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3 Years, right?Category: (general)
Sunday, 14 December 2008
12:57:56 PM (GMT)
Words from Nikki R.

High school: What's it about? Is it about finding out who we really are, and what we
can become? Or is it what we're capable of doing?

On the weekends is when it turns fun. Parties, drinking, who's dating who, and what
happened that weekend to make it memorable? That's all the talk throughout the week,
until the next Friday night rolls around. Then it all starts over again. Who's in the
office getting into trouble, who got into a fight at lunch, or who's talking shit on
who? Who had sex with who over the weekend? Who is straight/gay, lesbian/bisexual?
Who is the hot new girl, the new drop-out, or who's pregnant? Who's your true best
friend, and who's not? It all seems too typical, and it just seems like all it does
is repeats itself over and over. But are all those things going to get us through
life or high school?

The next chapter in our lives is right around the corner, and none of us know what it
holds for us. It's being shaped right now, and we don't even know it.
Our dreams, aspirations, and beliefs... Will they all still be there? The truths and
the lies... How are we supposed to tell which is which? Do we know if the feelings we
have for a guy or a girl going to be there in the fututre? The big names in high
school, what are the odds that they will they make it big in the real world? Slim to
none. The things that people are really going to remember are what you did for your
friends, the school, and for other people you may not even know. Not how many points
you put on the scoreboard during basketball and football season. But who you are on
the insdie, not what you look like on the outside, or what kind of car/truck you

Everyday that we live, it'll be a different obstacle. An obstacle to see how strong
you are on the inside and outside. Live your life with no expectations, and no
boundaries for yourself. Be inspired by who you are, and not what you will, and have
become. Don't be someone you hate. Be someone people will love after you die, and
right now. A person who made people laugh, or just feel comfortable talking to in
times of need. Just be yourself and be real.

Forgive and forget, it seems so simple... It is, until you have been betrayed by
someone you thought you could trust. Although, trusting that one person really does
come back to just bite you in the ass. Be selective of choosing your real and true
friends. You never know if you can trust that one person, until you get to know

Don't be afraid to put your heart on your sleeve, and love someone. Because you never
know when that one person could be the one for you. Have potential, and do what you
want to do. But do it with a smile, and integrity. Keep your morals close to you, and
your faith even closer.

Never forget the people that forgave you for all the wrong things that you did, or
might do in the future. But also forgive the people that forgot about you. Because in
all reality, they might just come back one day, and realize that they made a HUGE
mistake by letting you slip away. Have courage in the choices you make, and have
honor for those who love you.

Take chances in the next chapter of your life... No matter what you decide that next
chapter is, take all the chances that rest in your hands.

I was inspired by her words and to start taking advantage of my freedom and beliefs.
Its not about who's pregnant, whos got the coolest new car, its about the difference
you'll make.

Follow your heart and believe there is somebody out there who will care.

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