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Tuesday, 9 December 2008
01:40:17 PM (GMT)
9th December, 2008
Blogged by Boo.

So, hey there.
It's me again. Did you miss my epic Tuesdays? I thought you did, you just can't admit
how must you love me, right?

Anyway. Life update.
Prepared? Good.


Had House Hockey today. Was fun. Surprisingly, I like Hockey. Nice and agressive,
good way to take my anger out. We beat Du Pre. It was amazing.
In the end, my House, Austen, came second. We would have won if we had inculded all
our guys in the teams, but three, lazy-arsed people couldn't be bothered. :C Damn,
I'm pissed with them!

Then had French. Got my exam results back. Got 93%. Laughed.
That means A*. And  beat Lucie, who's meant to be ace at French. Rather amusing that
I plan to give up French next year, amirite?

Had Geography. Got 98%. Died. If I had got one more mark, I would have got 100%. Oh
well. Still a good mark. Second highest in my class.(Yes, Izzy went all the way. x])

Had English after lunch. Got my esssay back. 21 out of 25, aka 84%. Was pleased;
another A*. Thought I would have done worse, seeing as I'm not good at essays like
that. I'm only good at creative writing. C:
Started on my free choice project. YAY! Chose 'Cosplaying' as my topic. Impressed
Miss Hendry, but only after I explained for 10 minutes what it was. D:
Went on the London Anime Expo website. Discovered it lands on a weekend next year.
Spent most of lesson browsing cosplay websites and looking at pictures. 8D Yay.

Had Physics last lesson; got my result back. My jaw literally dropped when I read my
mark. 86% and A*. Heck yeah! It was a miracle. Seriously. It's ususally impossible to
get so high. I'm amazed with myself. 8D

Went home. Froze my toes off waiting for 30 minutes outside the station for my
mother. Came home and wrote this. :]


Anyway, skipping back a few days, I was talking to my friends Lizzie and Chloe on
MSN. Lizzie was attempting to write her first fanfiction lemon. If you don't know
what that means, go fuck yourself look it up. Lol, pun there.

Well, she manages to get to a certain point and then comes online to ask my help,
seeing as I've written many a fanfic and a few lemons.

Lizzie: Help! Jasper's in! Jasper's in! What do I do now!!!?

Me: Thrust Lizzie, thrust!

Lol. If you get that, I congratulate you. Hehe. Later, Lizzie said our convo was like
telling someone how to have sex over a walkie talkie. Fits of laughter followed. 8D


Well then, there's my life update. Hope you enjoyed.


Oh, and, please click here:

And also, if you're interested in an advanced, literate role play club, please

Kthx. And bye. :]
Last edited: 9 December 2008

saralyn247 says:   9 December 2008   761685  
" telling someone how to have sex over a walkie talkie."

xD Best thing ever. Sounds like she's tried to do that though.
‹goodfornothing› says :   9 December 2008   823862  

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