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Thursday, 25 September 2008
05:23:23 PM (GMT)
hello everyone, as you can see im a little bit overly obbsessed with field hockey.
and people were messaging me saying what the freak is field hockey well below is
some rules pictures and a gamee. i hope you like them, field hockey is a very
sport, and its super aggresive .!!

skills needed:
long hits
and any others.

sticks are super important 
(not in a perverted way)
you either have a great stick,
or you ahve a normal one.
my suggestions are.....
an averge stick coast is about 45 - 50 
the better ones are about 100 dollars
i know you probably think thats alot but
it holds up a lot.

you usually have a uniform
skirts that are usually ugly
but mine is actually pretty cute.
and a shirt that says your number
and your school.

you need a stickk
mouth guard
shin guards
kletes,spikes its the same,
and of course goggles

rules that have been added since thee early days :]
Constance Applebee introduces hockey to the USA with an exhibition at Harvard 
1904 Intentionally undercutting and raising of the ball is penalized.
Scoop stroke permitted. 
1907 Umpires to apply rules without waiting for appeal. 
1908 Penalty corner introduced 
1936 Notes & Suggestions to Umpires published in the Rules book. 
1938 Stiock interferance, including hooking of sticks, forbidden 
1957 25-yard bully replaced by 16-yard hit. 
1959 Temporary suspensions introduced. 
1963 Penalty bully replaced by penalty stroke 
1970 Roll-in from side-line replaced by push-ins 
1972 Offside changes from three to two defenders. 
1973 Two substitutes permitted. 
1975 First rule book common to men's and women's games.
Code of signals for umpires first published.
Temporary suspension to be at least five minutes. 
1979 Introduction of color control cards into Rule Book. 
1983 Hit-in from sideline replaced the push-in.
Pass back replaced the center bully.
"Sticks" rule modified to come under dangerous play. 
1987 Number of defenders at penalty corner reduced from six to five.
First hit at goal from penalty corner not to cross goal line higher than 18-inches.
Offside to be applied only in 25-yeard areas. 
1989 Number   of substitutes increased from two to three. 
1992 "Rolling" substitutions introduced. 
1994 Captains made responsible for teams'  behavior and for substitutions.
Goalkeepers required to wear protective headgear. 
1995 Free hit to be avanced 10 yards for dissent.
Substitution allowed at penalty corners and penalty strokes. 
1996 Goalkeepers' gauntlets renamed "hand protectors" and to be maximum of 14 inches
long and 9 inches wide.
No offside introduced as mandatory experiment.
Long corner to be taken from spot on sideline (mandatory experiment)
Pass back amended to Centre Pass 
1997 Time prolonged to permit completion of penalty corner at the end of both halves
(mandatory experiment). 
1998 No offside and long corner hits confirmed as rules.
Substitutions at penalty corners no longer permitted except for injured defending
All measurements and distances now expressed in metric terms. 
(Feb) Study of composition stick continued, but metal and metallic substances
Use of edge of stick to be permitted, subject to safety
(mandatory experiment)
Prolongation of time, to permit completition of penalty corners at half- and
full-time, confirmed as a Rule. 
(Oct) Reappraisal of definition of stick
Broken white lines to be marked on pitch five meters outside circle line.
substitution of player with exposed bleeding to be permitted at penalty corner. 
2003 Ball no longer required to be stopped outside the circle before a shot on goal
during a penalty corner.
Defenders allowed to play the ball at any height within the circle (subject to
2004 Rule book rewritten and rearranged to make the Rules easier to understand. The
Rules were laid out in just two sections: Playing the Game and Umpiring
2005 Mandatory experimental rules (from 2004) adopted as formal rules.
permitting a defender to use the stick to stop or deflect a shot at goal at any
not requiring the ball to be stopped before a shot at goal at a penalty corner.  

here are pictures and ect.

thats likee field hockey stuff

as a conclusion all im saying is field hockey is a great 
sport and i think you should consider playing it.
if your a agressive player this sport is made for you 

bye now!
Last edited: 25 September 2008

emoness says:   25 September 2008   678752  
r u a good playur!!!!!!
i like to jump rope
flipflopsx3 says:   25 September 2008   258141  
i guess you could say im a good player,
i play every dayy for like 5 months.
so yeahh pretty much! 
jump rope?
Oroborus21 says:   25 September 2008   724746  
well thats a lot, how about some pics of you rplaying it?
flipflopsx3 says:   26 September 2008   221246  
i will try mom hasnt really got in any becasause its super hard
because were moving a lot but i will
emoness says:   27 September 2008   223147  
oroborus21 y would you want a picture of her playing. ur plain
flipflopsx3 says:   27 September 2008   727392  
stay out of this kayy thanks. u dont even know  a thing abut meee
emoness ?
and your charecter sucks!
Oroborus21 says:   6 October 2008   167775  
it doesnt seem unusual to want to see a pic of her playing her sport?
i would say the same of anyone doing their activity
flipflopsx3 says :   6 October 2008   788726  
who the fuck is emonessss really?!?! 
andd who cares its a really fun sport and eddie if u go on aim i will
send a pictureof me playing


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