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A Story I'm Writing.Category: (general)
Friday, 26 December 2008
12:45:08 AM (GMT)
Heey Kupika. 
I need help choosing a title for a story i am writing.
So i will copy it down below, and you tell me what you think
a good title for it would be. 
It's sort of long. Sorry. 
But i'm still not done it. LMAO.
Okay, So here it is::

The Guy.
	If i hadn't of grown up so quickly, I wouldn't be where I am right now, in
unfrequented solitude, sigh.. in high school. People may think high school is just
like elementary school, just because it's a school, ha.. i wish. It is a place of
boys and cliques, a battle field. One mistake, and it'll haunt you forever, kinda
like the one i made. 
	It all started back when i first walked through the doors of my new high school.
	" Oh my gosh! I can not believe we're going to the same high school!", Oh no, I
thought, I can recognize that voice anywhere... Julia. As she spoke, i heard nothing
but silence, stunned by all the people walking by in little groups also known as
cliques, how would i be able to get into a clique? I am no popular cheerleader, no
jock, no anything... I am but an outkast, a girl who is excluded from society,
rejected, a geek. 	
	My name is Heaven-Lee Annabelle Harbour, I am a 15 year old girl. I have long black
hair, i mostly keep it in two loose pony tails, and i have side bangs, and dark skin,
and brown eyes, I am very small for my age, quite intelligent, not popular, a geek,
an outcast, a loner. I guess you could say I'm a self concious kind of girl,
non-confident, but that's the way I am, i doubt i will ever change, but back to the
	As me and Julia made our way down the long hallway of lockers, I was looking at the
floor, hoping i was drawing no attention to anyone. I finally look up to see, the
most popularest guy in the whole school, looking at me, smiling. I show him a quick
smile and look back to the ground, but as i passed by he left his little clique,
probly of jocks, and walks over beside me.
	" So are you just transfering here today?" he asked, " Oh by the way, my name is
	Still staring at the ground i reply " Yes, my mom and me had just moved into town a
few days ago, and I'm Heaven-Lee, but you can call me Heaven," I was stunned by how
much i had talked, even Julia was looking at me funny.
	" Wow, you have a beautiful name," he paused, " Will you look at me?" I slowly look
up at him, " See, now why are you hiding such a beautiful face," he pushed the hair
covering my face and shifted them behind my ear. 	
	Just before Julia could say anything embarrassing, the bell rang. Phew!
	" Well, I guess i'll be seeing you around, Heaven," I nodded, and he quickly ran to
his next class. 
	" Ooh, la, la! Someone's got a crush on the new girl!" exclaimed Julia, " So, what's
your first class?" 
	Still amazed by a guy, a real guy, talking to me, the most un-popular girl there is,
talked to me! I said " Umm, Math."
	" Oh my gosh!," sigh... there's that big gasp of annoyance that comes out of such a
little mouth, " I do too!" Greeeat...
First Day
	That guy, Kyle, he seemed so sweet, but all guys seem sweet at first. All I know is,
I think i really like him. He was the first person to talk to me, well, besides
Julia, but she always talks. 
	Me and Julia made our way passed the chaotic hallway, people hurrying to get to
their next class. As for me and Julia, we took our time. When we got to the door of
my first class, math, the place i may be labeled a geek at. We walked through the
doors, right there, everyone turned their heads to look at who could be at the door,
I look to the ground. 
	" Ms. Marshall, this is our transfer student! Her name is Heaven-Lee, but she likes
being called Heaven." says Julia, so high pitched. 
	Ms. Marshall studies me for a second and responds " Welcome, Heaven,  Please have a
seat where ever you like." Ms. Marshall doesn't seem like the sweet kind of teacher
people get when your in elementary, she seems so straight edged, anal to be more
exact. She's tall, old, and grumpy. Shes got the look of an eagle, ready to eat up a
mouse or something. 
	As Ms. Marshall talks, i doze off for a second, thinking about that guy Kyle. He was
so sweet, I wonder if he liked me, no, what a silly thought, no one ever likes me,
I'm not even pretty, See, now why are you hiding such a beautiful face, that one
thing he said, it made me feel, beautiful.
	She hit a ruler on my desk. 
	" Pay attention, missy, no one dozes off in my class, now open your text books to
page 836...."
	" Yeesh, did you ever catch Marshall on her bad day" said Julia, " So now what do
you have?" 
	" Chemistry" i replied.
	" Ooooh, And you know who else takes that class," Yooou? i though to myself. "
Kyle!" I look up at her.
	" Really?" I said totally surprised i have a class with him.
	" Yes, and guess what? Today they're picking new partners, oh my gosh! What if he
picks you to be his Chem, partner!?" Ha, there's a one in a million chance in that
	" Well I better get to my class, I don't want to be late." I said, hoping Julia
would finally just stop talking.
	I make my way passed all sorts of teenagers, cliques, no cliques, jocks, geeks, oh,
geeks, that's where i may be in a few short days, emos and more. I finally make it to
the chemistry room. As i walk in i see Kyle, with his clique again, he takes a quick
glance and me, then looks away.
	" Take a seat everyone" said the teacher. I took a seat somewhere near the window,
where hopefully, no one would sit by me. I turn to see the empty chair, relieved i
take out a text book and plop it onto the desk, then i look at the chair again, only
this time, someone was sitting in it. I slowly look up to glance at his or her face.
I could not believe who it was, Kyle.

‹GOINGINSANE› says:   26 December 2008   374959  
this is good write more.
angelz_blue says:   26 December 2008   956579  
maybe "Is it Really True?"
frenchy0099 says:   26 December 2008   571981  
or maybe "Can It Be?" OR "Starstruck" OR OR OR i got nothing but my 2
titles aren't that good but i like them!!!!!!!

Ciao, Frenchy
‹{Hari-ru♥}› says:   26 December 2008   424463  
ummm 'shocked.' very simple
‹3 __ fag nuggets› says:   26 December 2008   217663  
I like starstruck, and Shocked. =)
But i will see what more people have to say.
‹{Hari-ru♥}› says :   28 December 2008   355871  
yay you like my one. Thankies! 


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