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A Love Story Ch.1 CrushingCategory: Plz read !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saturday, 15 November 2008
08:06:38 AM (GMT)
Hope you like it!


Vanessa Spolstra(not the real vanessa hudgesn just liek the name so im using it)-Main
character  Age:14

Ash Anderson-(same with her) Vanessa's best friend    Age:14

Taylor Hopeck-Vanessa's other best friend Age:14

Caleb Lapoint-Vanessa's crush(taylors too) Note:You will see what happens later on   

Chris Nicolls-Ash's bf   Age:14

Stella Spolstra-Vanessa's little sister  Age 12

Jess Messina-Stella's bf

Mrs.Spolstra-V's mom

Mr.SPolsrta-V's dad

Mrs.ANderson_ash's mom

Mr:Anderson-Ash's dad

Mr:Lapoint-Caleb's dad

Mrs:lapoint-Caleb's mom

teachers are in this but im not going to name them

Ash and v are at school in there lockers.

V:*sees caleb walk by and smile at her* OMG


V:He just smiled at me

Ash:ooh cute *bell rings* Finally lunctimeim soo hungry

v:i know me too

*they go to lunch*

Me:Ohh tacos my favortie *grabs oen and keep movie through the line*

Ash:*sits down at a table with v* Did you see-*gets cut off*

Chris:hey v Hey ash

Ash:chris iw as just lookign for you *kisses him*

Chris:*sits down with them*

Ash:I have a queation fro you chris

Chris;:*food in his mouth* ya

Ash:ok ew and Does Caleb like V

Chris:Ya you havnt noticed thtas he does yet he wants to ask her out but hes too

V:really aww thats so cute!

Ash:well v lieks him so if you tell him that maybe he will ask her out

V:thats would be awesome

Chris:ALright ill tell at baskrtbal practice after school and v


Chris:you will proabably get a phone call around 5 form him

V:ok *excited* *bell rings* alright gotta g ash come over after school since its last
period thank god

Ash:ok *htye leave*

Its 5 and ash is voer at v's house waiting for the call

V:*sitting there talkign and the phone rings*

Ash:OMG Maybe thtas him dont even read who ti just answer it

V:ok *answes it* Hello??? *nervous*

Who is it was it caleb find out in Ch.2 The phone call

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