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Finish.These.Anime/Manga.;;Category: (general)
Wednesday, 12 November 2008
09:17:00 PM (GMT)
Any suggestions are appreciated. I've been thinking about reading/watching these: -- ♥Tramps Like Us [Don't ask. :D] {manga} ♥Uzumaki [Seems really interesting.] {manga} ♥Ultra Maniac [The cover of volume one is so cute!] {manga|anime} ♥Strawberry Panic! [I dunno.] {anime|manga} ♥Oyayubihime Infinity [The cover of the first volume is pretty. o3o] {manga} ♥Please Save My Earth {manga} ♥Soul Eater {anime|manga} ♥Hands Off!: Don't Call Us Angels [The covers are awesome. o3o] {manga} ♥Fairy Cube {manga} ♥Gauken Alice {manga|anime} ♥Death Note {manga|anime} ♥Genshiken [Looks cute. O3O] {manga|anime} ♥The One I Love {manga} ♥Only the Ring Finger Knows {manga} ♥Strawberry 100% {manga|anime} ♥Beauty is the Beast {manga} ♥Strawberry Marshmallow {manga|anime} ♥Gurren Lagann {manga|anime} ♥Katekyō Hitman Reborn! {manga|anime} ♥Venus Versus Virus {manga|anime} ♥Bleach {manga|anime} ♥Shugo Chara! [watched a couple of episodes.] {manga|anime} ♥Clannad {manga|anime} ♥The World God Only Knows {manga} ♥Kuroshitsuji [Siku told me I needed to read the manga to see Noah's Ark Circus. Aughh. DX] {manga|anime} ♥Monochrome Factor {manga|anime} ♥Code Geass [watched a couple of episodes.] {manga|anime} ♥Mnemosyne {manga|anime} ♥Saiyuki {manga|anime} ♥Homonculus {manga} ♥Gintama {manga|anime} ♥Hayate No Gotoku[anime/manga] ♥Full Metal Alchemist; Brotherhood[anime/manga] ♥07 Ghost[anime/manga] ♥Pandora Hearts[anime/manga] ♥D. Gray-Man[anime/manga] ♥Prince of Tennis[anime/manga] ♥ToraDora[anime/manga] ♥Kaichou wa Maid-sama![anime/manga] ♥K-On! [anime/manga] ♥Durarara!! [anime/manga/novel] -- Finished; Check above. Currently watching; Code Geass, Kuroshitsuji Must Continue Watching; Bleach, Shaman King, Shugo Chara -- I'm on chapter sixteen on Bleach...I really like the story. Or was it just chapter six? -Ultimately, Bored- --
Last edited: 11 September 2010

Bootheghost says:   13 November 2008   475252  
Bleach. 8D Best series ever.
khero says:   13 November 2008   968783  
or katekyo hitman reborn *v* hot mafia guys LOL<333
‹Ninja.Pocky(っ>ω<)っ› says:   27 November 2009   478760  
What's Uzumaki? Are you talking about Naruto?
Conspiring says:   27 November 2009   326984  
I believe Uzumaki is a horror-based manga. 
‹Ninja.Pocky(っ>ω<)っ› says:   27 November 2009   913875  
Oh... Well sorry for the mix-up. It's just that Uzumaki is the last
name of Naruto. XD
Conspiring says:   27 November 2009   999441  
Yeah, I totally understand. : ) Naruto is pretty popular. 
Louhoo222_11 says:   6 March 2010   491568  
ok well out of these ive only seen Shugo Chara! and it is AWESOME!!!
best anime evar!!!
‹★ 「❝Fiona❞」☆› says:   7 June 2010   687984  

Gintama! Gintama, Gintama, Ginnntammaaa!!
You must watch the anime. It's reaaaaaaally funny.
‹★ 「❝Fiona❞」☆› says:   7 June 2010   758006  

Or you can add this bunch of anime into your list:
-Hayate No Gotoku[anime/manga]- Really hilarious! - Full Metal Alchemist; Brotherhood[anime/manga]- Completely amazing. Don't watch the first season, totally stupid(You don't need to watch the first season to understand the second one). - 07 Ghost[anime/manga]- Interesting. You can watch the anime but the ending they just left it confusing us. You'll have to continue with the manga(starting at chapter 26) - Pandora Hearts[anime/manga]- Interesthing. You'll have to continue the manga too. - D. Gray-Man[anime/manga]- AHH! Just amazing and completely hilarious! A must-watch(There are amazing characters, too)! - Prince of Tennis[anime/manga]- Hilarious. Haven't watched it, but about too; one of the popular animes in Japan~
Eheheh.. (o v o " )
Conspiring says:   7 June 2010   142672  
really? o: I've only seen a couple of episodes.

Thanks! c: I will.

Whoa thank youuuuu. :D -adds- 
‹★ 「❝Fiona❞」☆› says:   7 June 2010   831951  

Lol, no prob~
‹happiness_bunny› says:   16 June 2010   443908  
gakuen alice is my favorite manga/anime.
i read and watch alot of manga/anime i can't keep track.
‹★ 「❝Fiona❞」☆› says:   12 August 2010   289118  

Add somemore! x3
- ToraDora[anime/manga] - A really nice love story. Recommended! - Kaichou wa Maid-sama![anime/manga] - I honestly think that the manga is wayyy much better. But if you want to watch the anime, go ahead. Didn't liked it though. The guys in manga are much, much better :3 - K-On! [anime/manga] - The anime is hilariousss!! But don't read the manga! Stupid. Geh. - Durarara!! [anime/manga/novel] - The anime's awesome. One of the best I've watched besides FMA; Brotherhood. Read the novel, because there are some scences that they didn't show in the anime. Again, don't read the manga.
Conspiring says:   11 September 2010   476535  
Wow, thank you! A friend of mine mentions K-On! a lot. That must be a
‹ᵖᵒᶜᵏʸ› says:   11 June 2012   861034  
Hows Shaman King? i kinda wanna see it...
Conspiring says :   2 August 2013   735382  
forever one of the top anime in my book
what do you mean late reply i don't know what youre talking about 


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