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Some guy's trying to get me to think drugs are rad.Category: (general)
Monday, 14 July 2008
01:47:15 AM (GMT)
- Lucas says:
Cant wait im doing shrooms with my friend on his birthday
(au)courtneyxriot; says:
- Lucas says:
Lol dont judge till u try
- Lucas says:
Drugs R Good rnt bad 4u
(au)courtneyxriot; says:
(au)courtneyxriot; says:
Listen to yourself.
- Lucas says:
unless there like LSD or Meth or Coke
(au)courtneyxriot; says:
Dude.I don't wanna die young. 
- Lucas says:
Shrooms just effect your system it effecTs your brain by causing hallucinations or
hightend sense of light and no long term effects uless used regulary, Weed can cause
cancer just like Ciggarettes. Thats it :-O
- Lucas says:
Alchohol is worse then Shrooms or weed
(au)courtneyxriot; says:
I don't know why you're telling me this...I really don't care. :S
- Lucas says:
Well then dont be so negative :D
(au)courtneyxriot; says:
I will be.It still disgusts me.
- Lucas says:
I live for partying, I sell drugs, I get money. I got 5grand on me rite now
(au)courtneyxriot; says:
You just made my night. :L
- Lucas says:
Im saving up for a car :P I got 12grand so far
(au)courtneyxriot; says:
I'm laughing pretty hard right now. :L
- Lucas says:
(au)courtneyxriot; says:
I dunno.You're like trying to make me think it's all cool and shit. xD Fucking
hilarious. :L
- Lucas says:
Im not a prep You are :D
(au)courtneyxriot; says:
I'm not a prep. :L
- Lucas says:
Dont kid yourself -.-
(au)courtneyxriot; says:
Honestly.I'm not.I actually want to kill preps. :L
(au)courtneyxriot; says:
And I'd rather be a prep than Mr.wannabe gangster.
- Lucas says:
How am i wanabe gangster? I party, I have fun and sell how the fuck is that wanabe
gangster I dont say Ay yu and shit. Atleast Im not a loser
(au)courtneyxriot; says:
(au)courtneyxriot; says:
Seriously dude.You're priceless :L
- Lucas says:
wOw ur retarted
(au)courtneyxriot; says:
retarded *** Isn't that what summer school is for?To learn?Maybe to spell?
- Lucas says:
Grade 9 is the hardest grade and I didnt do anything the whole fucking year. I did 1
or 2 tests thats it I dont try... but Dsnt meen i cnat goto Highschool
(au)courtneyxriot; says:
Tsk tsk tsk.The effects of drugs. D:
- Lucas says:
Theres no way to get thru to u DruGs are ok if your into it if your not dont complain
if youve never done it I enjoy my lifestyle Ive got laid more times on drugs then
being sober.... i am respected and thats what counts
(au)courtneyxriot; says:
(au)courtneyxriot; says:
Wow man I'm sorry.
- Lucas says:
(au)courtneyxriot; says:
Nothing :L
(au)courtneyxriot; says:
Anyway,I have better things to do than this...Later. :L
- Lucas says:
- Lucas says:
I better go two
(au)courtneyxriot; says:
- Lucas says:
Remember kids.
Stay in school.
And don't do drugs.
Or you'll end up like this sorry guy. xD

xExotic says:   14 July 2008   112663  
"I've got laid more times on drugs than being sober"
That made me laugh so hard, I spilled mah water on mah bed ): 
I just letipped over. ):
NinjaDino says:   14 July 2008   219363  
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   14 July 2008   926642  
Ok he's only respected becuz he's high, and ppl do crazy things when
they're high. 

I was laughing so hard, I akmost peed. i had 2 take a bathroom break
before riting this comment.
NinjaDino says:   14 July 2008   677462  
Haha,I know.
You should have heard me laughing. xD
Frickin' hilarious.
karolinacake says:   14 July 2008   638162  
ahahah shrooms
yesssssssssssss! that man is amazing :] you shouldnt be so rude

karolinacake says:   14 July 2008   153153  
My friends papa is always talking about shrooms and like grows pot in
their house xD
NinjaDino says:   14 July 2008   134111  
Well isn't that interesting.
rainydays says:   15 July 2008   941975  
Just because you don't do drugs doesn't mean you a fuckin' prep!
Ha, that was so funny! "I've got laid more times doing drugs"! LMFAO!
madman says:   15 July 2008   517318  
That kid eh... GOD DAMN my faith in the human race dies more and more
every day eh. I mean Jesus Christ humanity is so pathetic I just want
to lay down and cry for the rest of my life eh.
OneRainbowShortOfAGayPrideParade says:   16 July 2008   278917  
"Grade 9 is the hardest grade".
Ha. It's a bit amusing when people do and/or say stupid things.
BabyKeyblade says :   16 July 2008   134958  
There is no I in weed.

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