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Chapter one--Abused ForeverCategory: my story
Tuesday, 22 July 2008
05:35:10 PM (GMT)
Chapter one-

Hands slipped down my back and unhooked the back on my bra. As tears slipped down my
cheeks streaming and ending in tiny puddles in my hands. I knew what I was here for,
but why me? i don't know......

I shook the memory away. It brought tears to my eyes and school wasn't someplace I
wanted to be seen crying. Tyler waved at me. Tyler. He was my best friend. WEll, when
he wasn't hanging with the boys. I waved and smiled at him. "Hey, Tiffany." He smiled
at me.

"Tyler." I smiled.

I continued to walk down the always crowded hallways. I looked down for a second and
bumped into someone. "Sorry." He said.

I looked up. It was him. The boy who raped me. I gasped and ran down the hall at full
speed. I kept running until I made it outside. I paused not knowing what to do. I
heard Tyler shout my name, and others, too. But they didn't know. Nobody knew. My
secret. I never told. 

I turned around to Tyler. He looked worried. People were used to my usual dazed
expression or not there. But never did I run after one of those memories. Tyler was
shaking me. I realized I was quivering and my breath was shaky. I looked around. Many
faces looked at me, curiousity and worry in their eyes. THen, he came. The boy. The
one who raped me.

"What happened?" THe boy asked. He walked towards me. I backed away.

"Get away from me!" I yelled.

"Look, I just bumped into you." he started.

"No, you raped me!" I screamed. "It was you! Your the person that haunts me and my
memories every night and day! It's you!" I shrieked.

His eyes were angry. THey dimmed into guilt and sadness. "How long ago was that?" He
asked quietly.

"ONe month ago." I muttered. Louder I said, "I have painful memories everytime I
think of this! And you go to my school? I have to change schools! I'm not coming

Tyler put his hands on my shoulders. "That's where you go when your not here don't
you?" He asked.

I nodded. Memories came back raw and hard. THe hardness, the pain, the crying, the
evil laughter, my cries, my whimper......

All came back quick and in a hurry.

I fell on the ground, because the memories hit so hard. I tried to keep it bottled up
all this time, but now it was out in the open and my dignity was gone. And I'm only
fourteen. I shivered. Tyler lifted me up from the ground. Where were the teachers?
Nowhere. That's where they were. He looked me in the eyes. "Your okay. We're in
school. He won't try anything. And anyway if he do, I'll kill him. He's a nice guy,

At this I jumped from his hands and stared at him in shock."Nice? Guy? Those words
can't be used in the same sentence meaning him! Your on his side! You wanna see me
get hurt, too! You want me to be hurt. I thought you were my friend." I whispered. "I
can't believe you." I turned to walk away.

"Johnathan, get her." Tyler sighed.

The boy, Johnathan, grabbed me. I shreiked and threw my leg back automatically. Just
like that day he grabbed it and picked me up. I shriked and flung my arms all around.
along with my legs. He smiled down at me. "You never learn do you, little girl?" He
asked, smiling.

At that nickname I stopped. My stepdad calls me Little girl. "How do you know?" I

"Hunny, who do you think paid me to do that?" He grinned wickedly.

"Oh...My....God. I can't believe this. THis can't be true....."
Last edited: 23 July 2008

‹RainbowBunion› says :   22 July 2008   222468  
omg thats soo sad!!


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