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Friday, 6 June 2008
09:01:52 PM (GMT)
If someone called you a loser, it would be...
[x] Because they hate me?
[x] Because they're stupid.
   Because I sort of am. :P

How do you wear your jeans?
 Above the waist 
At the waist 
 [x]Below the waist 

Your typical Friday night is spent how? 
 On a date or talkwith friends [x]
 Studying, of course 
 File sharing/downloading (or writing) a new computer program 
 Pickin' my nose 

Have you ever owned a watch that is also a calculator?
 Heh, yeah! 
 No, but that'd be awesome! 
[x]I don't wear a watch, and when someone asks, I say, "It's a hair past a
Those things exist? 

Accomplishing which of the following would make you feel proud?
 [x]Figuring out a complex math/science problem 
 Building my own computer 
 Burping the alphabet 
 [x]Asking out a long-time crush 

Complete this sentence: Dungeons and Dragons are...
 [x]Dungeons are real and Dragons are fictitious, though both hearken back to
 An RPG that dorks are totally obsessed with 
 Yeah! ...the coolest thing EVER

How would you describe your look?
 Neat and tidy, glasses, nose in a book. 
 Messy (maybe colorful) hair, glasses optional, ironic t-shirt (ummm, well
this is the closest to my look)
 I'll wear pretty much the same thing for almost a week at a time 
[x] Pretty normal, I guess. 

Does being around a member of the opposite sex make you feel nervous?
 Most times 
 Sometimes (if i have a crush on them)
  [x] NO!!!!

How would you describe the contents of your backpack?
 Loaded with books I read for school, and for fun. 
 Loaded with my iPod, PDA, cell phone and other gadgets 
 •Who knows... but it kinda smells 
 Books, lunch, the usual. 
 [x] dont have 1

Who do you usually sit with at lunch time?
 Smart people like myself 
 Friends who're in the same fan club as me 
 No one 
 [x]My clique [were very well mixed.]

Do you know how to dance?
 No [I suck!]
 Well, I can program a dancing baby 
I can rock the waltz and know how to polka! 

Would you say you're athletic?
[x] Yes 
Only if puffing on an inhaler and running from bullies is a sport

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