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Thursday, 6 November 2008
05:52:28 PM (GMT)
- About You
Eye Color: dark brown
Hair Color: dark brown
Height: 5', im short ok?
Favorite color: purple, back, or white
Screen Name: Mistu_
Favorite Band: Mayday Parade!!
Favorite Movie: Death note movie? xD
Favorite Show: death note, or ouran high school host club, if you want yaoi
then gravitation ;D!
Your Car: .........
Your Hometown: some where
Your Present Town: some where
Your Crushe's First Name: ian.........-_-,i wish he would get......i dont know
chicken poks xD
Your Grade: >.> not sayin
Your Style: Random,

- Have You Ever
Sat on your rooftop: Yepp
Kissed someone in the rain: nope
Danced in a public place: of course
Smiled for no reason: yep
Laughed so hard you cried: ha -crys- there :D?
Peed your pants after age 8: nope
Written a song: yep, but its lame, you dont want to hear it
Sang to someone for no reason: yep >.> i know i shouldnt have
Performed on a stage: nope
Talked to someone you don't know: yesh
Gone out of your way to befriend someone: no
Made out in a theater: what?
Gone roller skating since 5th grade: nope
Been in love: Yes..........

- Who was the last person to...
Say HI to you: celeste
On phone: um.....i dont know
Tell you, I love you: ..................
Kiss you: on the cheek? if so, no one. lips? if so no one......
im not attractive
More 'kiss' Kiss: ..................
Hug you: celeste
Tell you BYE: ???
Write you a note: raerae, we were talking about stuff
Take your photo: Angel
Call your cell phone: Anthony no no.......ian i think
Buy you something: my mom?
Go with you to the movies: illya >.>
Sing to you: natasha
Write a poem about you: no one
Text message you: possibly adam
Touch you: -shivers-

- What's the last...
-Time you laughed: i dont know
-Time you cried: um today?
Movie you watched: i dont know the name
Joke you told: i never tell jokes
Song you've sang: Three cheers for five years
Drink you've had: apple juice
Number you've dialed: ians
Book you've read: idk
Food you've eaten: pringles?
Flavor of gum chewed: strawberry
Shoes you've worn: Converse
Store you've been in: hot topic
Thing you've said: "oh shit xD"

- Can You...
Write with both hands: yes, took alot of practice but yep
Whistle: no
Blow a bubble: yup
Roll your tongue in a circle: idk
Cross your eyes: Yup
Touch your tongue to your nose: nope :[
Dance: hells yea
Gleek: ????
Stay up a whole night without sleep: yep
Speak a different language: yep
Impersonate someone: nope
Prank call people: yepp
Make a card pyramid: yep, like near
Cook anything: uh i dont think so
Burp anything: ????

- Finish The Line-
I want alot of things
but only need 3
but my heart hurts too much for it

‹Wallflowers♥› says:   6 November 2008   761659  
You can't burp A-F like I can!!
Mitsu_ says :   6 November 2008   111348  

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