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Entry #3 The friends :]Category: (general)
Wednesday, 28 May 2008
03:35:42 PM (GMT)
Just a little mention to the few online and offline friends.

These 4 girls are my closest friends. The ones i trust the most etc.

SuperRoz. Also known as Rozpot, Shitpit, Rozzi-kins & SweetPea ;D
Or by the name she was given, Rosalind.
The name superRoz is explained in the picture :] She smashed my vodka :'[ LOL.
Shes a babe x] I have known her for about 11years. Wow. thats long. She is the most
loyal, kind caring, FUNNY, random & weird person you will ever meet. And thats why
shes my bezzy :] YO MAMMA :P & Butter my bum cheeks & call me a biscuit : ) bahaha.
Her family is the shit, her home is my second house. I literally cant go an hour
without speaking to her. We are so much alike we even finish eachothers sentences.
Freakyshit. I swear we was seperated from birth, apart from yano her being 4months
younger than me. :] but yeh (Y) Loads of memorys with this girl, chatting to her all
night till about 7 the next morning. The times we use to go the woods with the 'crew'
lol, Me explaining to you that the branch wouldnt hold my weight and then me falling
into a ditch :l All the lads like adore her, all wrapped round her little finger init
it makes me laugh loads :D Oh and she is like the worlds best dancer! so thats my roz
ly xxxxx


Bex. Also known as Becca, Misspiss & The Bexster ;D
Or by the name she was given, Rebecca
S'appenin bex XD God this girl is like AMAZIN! shes got a boss personality
like. Always the one who comes to town with me even when nobody else can be assed.
even if it does mean near everyday x] Energydrinks are our thing :] IronBru32 is our
latest phase. She makes me laugh loads tbh. In town the otherday and a couple of
foriegn people walked past and sed 'hello' i just smiled and carried on walkin and
becca was like 'HEY' like she was there bezzy. They was like"FAncy a drink" then he
pointed at some pub... i was like "nah your alright mate" and we walked away... becca
looked at me ded serious and went, 'god dammit why did you have to say no'... i said,
'cos they could of raped us D: you dont speak to strangers tuttut.' ... She just
sighed 'well we could of got a free drink and ran.' Typical becca x] When shes drunk
she crys to my nan asking her to be her nan LMAO and pukes on my floor.. and smacks
peoples asses.. and hugs everyone. LOL. illy. 'i love liking you' boss that. LY xxxxx

Sambob. Also known as Sammi & Tosspot ;D
Or by the names she was given, Samantha-Jane.
My Little sammi :] The only one of my friends who is smaller than me x] aww :P
Shes is my uber cool friend who live on uranus. She always knows how to cheer me up
and notice when am upset even wen i try and hide it. Shes my family guy buddy. We
went through a stage of being obsessed with it tbh. Gigety gigety gigety :D She is
one of the most funniest people alive literally. always has me in stitches like. She
is unique :] She loves sarcasim. Honest. sometimes it is rather annoying, especially
when its aimed at me LOL. Amazing singer this one. Hope she remembers me when her
name is in lights :] ofcourse she will, cos we ish bezzy dont ya no :P she loves hugs
:] and is an emotional drinker :S Lol. And our german tranny ROCKS hahaha LY xxxxx

Hana-banana Also known as buttery toast :D
Or by the name she was given, Hannah
LOUD. She is like super loud haha, always speaks her mind, I love that. She
was the one who got me saying RAWR. she loves the male attention init haha,
froggyyyyy x] Shes a good girl hannah. Shes tends not to get drunk. And most of the
time i join her cos i just cant get drunk. She laughs at the fact i was angry with
myself cos i wasnt in the slightest bit drunk even after 6 vod and coke and 2 shots
:l whereas becca (LOL) had to be put to bed after two haha. So we look after everyone
:P The one person who likes to remind me i walked into a lamp post *cough*
twice*cough*. The time we ate ice cream, rolo ice cream to be exact, for breakfast
when we went to my nans after her sleepover, and we wanted to eat it all so
JayNayBaNayNay (jay)  couldn't have none cos there was no room in the freezer lol!
And we are world famous tree huggers in everton park dont you no! God i love this
girl LOL boss she is manymany memories.

Online friends

Starting with

Katie :D My Liverpool friend who is awesome :D shes uber pretty and really
really funny :] makes me laugh tbh. and shes inlove. Bless x] hehe. She goes the
gardens like me :D even tho the gardens is soo small, i still aint seen her ther
lmao. She obv likes hugs. She is a penguin lol. Her chats are never boring always
cool and i look forward too many more bahaha. Shes tells me about new bands :D and
she loes paramore and panic at the disco like me =P xx *hugs 

Mike :D av talked to him right from the start of when i started kupika and hes
fricken amazin x] I get on really well with him, always speak to him when hes online.
and he always listens to me even if i am the biggest moaner init :P and when am
feeling down and depressed i no he wont judge me and thats why hes amazin =D he makes
me laugh loads aswell (Y) -huggles- xx

Awesome :] First time i spoke to him he continously -poked- -ninja poked- me :] but
now we ish friends and i think hes the only person on kupika who has my msn addy O__O
anyways i like chattin to him and that :] aw and hes ded nice :D -huggles- xx

Awesome. only spoke to him a few times but hes ded good to  talk to (Y) hugs xx

:O shes feckin funny :P i love chatting to her and she has like the best profile ever
:D shes is a camera whore and agrees with me that maccys sometimes taste like
shit. Cardboard :] and shes really pretty. -hugs- xx

:D her okekaki's are amazin :P and so is she. avent spoke to her in a while tho :[
anyways shes ded nice :D -hugs-x

New friend. shes seems nice :D x-hugs-

My first kupika friend, avent spoke to her in a while tho :/ -hugs-

Cant think of any1 else. let me no if i have missed you out (Y)
Last edited: 1 June 2008

XxthetruthhurtsxX says:   28 May 2008   264996  
oh mi geee I love you haha 
*big hugs*
i still cnt believe i aint seen yew in the gardens! ;[
oh i need the toilet haha
*bigger hugs* hahaha
NinjaDino says:   28 May 2008   134895  
Yay yay yay.
I'm there <33333333
‹Moustache› says:   30 May 2008   329378  
:O i made the list 
'feels special' :D

thankies lolli <3
Meera27 says:   7 June 2008   135454  
lolzzz cool
‹JessicaBANGBANG› says:   13 June 2008   585751  
Hey I just saw this!
Your so nice! *hugs*
*you earn 50000 awesome points!*
Random_Lauren_XD says :   14 June 2008   253762  
haha your welcome :D


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