is a woman" and those pens of yours are MINE.
I'm as serious as a heart attack.
Akiba23 says :   6 January 2009   292163  
yes u have chels I hearts you too!

>.> fine.....just ignore it.....
O.o the picture in my sketch book doesn't count!
the was days ago........

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