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Society causes people to feel badCategory: TheDorkRantsIntillHeadBlows
Monday, 11 August 2008
01:38:02 PM (GMT)
In this bucked up society throwing up your pop tarts and being so skinny that you
fit in a lock is sexy  yeah and PIGS can FLY. I happen to be a plus sized girl
and it really pushes my buttons that to get a 'man' you have to be really skinny. I
just want to smack society in the head really hard for making people feel bad about
them selfs. Society has  not  made me throw up just to be what they call 
normal. I think there is no normal  it is something society uses to call
people who they think are  okay. Some people think that if some one is skinny
then they must hate other people  not true Eating disorders knows no one type
of people.Feeling bad about ones self is the same thing.If some one wants to drop
some pounds it might be that they would feel better about them selfs or the might die
if they do.If those two things where not true then things like  curves and weight
watchers  would not be here.I think you should only lose weight if you or your
 doctor  said or thinks you do,not because your boyfriend or Society says your
'ugly'or 'no one wants you.'
There are diets that say you can't have what  you  like at all, weight 
watchers says in  moderation  just like you should not drink 45 beers.What are
we telling young girls? that they need to throw up all the time in order to get a
man? What about young boys? that they should bully their girlfriend/wife into losing
weight? There might be some 9 year old girl throwing up  right  now because
society thinks that is okay.Well i happen to think it is very sick and twisted and
society's view needs to be changed so we don't lose people to this sick world like
that.What i find is so dumb is  we  are causing the problem of obese
people/kids with are mega sized foods like popcorn etc and total lack of fitness,so
we to need to think.What i find sad is that there are kids who are all ready over
weight! that is such a good gift when they get older we should just make them a sign
that says 'your fat so just start over eating and throwing up now.' For pete's sake
is that what the world is come two? a 6 year old who is obese? Don't worry there are
might be some 4 year olds getting stoned right now. So what all of this essay is
saying is this,we live in a  very  twisted world.
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Faith says:   11 August 2008   863448  
Actually the skinny epidemic has affected our children. Girls as
young as 5 wish to be as skinny as the women we see on televison,
magazines, books, etc. I for one used to be victim. I used to throw up
my food because I wanted to be 'skinny'. But it's a vicious cycle. I
mean, if you're not a Size 0 then you're fat. I certainly am not
skinny but I'm in great shape. I feel great and I look great. Girls
these days are being tricked into the false notion that 'Skinny is
beautiful. Fat is ugly.' And another reason why girls do this is so
guys will 'love' them. Nowadays girls like myself have to work much
harder for guys because we're also tricked into the idea that having a
boyfriend is what life is about therefore we end up degrading
ourselves and throw ourselves at guys feet letting them do whatever
they want and they love it. Please don't get me wrong though; not all
guys are just as seduced by the media just as not all girls are. I
happen to have guy friends that are just as disgusted by this so
called 'beauty' as I am. It's nice to see someone opposing this idea
instead of promoting it.
‹SparklePuff_♥› says:   11 August 2008   917539  
No i won't get you wrong,your totally right as i am.
AmyGRAWRR says:   16 August 2008   853621  
I don't hate society, but I do agree...
It does bring down a lot of people, unnecessarily too.
And I sure wouldn't lose weight for people who I could care less
My friends accept me the way I am.
And just 'cause I have a big butt don't mean I'm fat! xD
CLOVER555 says :   18 August 2008   311542  
I know,but I eat loads and I'm absolutely stick thin,I've even
checked and I've been told I'm underweight!


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