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Friday, 19 December 2008
08:55:55 PM (GMT)
1. Slept naked in the summer? uhh no i dont think so lmao

2. Taken a shower with someone? with bathing suits on yes :P totally naked, no not
yet :P:P

3. Kissed a member of the same sex?yes lmao good old games of truth or dare,

4. Drove a car? no not yet, i would prb hurt someone thoe if i did.

5. Stole anything? yeshher.

6. Been in love? yesherr.

7. Been dumped? yeah, fer all the people that havent been dumped, trust me it sucks.

8. Stole money from a friend/family member? yeshhher.

9. Gotten in a car with people you just met? yeaah. but i was with a friend and we
got in a car with people we just met,, we went to their place to play guitar hero.

10. Been in a fist fight? yeshher, all the time with brothers.

11. Snuck out of your/someone�s house? yeshh.

12. Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back? yeshh. so many times but no
one needs to knoe who.

13. Been arrested? no. not yet :P iv been talked to by the cops thoe.

14. Hugged a stranger? well, all the time :P but it turns out most of the time there
friends of a friends friend. complete stranger off the street, once but it was a dare
and i scared the lady half to death. never run up and hug someone from behind.

15. Met up with a member of the opposite sex somewhere? yeah

16. Left your house with out telling your parents? yeshher.

17. Had a crush on your neighbor? my neighbor has a crush on me lmao and has even
asked me out. (the son lmfao) i count him as a neighbor.

18. Ditched school to do something more fun? yeshher no point thoe you get back and
have to do more work, the work you missed.

19. Slept in a bed with a member of the opposite sex? yeshher.

20. Lost a friend? yeah 

21. Been on a plane?yessher!! after the show lost and also many movies i dont think
ill ever go on a plane afraid its going to crash on an island or in some weird

22. Been to an island? nope, want to thoe =]

23. Slept in until 3?  yess, pm and am

24. Love someone or miss someone right now? mhhm.

25. Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by?  yep, i love doing that.

26. Made a snow angel? hellz yeah, i actually made one today,

27. Played dress up? yesher, good times,

28. Cheated while playing a game?  yea all time time lol monopoly

29. Been lonely?  yea.

30. Kissed more than 4 people in one night?  yes, and on national kiss day i got 18
kisses, and idk how many people i kissed.

31. Felt an earthquake? yep.

32. Touched a snake? yeah, felt funny, like a cats tounge lol

33. Ran a red light? no i cant drive. in video games, all the time 

34. Been suspended from school?  belive it or not in sk, and other than that in
schools. nothing really major

35. Had detention?  yea

36. Been in a car accident? yessher.

37. Had a party in your house while your parents were away?  no not really, i had a
ton of people over but i wouldnt say it was a party.

38. Used a fake ID? yes :S

39. Crawled through a window?  yes.

40. Been lost? yeah. in a very crowded place, but i was fine, i knew if theres at
least someone to ask fer help well i was surrounded with hundreds of people.

41. Been to the opposite side of the country? i dont think i was that far away.

42. Cried yourself to sleep?  yeah, more than i ever thought a person should.

43. Done something you told yourself you wouldn't?  yeah. lots of things.

44. Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? yea all the time.
45. Caught a snowflake on your tongue?  yes i have done that. and i got one in the
eye too.

46. Kissed in the rain? no,, but that would be sweet.

47. Sang in the shower? all the time :P

48. Made love in a park? nope,

49. Had a dream that you married someone?  yess, i love those dreams, so funny.

50. Glued your hand to something? yeah it hurt like a biitch. i glue my hand to a
dart board.

51. Got your tongue stuck to a flag pole? yesher :P and stuck on a mailbox. 

52. Ever gone to school partially naked?  TOPLESS. no just joking lmfao

53. Been a cheerleader? nope but i always cheer like a maniac at hockey games. or if
im watching poker on tv with my friends lol

54. Had more than ten boy/girl friends?  no.

55. Didn't take a shower for a week? yes lmao but they didnt have a shower at there
cottage and also you cant wash your hair in the lake cause the shampoo is not good
fer thee enviroment.

56. Ever too scared to watch scary movies alone? nope, i love gory movies, i make my
friends that are afraid of that stuff watch it with me :P

57. Played chicken? if thats the game where people are swinging and you gotta run
threw by without getting hit, yes.

58. Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? yeshher, and i have fallen in
many times :P

59. Been told you're hot by a complete stranger? yea

60. Broken a bone? yesh.

61. Been easily amused?  yeah.

62. Laugh so hard you cry? yep.

63. Mooned/flashed someone?  YES ohhemmgii, good times.

64. Cheated on a test? yeah.

65. Forgotten someone's name?  yep.

66. Done something dumb while drunk? mhhhmm. loads of things.

67. Blacked out from drinking?  yea.... at a friends house so i was fine, no creeper
took advantage of me.

68. Played a prank on someone? yeah, very fun thing to do when bored. 

69. Gone to a late night movie?  yesh.

70. Made love to anything not human?  no.

71. Failed a class? yeshh,  

72. Smoked pot? yeshher.

73. Cheated on a girl/boyfriend?  no, kissed another person but it was fine cause i
was drunk.

74. Celebrate the 4th of July? mmhhmmm,

75. Thrown strange objects? yeah, all the time, what kind of question was that.

76. Felt like killing someone?  yea never have thoe.

77. Thought about running away? yeshh, and i have b4.

78. Got a piercing?  iv had a few but they either got infected or i took them out and
the whole closed over.

79. Cut your own hair? yeah sometimes but i perfer to get it done cause i always
screw up, but on other people i cut their hair fine.

80. Made a parent cry? yeah. 

81. Cried over someone?  yep.

82. Owned more than 5 Knives?  i have three, (pocket knives) but iv held more than
five steak knives in my hand xD

83. Dated someone more than once? yes.  

84. Had/Have a dog? nope.

85. Have an iPod? to expensive. 

86. Smoked a cigarette? yea.

87. Been in a band? lmao yes but i wouldnt say its a "band" 

88. Drank 25 sodas in a day? yes lol

89. Broken a CD? yeah, those things can be sharp.

90. Shot a gun?  yeshh.

91. Wanted someone but could never have them?  yess.

92. Ate more than 12 cookies in an hour? Yeshher,

93. Punched someone in the mouth? i was angry. yes.

94. Drank and energy drink than had a couple shots? mhmm, awesome party :P

95. Touched someone in a sexual way? uhh idk :S

96. Cried in a movie theater? yes lol.

97. Made a paper airplane? yea all the time.

98. Broke something of value? yeshher,

99. Cried over a friends problem? mhhm,

100. Ever smashed a beer bottle over someones head? no, but someone smashed one over
my poor head, no stitches thank gawd.


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