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one missed call. emilys cell phoneCategory: (general)
Sunday, 12 October 2008
02:39:01 PM (GMT)
i just got back from Brookes
Omfg we had a blast
or at least i did
ok we were watching one missed call at like 11 and i wasnt scared at all.
geez we had bad signal so a weird number we didnt recognize called emily  
it rang once and then said one missed call 
by then we all had tears in our eyes 
so it called me and i was like Oh shit im not having one missed call so i slung it
open the first ring
i was scared to say hello and all i heard was breathing
and i go hello.
and he took like a minute 
and said Hello
It was Cody.
and i go Cody you are gong to hell and thats a fact!
all of a sudden out of nowhere Emily's phone said one new voicemail so we were on the
tiny bed in a small cramped up circle holding hands waiting to see what itd say
and then before that im like if yall die and then one of yall call me then im gunna
beat the fuck out of you in heaven xD
thennn Brooke kept making noises under the bed (wasnt a regular bed) and I thought i
heard her say i love you Cody
then she goes Oh Im tired and Emily thought she said Oh Tyler and im like God Brooke
You Sound Like A British man with a hairy back.
then we were on the phone with Daniel and Eric and Eric is black and the rest of us
are white and  Im like Fuck Nigga You may be fresh but im ripe and everyone cracked
like for some reason i go Eric you have no balls and Daniel is a nigger and Emily
goes yeah and were ripe xD
then today we went on the trail and these old people were in front of us so we played
these bad songs and would sing loud and obnoxiously and it was hilarious
and when we started going the other way i yelled " Have a nice day " XD
then i saw a dead snake and i took off running
The End
Last edited: 12 October 2008

‹MayaLOVESFAME› says:   12 October 2008   349635  
KristinaCATASTROPHE says:   12 October 2008   991292  
haha i loved it
especially when we got that call.
i was like hell no motha fucka i aint getting raped and one missed
so i slung open my phone so fast.
‹gabriella. | don't hold back› says:   14 October 2008   734838  
Speaking of pissing off old people while walking, me and my friends
walk REEEALLLY slow in aisles and the people behind us can't get by
because we have like 2 carts that fill up the whole aisle so they have
to wait for like 20 minutes to get through the aisle. CLASSIC. Btw,
Funny diary xD
smexiilexie says:   14 October 2008   266294  
omfg !!!
i hate you im on the laptop at my maw maws
and shes sleepin and i almost peed on her but i couldnt laugh 
so it sounded like i was snorting 
cuz if i woke her up she would be mad 
and i kno my phone is messed up im threw it against the wall 
im gonna beat Joeys ass 
i told him i was 
u kno how we were talkin on myspace bout him and annolivia 
i said if i found out you get her pregnant imma whoop yo ass 
and i told him to use 2 condoms so if 1 breaks he got back up 
hahaha i almost peed myself 
o and hilarious diary thing
KristinaCATASTROPHE says:   14 October 2008   977322  
haha thanks Gabby (:
why do you hate me?
haha almost peed on her xD
nice Lexie
hahahaha snortin.
Why are you gunna beat Joeys ass?
i dont like him.
dont go out with him again hes ugly.
hahahaha wear 2 just in case (:
thats hysterical and i hate that word.
haha thanks Lex.
‹Dylann› says:   1 November 2008   749364  
KristinaCATASTROPHE says :   1 November 2008   384747  
yes you are (:

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