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New path.........more prologueCategory: Stories
Friday, 26 December 2008
05:33:03 PM (GMT)
Lexi stood still as the nurse can a cool cloth over the slashes on her back.Amy had
given Lexi a slight sedative to keep her calm.She began to ask Lexi questions.
   "Does your father hit you?"
    "How often?"
    "Oh every few weeks or so.If work is bad its more often."
    "What does he use?"
    "His belt.Phone cord.That little stick on the blinds.His hands"
    Amy was silent.Lexi's eyes were closed as Amy picked up the camera.She snapped a
few and noticed a line of fresh bruises on Lexi's sides.Her wrists as well.
    "Lexi did he......hit you last night?"Lexi stiffened and her eyes opened.She was
silent body shaking as she shook her head back and forth.Tears streamed down her
    "No!He didn't.He didn't do anything.Nothing.I finished my homework.Then i went to
bed.Mom woke me up for school in the morning."Her voice was anything but even and she
hiccuped as the older women sat next to her and slipped her arm around her.
    "Shhh.Lexi tell me.What did he do?"Lexi was quiet and Amy thought she wasn't
going to tell her.
    "He.....touched me.Not like all the other times.He called me a slut.A whore.Just
like my mother.He said he would show me what a whore was for."Amy's heart sank and
her anger grew.Her hand shook only slightly as she turned Lexi's face towards hers.
     "Did he rape you?"Lexi nodded unable to speak."Oh baby."Amy folded the small
girl in her arms and rocked her back and forth.A few minutes later a knock sounded on
the door."Here lay down.Ill be right back."Amy tucked Lexi into the bed because she
was shivering now.Amy stepped out of her office eyes blazing.
    A women dressed in a white business suit, two cops one male one female,the
principal and a few of the teachers stood in the hall.A few of them paced, sat, or
stood still arms crossed, with worried looks on their faces.
    "How is she?Did she tell you anything?How bad is her back?"Ms.Sawyer asked
stopping her own pacing in front of Amy."This is Mrs.Stevens from Social Services and
Detectives Jones and Ezell." She continued hurriedly.
     "She is calm now.Yes she told me her father does beat her regularly.Her mother
does nothing.Her last  beating was last week.But last
night................."Amy trailed off as she met the eyes of the principal
Mrs.Stevens and the Detectives.
   Ms.Sawyer gasped her hands covering her mouth."No!"
   "Yes.She needs a hospital."Amy eyed Detective Jones.He was tall nearly 6 foot.Mid
30 maybe.He looked dangerous.That was the last thing Lexi needed right now.
    Brody saw the look the nurse gave him."Ill be careful."He said.Tho his own anger
at the thought of a man raping his own daughter was still bubbling he closed his eyes
and tried to relax his features.
    "Ill talk to her first.Then we can get her to a hospital and hopefully we can get
a rape kit done." Detective Ezell said.Amy nodded and opened the door and she and the
Detective stepped back inside.She was a little bit taller than Lexi but not much.Her
hair was shoulder length and a sandy brown.Her face was sweet.
    "Lexi?"Detective Ezell needs to talk to you,"Lexi looked up and her eyes were red
and glassy from crying.She sat up as Ezell sat down beside her.
    "Hey Lexi.How are you feeling?"She asked and layed her hand next to Lexi's leg.
    Lexi shrugged and thought about it for a moment."My head hurts some."Her voice
was small and Ezell had to lean forward to hear it.
    "Do you want something to drink?"Lexi shook her head and looked away.
    "I'm going to step out for a moment.Ill be right outside." Panic rose like bile
in Lexi's throat as Amy left her.She struggled to swallow it.The detective was
watching her.
    "I'm not going to hurt you.I need you to tell me what your father did to you.I
cant say you wont see him again but i can promise you he wont ever touch you.He is
going to jail for this."Lexi watched panic fading as fire came and went in the
detectives eyes."Please can you tell me?"
      Detective Ezell flipped on the tape recorder and prepared to listen."Thank

     Nearly an hour later Detective Ezell turned it off and rubbed the back of her
neck.Lexi was silent now that some one knew the horrors of her life.The school bell
rang and the loud noise of sea of students sounded from the hall.
    "OK now we need to get you to the doctors.They will need to do some tests and
bandage you up.But i have a favor.See my partner is in on this case to.But he is a
guy."Lexi looked nervously away wondering what Ezell was going to ask of her."He will
be around you.He already knows the basic stuff.Now Brody is a big guy.Tall and
handsome.If both of us weren't 
     happily married we might consider each other." Ezell Grinned and Lexi
smiled."Anyways i don't want you to be afraid of him.Yes i know its hard but he wont
ever hurt you that i know.He hates men that hit women.I nearly had to knock him
unconscious one time when we booked this guy for just that.So I'm gonna be right here
and let him meet you.Ill have my taser out an everything and all you have to say is
my name and ill use it on him OK?"
    Lexi's eyes were big and she laughed when Ezell pulled the little taser from her
pocket.Ezell's grin widened at the sound."OK." Lexi said pulling her knees up to set
her head on them.
     Ezell opened the door calling Brody over.
    "Yea Grace?"
    "She is willing to meet you.But iv promised if you scare her i have to taser
you."Grace's eyes danced as Brody's narrowed.Cursing under his breath he tipped his
partners head up.
    "Fine but i get to taser you later."
    "You don't have the guts touch guy.Come on.Big puppy dog look OK?"
    "Yea yea yea."He said and Brody crossed his arms and slowly followed Grace inside
the nurses office.His heart broke when he saw the teenage girl sitting on the bed.Her
eyes were red and she sat in a defensive position.She watched him wearily as he came
in.Making each of his movements slow he walked to the chair across from the bed.Lexi
shifted slightly so she kept him in sight.Grace sat next to Lexi.
    Lexi sat still as the man Detective Ezell had called Brody came in and sat
down.He was very tall his head nearly scraping the doorway.She felt the dear starting
to build but swallowed it.She would NOT be scared.
   "Hay Lexi.I heard you made a deal with Grace.So id rather not get tasered because
it hurts like hell."Brody said making his voice quiet.She looked like a lost
puppy.Brody talked to her about nothing anything.Lexi leaned forward her eyes glued
to him.He smiled a lot and his hands moved when he talked.At first that unnerved her
but he did it so casually she soon though nothing of it.Lexi replied 
    when she was asked a question.What was her favorite food,School subject color.
   Brody got her to laugh a few times and she smiled at him a bit relaxing. A knock
on the door made her jump.
   Grace got up to get it and Lexi tensed again.
    "Is she ready to go?" some one asked quietly.Grace looked back at Lexi and she
    Brody stood up slowly and offered his hand to Lexi.She hesitated looking up at
him then at Grace.She silently took it and let him help her up.
    God the girl was so small! was Brody's first thought when he helped her up.She
barely went to his mid chest.Brody led her out of the room and she followed
meekly.Grace took her other hand as they led her out of he school.By then it was
cleared of students and only a few teachers stood around.Lexi didn't look up but
squeezed Brody's and Graces hands tighter.They led her to a white car.Before she
could get in an angry yell sounded from behind them.
    "Lexi!!What in the world to you think your doing?"Her father swaying slightly
walked toward them and Lexi cringed back against Brody."You two get away from my
daughter.Need to teach her a lesson about getting home on time."
   "Mr.McKennon i suggest you stay right were you are."Brody said loudly.His arm had
automatically come around Lexi.Lexi's father saw it and yelled.
   "Get your hands off of her.She needs to be home.Got chores to do."He said moving
forward another step.Brody could see the man was drunk.He Gently pried Lexi's hands
from his shirt and gave her to Grace.She folded Lexi in her arms.
    Lexi squeezed her eyes tight not looking not listening.
    Brody caught the fist that was threw at him.Expertly he twisted Lexi's fathers
arm until he had it behind his back.Quickly her reached for his cuffs and had them
snapped on in a matter of seconds.
Last edited: 26 December 2008

‹Charlotte;;WishingOnStars› says:   26 December 2008   358872  
I still believe that you'll becme an author one day...
I'll be waiting for the next part....
Hurry but do take your time.
‹JustWriteHerANightmare› says:   26 December 2008   544822  
I have returned on this account!
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   27 December 2008   492397  
This is very good.
cyclergirl57 says:   14 February 2009   133792  
its a good story
sometimes i don't understand things because you don't put in correct
Its taking a while for you to get to the points sometimes
kattany3 says :   14 February 2009   893698  
Ok?And you are?


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