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Wednesday, 19 November 2008
06:57:37 PM (GMT)
Still Prince dominic's POV 

"come on there nice"i said getting up and holding my hand out to help her 
"ok fine but will they like me i mean your royal and im...."she said before i cut her
"perfect your perfect and always will be and if i love you they will love you"i said

she took my hand and i helped her up and we went in to the palace 
"good day prince can i get you and your friend something"a lady ask 
"no we good have you seen my parents olivia"i said 
"in the ballroom setting up for your meeting with princess keyanna"olivia said 
"ok thank you olivia oh and this is bella"i said 
"nice to meet you lady bella i hope to see you more often"olivia said 
"curtse and say you as well"i whispered to bella 
"you as well lady olivia"she said and curtsed 
"wow you got quite the lady there prince"olivia said 
"well i have to go talk with mother and father see you around lady olivia"i said and
grabbed bella's hand and led her up the stairs and into the ballroom 
"wow"bella said 
"what"i asked 
"this place is beautiful"she said 
"i know you are"i said 
"thank you great prince dominic of redwood"she said doing a curtse and blushing 
"nice"i said and she giggled 
we walked into the ballroom to find my mother controlling father to put somthing in
the right place 
"hello mother hello father"i said as i led bella in behind me so my parents would not
see her yet 
"hello son"my father king nick said 
"hello my little prince"my mother queen heidi said 
"how are my two wounderful parents today"i asked 
"what did you do"my mother asked 
"what did you break"my father asked 
"nothing but i found my princess"i said 
"oh really"my mother said turning to study my face for sarcasim but found none 
"well where is the little lady"my father asked 
"right here"i said and spun bella around from my back to in front of me 
"oh my shes a....a...."my father said 
"PEASENT"my mother yelled 
"i told you they would not like me"bella said crossing her arms and sitting on the
"please mother i love her"i said 
"how can you love such a thing"my mother asked 
"dont you use that tone with me young man now take her home and go to your room"my
mother yelled 
"father come on you have to have something to say"i said 
"listen to your mother son"my father said 
"please i love her"i said 
"come on i told you they wouldnt like me nobody likes me"bella said pulling me out of
the room and out of the palace 
"thats not true bella because i love you and nothing they do or say will tear us
apart"i said 
"please just take me home"she said as we walked into the barn and i saddeled my horse
and helped her on and then got on myself 
"fine but please be mine still"i said looking into her eyes 
"i cant your parents"she said 
"so what"i said 
"how will we get marryed"she asked as we rode down the road towards her house 
"will runaway youll get your most important things and meet me by the river in the
woods"i said 
"in 20 minutes"she asked 
"starting as soon as i am out of sight on my way back to the palace"i said 
"ok"she said as we stoped in front of her house 
i got down and helped her down and kissed her 
"i see you in a little bit ok my love"i said 
"ok good bye for now"she said as i got back on my horse 
"be careful by the way"i said 
"ok i will i love you"i said 
"i love you to"she said 
i galloped down the road and back to the palace i put my horse in the barn and ran
into the house and got some clothes and food and money and climbed out of the window
and ran to the barn with my things 

Bella's POV 
i was packing some of my things when alice walked in 
"bella what are you doing"she asked 
"please dont tell mother or father but i am going to meet the prince"i said 
"but why are you taking your things"she asked 
"he asked me to go somewhere with him"i said 
"you are running away with him right"she said as her eyes lit up with excitement 
"well......"i said
Last edited: 19 November 2008

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