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Chapter 8Category: Story of Randomness (please read!)
Sunday, 21 September 2008
04:15:26 PM (GMT)
"What did you get for number eight of the math homework?" Janice started giggling.
Then, i started giggling, and soon, we both were laughing so hard, I had tears in my

The next day, the whole school was buzzing about what happened to Amanda. Some people
said she got arrested, others said she tried to kill herself and now she's in an
insane isylum. Of course, none of them were right. Only Janice and I knew the truth,
and we didn't let anyone know it.

"Hey, tonight's your date with Stan, isn't it?" Janice asked me, after catching me at
my locker.
"It's not a date! He just asked me to go get pizza with him and some friends."
"Yah, okay." 
"You sound like my mom right now, you know that?" 
"I guess your mom must be pretty smart then." Jan laughed.  
"whatever you say." I walked down the hall and stopped at her locker. 
"Don't you need your books?"
"Oh, right"

Once Janice got her books, we walked to class together.  
Class was, well, class. We did some math. Geometry. The only part of math i hate.
Then we had history and science. We started some projects. Janice and i are partners.
Then, later, we had free period. The teacher let us go outside and do our free
period, since it was friday and such a beautiful day. 
When we walked outside, there was Amanda, talking to some older guy, smoking what
looked like a cigarette. It didn't smell like one though, it smelled more earthy. 

"Jan!" she called out when she saw us!
"Amanda, shouldn't you still be in the hosptial?"
"They let me out early. Lane here was nice enough to drive me over to see you." She
gestured toward the older guy. He looked like he could be 18, at least. He had messy
blonde hair, and deep blue eyes. He was gorgeous! Amanda was right. 
"Babe, I'll be in the car. Come back when you're done talking to you friend." He
winked at her.
"Sure." He walked toward the parking lot. 
"Hey, Amanda, what are you smoking?" I questioned.
"None of your business. It's not a cigarette though, if that's what you're thinking."
she answered.
"Oh, i wasn't. I was thinking it was something worse." 
Oh, stop being such a loser!" 
"Hey, don't talk to Vanessa like that!" Janice hollered.
"Calm down. I thought you were my friend." Amanda pointed out. 
"I am, but so is she, and i don't want you to talk to her like that."
"Fine. Jeesh."
"Thank you. But, what are you smoking?"
"Not you too!?"
"Yes, me too. What is that?"
"It's pot. You happy?"
"No! Gimme that." Janice snatched the cigarette from Amanda's hand and smooshed it on
the ground.
"Hey! I paid good money for that!"
"Well, you shouldn't have!" 
"What is up with you. You're not acting like yourself."
"No, I am acting like myself. I guess you just don't know me." Janice grabbed my arm,
and pulled me away. We walked through the courtyard until we found a nice spot to sit
on the grass.
When Janice sat down, she let out a sigh.
"I'm sorry about that." I admitted. 
"No, it's not your fault." I wanted to reply, but i couldn't think of what to say
that would help her. She just lost a friend she thought she needed. 
"I'm sorry." I repeated, in a whisper. She didn't answer. A tear slowly rolled down
her cheek. Then, the dismissel bell rang. We filed inside to grab our packbacks, then
headed to our bus lines. I said goodbye to Janice, but she was still upset. I got on
the bus and remembered i had a date. I mean, a get together... I smiled to myself. 

When it was my stop, I hopped down the steps and ran up my driveway. I yelled hi to
my mom, then ran up the stairs, still in my shoes and coat. I needed to pick out
somkething to wear. Maybe helping me would get Janice's mind off of amanda? I called
her and she was glad to help. She came right over, bringing her makeup kit and all. 

"All right, you need to look sexy, but still casual, and fun, but not too fun. You
don't want him to think you're all fun. And we don't want him to think you've taken a
lot of time getting ready either." Janice explained. 
"Okay." She started rummaging through my closet and found a turquoise halter top with
beads in a pattern around the neck. She said the colour was perfect, and the beads
brought the eye up to my face. 
Then, she grabbed a little cropped sweater from me to put on top. So I would look
more serious, she said. I began to think Janice watched a lot of 'What Not to Wear.'

Next, she grabbed a pair of jean capris, to look more casual. She shoved all this
into my hands and pushed me into the bathroom. 
When I came out, she clapped, then grabbed her makeup kit, and sat me down in front
of my mirror. 
She put a little brown-ish shadow on the lids of my eyes, then a sweep of blue
underneath my eyebrows. 
For my cheeks, she brushed a salmon-y coloured blush over the apples of my cheeks.
And for my lips, she let me borrow her favourite gloss. It had a pinky shimmer to it.

She also pinned me hair up into a loose bun. 

She grabbed my purse, and put the gloss into it, then handed the purse to me. 
I stood for a while, examining myself in the mirror. I was shocked.
"I... I l-look.." I stammered.
"You look hot!" Janice finished for me. 
"Thank you so much Jan! I love you!"
"Well, if Stan doesn't love you, then you must have a really bad personality!" I
laughed at the though. Wait, what if he doesn't like me? I thought to myself.
As if she read my mind, Janice reassured me. "He's gonna love you, it was just a
joke." I gave her a wincey-smile. Suddenly, I was really nervous. The butterflies
were floating around in my stomach and i couldn't breathe. 
"Well, it's 6:30. I better leave so I won't be here when Stan comes to pick you up."
"Thanks again Jan." I said.
"No problem. What are friends for?" With that, she left my room. I heard her open and
close the front door. I stood there a little while longer, not sure what to do. 
I sat down on my bed, and tried to clam myself. You're gonna be fine! I kept telling
myself. He's going to love you. He already likes you. I continued telling myself
that, until I heard the door bell ring. I snapped out of it when my mom called up the
stairs for me. 

When i came down the stairs, Stan was staring at me. 
"What?" I asked him, getting a little self consious.
"Nothing, you just looks really beautiful." 
"Thanks." My mom told him he had to have me back by ten, and with that, Stan took my
arm, and guided me out to his car.

blondegurl95 says:   21 September 2008   272638  
you finally wrote another chapter !!!


keep writing batch!
‹♥Stevie;;HereSheGoesAGAIN♥› says:   21 September 2008   153777  
YAY :]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
‹<3!!!!CamelsandOttersRock!!!!!<3› says:   22 September 2008   392865  
It hasn't been that long, jeesh! 

Thanks for reading guys!
tiggerlemon101 says:   23 September 2008   977337  
Okay, seriously, someone finally values What Not to Wear!  I am
beginning to think that I am the only person that thinks Stacey and
Clinton have a little, teensy-bit more fashion sense than Kirsten! 
Nice chapter!
‹<3!!!!CamelsandOttersRock!!!!!<3› says :   23 September 2008   315327  
Hey, I love What not to Wear! I didn't know you liked it too!


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