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What Hurts the Most~Chapter TenCategory: fanfic
Thursday, 6 November 2008
09:01:42 PM (GMT)
Okee dokee, here's the tenth chapter, which I am going to ABSOLUTELY HATE typing,
cause I just can't wait to get type chapter twelve and thirteen.  As soon as I put
out eleven, twelve will be out within two days, I assure you! J 
Oh, and the rose appliqués on her dress aren't those ugly, sticking up rosettes. 
They're flat on the dress.  I think I might Picstream the dress, cause it's one of
mine.  But not sticky-up rosettes.  Flat things that are essentially iron-ons, but
pretty.  Got it?
Oh, and if anybody knows whether or not you “ride” an elevator, please tell me! 

So, this one's dedicated to Kirti, simply because A, she made me realize that
frequent updates are actually important, and B, I really can't think of dedications
Chapter Ten~Giving It All Back

   By the time breakfast was over, it was nearly noon.  The girls had the day off
from tutoring since it was Idol Gives Back today, and they took full advantage of it,
wasting time wherever they got the chance.  Although, this was also because they were
extremely excited; far too excited to sit still for more then a few moments.  After a
good hour of not sitting still for more than a few moments, Mac informed Ashley and
Lindsay that it was time to start getting ready.  
   It seemed to be really early to Ashley at first, but once she thought about it, it
really wasn't.  Because technically, the had to get all ready, drive to the Nokia
theatre early to take care of extra security precautions, then get all of the guests
settled into the routine for the night.  Many people back home didn't realize that
this all had to happen well before five o'clock, what with the time difference. 
Actually, since there was a red carpet at this one, most of it had to happen before
four o'clock.
   Ashley gulped.  She had forgotten about the red carpet.
   You'd better not make a fool out of yourself, there, kid.
  With all of the nerve she had, she swallowed down the lump in her throat and
ignored her conscious.  She had bigger things to worry about than not looking like an
idiot.  There truly was no way into where they needed to be without skimming past the
red carpet.  Harm and Mac weren't supposed to be here in the first place, but they
could always pass as bodyguards are security guards.  Two skinny, redheaded preteens?
 Not so much!  They couldn't be caught by the media.  If they were, oops!  There goes
the whole plan.  Wondering how hard it would be to avoid every flashing camera and
screaming paparazzi,  Ashley suddenly felt quite nervous.
   Not entirely knowing what to do with herself, she tried to think straight.  She
couldn't curl her hair or do her make-up yet, so the only other option was to get
dressed.  Her deep purple dress with the tiny sparkling rose appliqués all over was
already pressed, thankfully.  She grabbed it out of her closet and pulled it over her
head, zipping up the zipper in the back.  Ashley had realized long ago that it saved
a ton of time learning to do up your own zippers, so she had.  She first pulled it up
as far as she could with her hand behind her back, then pushed it up a bit with the
tip of her finger.  Then she reached up over her shoulder and pulled it up the
remaining five or so inches.  It was actually quite easy now.  With considerable
difficulty, she pulled skin-coloured tights over her thin legs before sliding on
purple high-heeled sandals.  She jumped off her bed, which she had been sitting on,
and studied her appearance in the full-length mirror.  She thought to herself that
she didn’t actually look too bad.  In fact, she was quite pretty.  Smiling to
herself, she shook her hair out of her face and went to go get Lindsay.
   “Linds!” she hollered.  “Lindsay, go get dressed,” she said, more softly,
as her sister bounded the corner and nearly ran into her.
   Rolling her eyes, the girl replied, “God, you’re not the boss of me!”  She
turned on her heels, leaving Ashley standing in the hallway.  Wow, that kid could be
rude sometimes.  Ignoring the impudence of her younger sister, she continued down the
hall, where she met her parents in the kitchen.
   “What should I do now, mom?” she asked.
   “Umm…” Mac said distractedly, “why don’t you get something to eat, cause
we gotta go soon.”
   Okay, clearly everyone’s minds were elsewhere.  Whatever.  Ashley went into the
kitchen and scanned the fruit bowl.  There wasn’t much, but an apple looked good
right about now.  She wasn’t really in the mood to eat a ton of food, since there
was bound to be a million pounds of foreign stuff and the after party.  She ran under
water for a moment and then sat on the couch.
   There wasn’t much on T.V., but then again most kids her age were in school right
now.  Which would explain that the only things on her usual channels were My Friends
Tigger and Pooh, Fraggle Rock and The Backyardigans.  Sighing, she turned on the
Discovery Channel, which was showing the one documentary and dinosaurs that was about
ten years old, and three hours long.  What was she supposed to do now?  She
couldn’t sit still; didn’t the television know that?!?!
   “Zash!” Mac called.  “Zash, if you want to do your hair or something, do it
now, we gotta go in a minute.”
   Thank God.  In the bathroom, Ashley curled her hair with a curling iron and pulled
it back in diamond bobby pins.  She decided that a little make-up couldn’t hurt,
either, so she put on a little bit of brown eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss.  
   “Ashley Rabb, we’re leaving!” Harm yelled.  Ashley turned on her heals and
sped out the door, catching up with her family.  Lindsay wore a white dress with a
black swirly pattern at the top.  Her mom was dressed in a deep purple evening gown
and her father wore a suit.  She had half expected at least her dad to be in mess
dress until she remembered that they were undercover.  It was the little things like
this that reminded her what a big deal this was.
   They silently climbed into the elevator and rode downstairs.  Outside, a black
stretch limo was waiting for them.  A loud gasp escaped Ashley’s lips.
   “Wow, Ash,” Mac said sarcastically, “you act like you’ve never been in
stretch limo before.”
   Rolling her eyes, she replied, “Ha ha, that’s really funny.  Not.”
   Harm pulled the door open and the girls climbed in.  To Ashley’s surprise, the
Idols were already seated in the limo.
   “Hi, guys,” Carly said with a smile.  ‘What took so long?”
   Shooting his eldest daughter a piercing glare, Harm replied, “We have a bit of a
primadonna on our hands, I think.”  Ashley rolled her eyes and sat down in a vacant
seat next to where she had been standing.  It was extremely comfortable, and she
began to wonder why she’d never gotten the chance to ride in a limo before.  She
had been the flower girl in the wedding when Uncle Bud and Aunt Harriet were married,
but they didn’t have a limo.  They had had a Corvette instead.  She and Lindsay had
secretly plotted to sneak into the Hummer limo on the occasion of Mattie’s
graduation, but it didn’t quite work out.  They were not yet twelve and just barely
ten, respectively, when this happened.  They weren’t exactly the best plotters.
   Either way, she was in one now.  As they pulled out of the hotel parking lot, an
overheard LCD TV automatically turned on.  She could tell that things were going to
be good.

   Things were good.  The quick ride to the Nokia Theatre was great fun, what with
TV, radio and food.  When they pulled into the driveway, Ashley turned around to look
out the window.  The place was absolutely amazing.  She’d seen on previous seasons,
but being there in person was so much better.  It was like Niagara Falls… only not
quite as amazing.
   “’Kay, Ashley,” Mac said, interrupting her train of thought, “listen to
me.  Your dad and I are going to be super busy.  Jazzy, Amber and Daniel are going to
be there as well, and you’ll essentially be on your own.  Claudia won’t be here
until later on.
   “Now, I realize Daniel is older, but only by a year.  Plus, you ‘get’ this. 
He doesn’t.  I expect you to be the responsible one here, okay?”
   Ashley rolled her eyes.  She was glad that her mother trusted her enough to leave
her in charge of other kids her age and older.  Still, though, she couldn’t help
but feel she was being taken advantage of.  Whenever they went out with somebody
else, it was watch out for Lindsay.  When she was at Uncle Bud and Aunt Harriet’s
it was be careful of the little ones.  Even when they hung out with Mattie, it was
always ‘be mindful of your sister, Mattie can’t always look out for her.’  When
were other kids essentially her age going to be old enough to look out for
   “Whatever, mom.”
   Mac glared at her.  “I’m serious, Ashley.  You’re running the sideshow
tonight.  This isn’t a ‘whatever’ game.  I need you to be mature, okay? 
For me, kiddo?”
   Sighing dejectedly, Ashley nodded. “Okay.”  Looks like she was on little kid
duty tonight.
   Upon entering the Nokia Theatre, however, her mood instantly changed.  It was an
awesome place, especially that backstage area where she got to hang out until
celebrities started getting there.  There were a whole bunch of red velvet lounge
chairs scattered around the room, along with a few antique-ish end tables.  Oh, and
there was food.  Tons and tons of food.
   “This is awesome!” she exclaimed ecstatically.  ‘We get to stay her for like
three hours?”  She stared up at her parents, who were smiling down on her.
   “Yup,” Harm replied.  “It’s all yours.”
   The girls hugged their parents tightly, and they hugged them back.  Letting go,
Mac said, “Okay, we’re all gone now.  Have fun, and the Archuleta’s will be
here soon.”
   Ashley and Lindsay waved goodbye to their parents and the Idols.  As soon as the
adults (and David, but whatever) were gone, the sisters stared at each other for a
moment, seeming to ask each others, ‘you thinkin what I’m thinkin?’  They
smiled silently and grabbed a whole bunch of food.  Sitting themselves down on the
couch, they began to eat and think of ways to entertain themselves for the next two
and a half hours.
   It wasn’t long before Jazzy, Amber and Daniel arrived backstage.  They were
equally as wowed by it all us the Rabb girls, especially considering their brother
was the one and only David Archuleta.  You’d think they’d get it by now.
   Lindsay and Jazzy eagerly greeted each other, as expected.  Everybody else just
   “Oh, by the way, Amber and Daniel,” Lindsay began politely, “thanks for the
ring.  I love it.”
   The siblings looked confused.  “What ring?” asked Daniel.  “What are you
talking about?”
   “This ring!” Lindsay exclaimed, shoving her hand in the older boy’s face. 
“I got it this morning, it said it was from you guys.  I was actually glad you
remembered my birthday.”
   Jazzy shrugged her shoulders haphazardly.  “We remembered your birthday, but
Jazzy was gonna give you our present tonight with hers.”
   “Yeah,” Daniel agreed.  “We didn’t get you that.”
   Ashley’s mind instantly began racing.  Somebody had given her sister what
appeared to be a real diamond ring with a beautiful, oh-so-Archuleta-ish inscription.
 Except it wasn’t from the Archuletas.  She was definitely not comfortable with the
situation at all.
   “I think you should take it off, Linds.”  The words came out of her mouth
before she had planned them, but she had subconsciously wanted to say them anyways.
   Lindsay, in turn, stuck her tongue out at her.  “You’re not my mother. 
We’ll ask mom and dad after this thing is over, and then if they tell me to take it
of I will.”
   Shifting in his seat, Daniel said shakily, “I kind of agree with Ashley.”
   “I don’t even know you!” the birthday girl exclaimed.  “You guys can’t
tell me what to do!”
   It appeared that that was that.  Lindsay wasn’t taking off the ring.  Oh well,
so be it.

   Two hours and twenty-three minutes later (Ashley kept track of time almost as well
as her mother), Lupe came to collect the children.  It had been decided that if
either Harm or Mac was in and out, in and out, in and out constantly, and was now
bringing the three youngest Archuletas and two unknown children with them, it would
be quite suspicious.
   “You guys ready?” she asked.
   “As I’ll ever be,” Ashley replied, rather nervously.
   Don’t you mess up now, her subconscious told her.  Oh would that stupid
thing shut up?!?!
   Out on the red carpet, lights shone brightly, cameras snapped pictures, film was
rolling and everybody was shouting ridiculously loudly.  For an instant, Ashley
thought she’d forgotten how to walk.  She shook her head to clear her mind and
followed Lupe through the pre-designated, safe from paparazzi route Harm and designed
for the kids.  About halfway to the place they had planned to meet up with Mac,
someone called out in the haze.
   “Ashley!  Lindsay!  Over here!”
   Ashley snapped around, not knowing who was calling her name.  Before she knew it,
a blinding flash snapped before her eyes.  Then it was gone.  Lupe hadn’t even
noticed.  By the time they met up with Mac, Ashley was shaking.  Something was going
on here.  But what?  She didn’t have time to think.
   “Hey guys!” Mac sounded as excited as she could while still whispering. 
“Let’s get going!”
   Inside an apparently different backstage area, a sea of faces Ashley knew only
from T.V. greeted her.  Mac introduced them, and a few waved, one of them Carrie
   Wow, Ashley thought, Carrie Underwood just waved at me!  Awesome!
   Mac told the girls that she had to back and find Harm before they could start
explaining everything, so they’d be best to either hang back with Lupe or go find
Carly or David.  Ashley chose the later, eager to see David again.
    Be careful, kid. 
   Whatever.  Making her way through a muddle of curious people probably wondering
what in God’s name was going on, Ashley finally spotted David.  He was with his
dad, but that wasn’t why she was disappointed.  No, she was disappointed because of
the other person standing near him; a thin brunette who was a few inches taller than
her.  A face she knew off by heart, and had come to hate.
   Miley Cyrus.
   Ashley tried her hardest not to stop dead in her tracks.  Miley Cyrus was such a
loser, and David was so amazingly amazing.  What was with that?  And what’s worse,
it looked like she was coming on to him.
   “So, David, what’s the most exciting part of tonight for you?” the evil one
asked, using what Ashley presumed was a failed attempt at a coy voice.
   David looked nervous.  He was so naïve… did he even know what she was doing? 
“Well, I guess I’d have to say the giving back.  I mean, that’s the whole
point, isn’t it?  It just makes you feel good knowing you’re helping a good
   Ha, there was the Mormon in him coming out.
   Where did that thought come from?  That was a sweet and generous thing to do.  It
was very David!  Ashley shook her head, noticing that she seemed to be doing a whole
lot of that lately.
   Miley crinkled her nose.  “Oh yeah, that.  It’s amazing, isn’t it?”  She
leaned in closer to him.  “I love to give back.”
   Ashley saw Jeff roll his eyes and stalk away.  Miley was getting closer to David
when he called out her name.
   “Ashley!” he exclaimed.   “Hi!”
   “Hi yourself,” she replied, sounding so much like her mom it was scary. 
“What’s up?”
   David shrugged.  “Not much.  This is Miley Cyrus, in case you didn’t know.
   “Hey, you seen my brother and sister around lately?”
   Ashley nodded.  “Actually, I just left them.  Where ever Lindsay is, you’ll
find Jazzy, and with her head of hair, it’s impossible to lose her for too long.”
 They both laughed, but Miley just stood there, seemingly in shock.
   “You want to go look for them?” asked David.  Ashley nodded her response. 
“Well, see you later,” he said to Miley, looking glad to be rid of her.  They
walked about five steps when she shouted back at them.
   “Hey!”  The pair turned around to find the tiny brunette standing with her
hands on her hips, looking angry.  “You’d rather go off and find some little kids
with that ten-year-old bean pole than hang around with me?”
   Ashley was shocked.  She’s never been a Miley fan, but how could someone be so
rude?  And who was calling whom a bean pole?!?  And where did her sudden anger come
from?  Nothing even happened!
   “Excusez moi?” Ashley demanded.  “That’s French for excuse me, in case
your puny bean pole brain couldn’t tell, by the way.”
   Miley glared at her.  “Shut your mouth, you stupid navy brat.”
   “At least I’m not a plain old spoiled brat!”
   “What is wrong with you?”
   The girls turned to look at David, who appeared nearly as angry as them.  
   “Zash, don’t sink to her level,” he said to the younger girl at his side. 
“As for you, Destiny Hope, Ashley is almost thirteen, not ten.  And she might as
well be fifteen like you, because she’s got at least twice the looks and three
times the brains.  So just leave her alone.  And to answer your question, yes, I
would rather be with my siblings and the Rabbs than you.  I think anyone in their
right mind would.”
   Holy crap.  David James Archuleta just said she had twice the looks and three
times the brains of America’s favourite teenager!  Woo-hoo!  Uh-huh!  Go her!
   “Fine,” Miley spat out.  “Just go be a loser with your loser Mormon family
and your loser friends.  I don’t care.”
   Well, that was enough to set Ashley’s insides on fire.  That bitch had just
insulted her, her family, David and his family, not to mention his religion.  After
all her mother had been through over religion, it was not something she took lightly.
 She took four steps forward, not even pausing to think about whether or not it was
something she should do.
   She slapped her.
   Silence followed.  David stared at her, and the look in his eyes told her he was
debating whether or not to be angry or impressed.  Miley took a step back, then
gasped.  She didn’t say a word.  Instead she tried to slap the preteen back, but
Ashley was to quick.  She darted out of the way.
   “If you’re looking for a bitch fight,” Ashley said plainly, regaining her
footing, “you’re not gonna get one.  Cause I fight like a marine.”
   “Whatever that is,” Miley replied cockily.  “Anyways, I’ll see you later,
David.”  She threw a piercing glare at Ashley, however, as though to show
that she would not be seeing her later.
   The dynamic duo stalked away, with the intent to leave Miley alone for the rest of
their lives.  A few moments later, those blond twines from Zack and Cody approached
   “Dude,” the thinner one said, “did you just slap Miley Cyrus?”
   Ashley nodded.
   “Wicked!” the other brother exclaimed, raising up his hand for a high five. 
The blonde happily obliged.  
   As the twins walked away, Ashley and David were left alone.  Her smiled silently
at her, with a twinkle in his eye, and she smiled back at him.  She was amazingly
happy.  They had just done exactly what friends did for each other, and it hadn’t
mattered at all that he was David Archuleta and she was a military brat.  And
what’s more; her subconscious hadn’t said a word.

Woo, a

tiggerlemon101 says:   6 November 2008   531488  
Darg, A bit too much!  Oh well, it was just the after-note left, not
like chapter seven.  Elohel! 

Woo, all of 32 days later, another chapter!!!!!!!!  And if you don’t
get the title, they gave Miley back what she deserved!  Elohel!  My
personal crack at that bee-otch!  
Reviews, please! 
Kirti says:   6 November 2008   635537  
I'm lost... Would you mind sending a link to chapter 1? or just
adding it here or something to that effect? Please?
tiggerlemon101 says:   7 November 2008   984285  
Ha!  You appear to have stumbled upon chapter ten!  Well, that's
interesting... I'll send you a link to chapter one, they're all in
‹<3!!!!CamelsandOttersRock!!!!!<3› says:   7 November 2008   662948  
Yay!!! I was wondering when you would work on your story! Ha, she
slapped Miley Cyrus!!!
tiggerlemon101 says :   9 November 2008   599984  
He... sorry. 


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