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Unhappy girl far away part 2 chapter 1Category: shocked
Sunday, 4 January 2009
08:59:49 PM (GMT)
A year later 

	Cindy came home from Paris. She didn’t want to be at home for a while so she went
to a boarding school. The day she came back she order someone to go get her car and
when she landed she grabbed her suitcases and put them in the trunk and thank the
man. She drove to the school and sign her self up. 

	She drove to Jacobs house and she drove into the driveway. There was a car in the
drive. She got out and grab her suitcases and she went up to the stairs. She open the
door with her key. She step in the house with her stuff. She saw that Jacobs parents
where in the middle of watching a movie. She slam the door shut and they jumped. They
hugged her. She said she is going upstairs. They look at each other nervously.  

	Cindy walked up the stairs with her stuff. She went to her room and put her bags
down. She went to Jacobs room and walked in. She screamed when she saw Jacob tickling
a girl.  He stop and he looked at her. The girl got up and left. Cindy stood there in
shock. Jacob looked at her guilty.

	Jacob parents came up the stairs. His mom took her hand. She brought Cindy to her
room. Cindy sat on the bed. Jacobs mom went to Jacobs room and slap him and said 

	Jacob’s mom: How can you do that to her?! 

	Jacob: The girl is the one who did it. She wanted to borrow a CD and I brought her
up here and she push me on my bed  and tickle me and I was going to push her off but
she started laughing and that’s when Cindy walked in. 

	Jacob stood up. The mother push him back on the bed. She left and slam the door
shut. Cindy flitch. The mom slam her door shut to and lock it and went down the
stairs. Cindy sat there. She got up. She went to her suitcase. She unpack her stuff. 
When she was done. Jacobs mom came to her door and unlock it. She said its dinner
time. Cindy got up and walked down stairs and stood by the table. Jacob came down and
sat in a chair. The dad sat in a chair at the head of the table. The women sat at the
other chair at the head of the table and she pointed at the chair next to Jacob. She
shock her head no and stood there. The women got up. She took Cindy by the arm and
she place her the chair and told her to stay. The women sat back down and serve the
dinner. Cindy ate slowly not looking at Jacob. When everyone was done the women was
the only one who got up. She put the dirty dishes away. She came back with a tub of
ice cream and cones. 

	She put a cone of ice cream about everything and sat down. She look at Cindy and
Jacob and said 

	Jacob’s mom: Jacob explain to Cindy what happen and what you where doing. 

	Jacob: The girl wanted to borrow a CD so I brought her to my room as I was looking
or the CD she push me on the bed and tickled me and she was going to kiss me when I
push her off and she was laughing for some weird reason then you walked in while I
was in the middle of trying to push her off. 

	Jacob’s mom: Cindy do you understand he loves you and that he never cheated on

	Cindy: Yes I do. I love you Jacob 

	Jacob: I love you to Cindy. 

	They continue to eat there ice cream then Cindy and Jacob went to bed because of
school tomorrow. Cindy said goodnight to Jacob and close her door. She fell asleep.
The next morning she woke up and got dress in a tank top and a skirt. She did her
hair and put eyeliner on. She put a hoodie on and grabbed her mew backpack with lot
of button pins with Paris famous places on them.  She sat at the table and ate a

She waited for Jacob but he never came down. She wrote him a note and she got into
her car. She drove to school. She was waiting  for the bell to ring to head inside
when Mindy, Cory, and Tamika came running to her and hugged her. She laugh as the
fell to the ground. Cory kiss her cheek and gave her a tighter hug. She blush. The
bell rang and she got her bag and she found out once again the friends was in the
same class this year again. Cindy shared a locker with Cory this year. They lock arms
together and walked to homeroom together. The sat in the chairs and listen to the
rules of what the teacher was saying. Jacob came in and he said sorry and sat  in the
corner by himself.  

	Cindy didn’t look at him. The bell rang and Cindy and her friends walked to there
locker. Cindy grabbed her books, binder, and pencil case. She heard someone open
there locker next to her. She look over and so Jacob. She moved over so Cory can get
her stuff.  A girl walked next to Jacob and smile at him. It was the girl who was at
the house. She drop her stuff to the ground and charged at the girl but Cory grab her
arms and held her back.  When the girl walked away Cory let go and Jacob hand Cindy
her stuff.

Her group of friends walked to reading. Jacob follow them to there class.  Jacob sat
by himself as the four friends in a group of desk. The teacher went over the rules
and then let them have free time. When the bell rang for them to got to gym. Cindy,
Mindy, and Tamika all went to the girls locker room and told Cory and Jacob they will
meet them in the gym. Cindy got dress in sweats and a white t-shirt. She put on her
sneakers and put her hair up. When her friends finish they sat in the bleachers next
to Cory. Cindy look over at Jacob and he was bending over kissing a girl. Cindy got
up and ran to the locker room. She changed quick and change in to her school clothes
and put her flats on and she went to the nurse. She said the nurse she needs to lay

She laid there on the cot with a ice pack on her head. The bell rang to go to her
math class. She hand the ice pack back to the nurse and walked to class. She sat next
her friends not looking at Jacob. She listen  to the teacher explain the rules and
she wrote them down and then the got free time.

The bell rang again to go to Science class. This class was like her others and she
wrote the rules down. During free time Cory kept looking at her in a lovey dovey way.
She lean into him and kiss him on the lips. They kiss for about five minuets. Cory
smiled big and blush. Jacob looked hurt and shocked.  The bell rang and Cindy and her
friends went to History. The put there stuff  down and lined up for lunch.

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   4 January 2009   342448  
Oh....Mon...Dieu....(oh my God in French)

Write more!!!
‹Emma Bear› says:   4 January 2009   717729  
I wiil
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   5 January 2009   825192  
crap! stupid jacob! she should break up with him. cindy, and cory, uh
has a nice ring to it donchya think?
‹Emma Bear› says :   5 January 2009   775429  
Yes it does well maybe CIndy should break up with Jacon


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