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Tuesday, 28 October 2008
09:33:12 PM (GMT)
Name:: Reya Birthdate:: August Birthplace:: Guam Current Location:: California! Eye Color:: Brown Hair Color:: Black Height:: 5'1" Are you taken?: No. :P Are you a virgin?: Yes. How many & what kind of pets do you have?: I had a goldfish that died on the first day, and my betta fish lived for two months...then died. HE'S A SURVIVOR. Cats: Nope. What's your job?: Paper passer-outer. 8D No, just kidding. What's your Dream Job?: Archaeologist. Who is your best friend?: Token, Kelly, Esther, Bebe, Rebecca, and oh my gosh most girls in my class consider me a best friend. Rebecca's been mine for the longest, though. :] What instruments do you play?: Used to play violin in preschool and xylophone in kindergarten and first grade. Tried to learn guitar three months ago, but failed epically. (And I'm pretty sure guitar on Rock Band/Guitar Hero doesn't count, but I rock at it.) What are your hobbies?: Drawing? Writing? What are your goals?: Learn French and Hebrew. Would you ever sky dive or bungee jump?: I have a great fear of heights. e_o What kind of books and/or magazines do you read?: Anything I like that I see, I guess. How would do describe yourself?: Nice, though a smartass. What is a topic you wish you knew more about?: Mathematics or psychology. What do you daydream about?: Many, many things. What are your religious/spiritual beliefs?: I believe in God, Jesus, Mary, the saints...Basically everything in the Bible and all that I hear in church and religion class. List 3 Things You Would Change About Yourself: One:: Looks. e_o Two:: Gain self-confidence. Three:: Become stronger, particularly in sports. Either Or: Shy or Outgoing?: Shy. Spender or Saver?: Saver Truth or Dare?: Truth Books or Movies?: Both Romantic Comedy or Action Adventure?: Romantic comedy, though I like both. Cats or Dogs?: Cats. Mountain or Beach?: Beach. Sweet or Salty?: Sweet. A-duh. Do You... Smoke?: Never. Drink?: Nope. Get annoyed easily?: Extremely. Like to travel?: Sort of, yeah. Like to drive fast?: I don't drive. :P Sing well?: PSH'NO. I've improved, but PSH'NO. Want kids?: I'd adopt. What would you name a boy?: Ryan. What would you name a girl?: Chanel Ann, I suppose. :3 [Shuh-nel.] Have You Ever... Performed on stage? I was a narrator several times in plays. And dancers. One time I was a main. 8D Been in a car accident?: Nope. Been out of the country? Yes Where?: Philippines What Is.. The last CD you bought?: I don't buy CD's. :P The last movie you saw in the theater?: I think it was the Dark Knight. The last movie you rented?: Gee, I forgot. Your greatest fear?: Heights. Your greatest strength?: Um...You're asking a person with no self-esteem or self-confidence. Your greatest weakness?: Too kind. e_o Your happiest memory?: Um...I dunno. Your Favorite... Movie:: The Pink Panther. And SP:BLU. TV Show:: House, and South Park. Actor:: Jesse Spencer. 8D Actress:: Lisa Kudrow Food:: CANDY? ICE CREAM? Drink:: MOCHA. Color:: Sky blue, orange, purple, black. Respectively. 8D Scent:: Perfume. I use Givenchy Hot Couture (Eau de Toilette. Ooh la la.) Season:: Always adored summer. I like fall, too. 8D

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