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Katherine's party and a story I wrote. Feel free to give your opinion.Category: Story contains adult content, though. :/
Wednesday, 21 May 2008
04:37:10 PM (GMT)
Katherine invited me to her party on May 31st. 
The thing is, I have to go to my friend Paul's graduation party, and that's on the
same day. I've been begging my parents to let me go to Kat's party, because not only
is it unfair that my brother gets to stay home and I don't, but Sandro wouldn't
notice if I was missing, and he wouldn't be able to fire my father if I wasn't
They said they would think about it.
Katherine's party goes from 12 PM to 10 PM. She invited Myself, Grace, Angela, Anne,
Shawna, Travis, Brandon, Ray-Ray (I don't know his real name, she just calls him
that), Mark, and some other kid, I think. I forgot. But we're just going to hang out
in the park, drink soda, and play games. I thinks he wants to bring alcohol and play
stuff like Seven Minutes In Heaven (And an extra three if you hear weird noises) or
Truth or Dare. In which case I would be out of place, because I don't like alcohol,
and I don't like those slutty games.

And here is the story. It's a Roleplay character's background. :/

He stood in front of the house, the house that he had once resided in. It towered
over the young boy, mocking him. Leon Da’lore, a delicate, ten year old boy with
emerald eyes that glinted with curiosity over the world around him, shaggy auburn
hair that hung in his childish, yet attractive face, with skin paler than the
brightest of moons, had been kicked from his own home. The sunlight of the hot summer
day In June burned his exposed, sensitive skin, while his clothed skin begged to be
released from the baggy t-shirt he wore. Sweat drenched his body, and made the jeans
he wore uncomfortable around the waist area. He was shoeless, so the pavement was
burning his feet at the moment. If he were to ask nicely, would his parent’s allow
him back into the house? It had been two days since they had forced him to leave his
safe haven, and those had been the longest two days of his life. His stomach growled,
hungry for food, and he weakly brought an arm up to it, rubbing it soothingly, as if
to calm it down and make his stomach stop creating such appalling noise.

	The memory of how cruelly he had been kicked out of the house was still fresh in
Leon’s mind. He had been sitting in his bedroom, like normal, staring out the window,
at all of the other children playing. He had wanted to play with them, but his skin
was so sensitive to sunlight and he was just so shy that Leon had decided against it.
Not once, in his ten years on the Earth, had Leon ever gone outside to play with the
other children. In fact, the only time he ever left the house had been for school,
family outings and basically anything else that required his presence. Leon could
tell his parents were growing agitated with him. They thought he was a waste of
precious space, a useless part. They were irritated by how withdrawn he was. His
mother had stormed into the room, father close behind. He hadn’t even been paying
attention to the words she screamed at him, which was probably why he received a
harsh slap to the face, his mother’s long nails scraping across his cheek. Leon
hadn’t given them the pleasure of seeing him in pain. He had held in the urge to cup
his bleeding cheek in agony, fought the urge to sob. 

	The only words Leon had truly remembered from that day were his mother telling his
father, “Tell him, Jonathon! Tell him!” Because she lacked a backbone of her own, and
found that she couldn’t get a point across without her husband repeating the same
thing after herself. The other words he remembered were his dad screaming for him to
get lost, just leave, because nobody wanted him. And Leon had done just that. He had
left, before things got even more out of hand, and as he descended the staircase, he
could hear his parents screaming angrily, and tossing things around in his bedroom.
His eyes stung with the urge to cry. As soon as he had gotten out of the house, Leon
had done just that. He had sobbed uncontrollably, dropping to his knees on the lawn,
tugging at his hair and calling out to God, but it had become clear that God had
forsaken him. Eventually, Leon had grown use to the thought, but that still didn’t
make it an enjoyable experience.

	Leon shuddered, realizing that maybe it was better he were here, instead of in
there. Things would never be the same, even if his parents miraculously allowed him
back into their arms. As the memories faded away, Leon turned his back to the house,
staring blankly at the ground beneath his feet. His legs had gone numb, but Leon
forced feeling back into them, and began to move away from the place that had brought
so much pain to him. He hoped this were all a dream, that he was actually a happy
little boy in a happy little family, with loving, happy parents. He wished that he
would wake up, and walk out of that cold, unfurnished room he had lived in for so
long, and his parents would be there, with tears in there eyes, arms wide open for
him, and say, “Leon, we’re sorry. Leon, we love you so much!” And they could be a
real family. But the chances of that happening were close to none. The pain he felt,
both emotionally and physically, assured him that this was reality, a cruel, harsh
reality that was controlled by a god who had a sick sense of fun. 

	His burning feet had continued to drag across the sidewalk, until he was almost sure
he had been walking for twenty minutes. Leon didn’t know where he was at the moment.
He could no longer see his house, and it actually looked as if he weren’t even in his
subdivision anymore. It appeared he was at a park. There was dark green grass
everywhere, and large trees that towered over him. He quickly moved off the path that
trailed throughout the park, and instead became acquainted with the grass that was
beneath a weeping willow tree. This place was peaceful, like his personal Elysium.
Leon sighed in happiness, letting his head loll back against the bark of the tree. He
began to drift off into a peaceful slumber, until something woke him up. A girl was
sitting in front of him, a girl who looked to be about his age. She had chestnut
colored hair tied back into two pigtails, and had wide, curious emerald eyes, like
his. Her skin was a peach tone, and the girl seemed to be clad in nothing more than a
pink dress that came down to her knees. She didn’t seem to mind the fact that he
could see her spring green striped panties. She seemed to be fixated on his

	“Hullo!” The girl said happily, her tone so cheerful he was sure it could give
people diabetes. “I was walking around here with my mommy, and she wandered off to go
do something, and then I couldn’t find her… So while I was looking for her, I found
you! You seemed to be passed out. I remember my mommy saying that if you haven’t had
anything to eat or drink in a while, you can get sick.” Leon’s eyebrow twitched in
irritation. He didn’t care about this girl’s life story, but he would forever be in
debt and listen to anything she had to say, when she reached behind herself and
pulled out a bottle of water and an apple. “Want them?” She asked, holding them out
to the salivating Leon. Leon nodded eagerly, and snatched the water and apple from
her, quickly taking the cap of the water bottle off, guzzling it soon after. When he
was finished with the water, he set down the empty bottle, and began to gnaw at the
apple. While he did so, the girl began to talk again.

	“My name is Lily! What’s yours?” Lily asked, moving so she was right next to Leon.
Leon wiped his mouth of the juice from the apple, and set down the core, having
finished off everything else. “Leon.” He responded, pulling his knees up to his
chest. “That’s an interesting name! So, um, what’re you doing here?” She asked,
cocking her head to the side. Leon shrugged. “I got kicked out.” He said, voice
barely above a whisper. Lily frowned. “That’s sad. Why did you get kicked out?” “I
got kicked out because my parents hate me.” And it was the truth, and Lily could tell
this was a touchy subject, so she quit talking. “Would you mind if I stayed here with
you? Until mommy finds me, I mean.” Lily asked, shyly glancing at him. Leon, despite
being mildly annoyed with Lily’s presence, nodded in agreement. He did want some
company. Lily smiled happily, and embraced Leon tightly. “Thank you! I bet we’ll be
good friends!” 

	And overtime, they did. Despite having known each other for only four days, after
that, they had become rather close. Leon had the feeling that Lily’s mother had
purposely abandoned her, because had her mom not done it on purpose, she would have
come looking for her, all over. Or the police would have came and searched. But,
nothing happened. And, oddly enough, Leon was slightly happy that things were working
out like that, for he was starting to enjoy Lily’s presence. They had been living off
whatever food they could find, had sat through at least one storm and had experienced
little to no sleep, but it was still pleasant. Leon leaned back against the tree,
Lily doing the same, her left hand intertwined with his right. “Hey, Lily, at the end
of destiny, after light and darkness has smeared into a dim gray haze surrounding
your every thought, where do you find peace? When harsh lessons wrapped in blood and
tears are learned and the journey has spread over years and all across the land, is
it even possible for the mysteries to be made even murkier as the future begins?” 

	In the rays of the sun that made it through the leaves of the tree, Lily closed her
eyes, in thought. She had surprisingly matured over the four days, and they had been
asking each other such questions, questions that would normally go over a child’s
head. “Experiencing true sacrifice, without the deep love of family, and hearing of
the cruel truths of life and death… I don’t think there actually is a great magic
that soothes the pain and amplifies the joys of being human. Everything comes to an
end at some point, ranging from the gray haze you speak of, all the way to the
mysteries we need to solve. So, um… Maybe I don’t have the right answer to your
questions…” Lily mumbled, feeling a bit ashamed. “But, despite the fact I couldn’t
answer yours, will you answer mine?” Leon nodded, and Lily asked her question. “Who
was it who said, ‘Cannibalism is the highest form of adoration’? Edgar Allen Poe?”
“No, he was into necrophilia.” “Richard Matheson?” “Probably.” And the rest of the
day, they were silent, thinking over Leon’s question. 

	That night, when Leon finally fell asleep, he was awoken to something rather
disturbing, an eerie melody, moving throughout the air. He had rolled over quietly,
and noticed Lily, eyes closed, singing a song silently to herself. Leon feigned
sleep, and listened to the song. “Os Iusti meditabitur sapientiam, et lingua eius
loquetur indicium… Beatus Vir qui suffert tentationem, quonium cum probates fuerit
accipient coronam vitae… Kyrie, ignis divine, eleison… O quam sancta, quam serena,
quam benigna, quam amoena, O castitatis Lilium…”  Her voice was melodic, despite the
song being so disturbing. It actually started to bring him back to the land of sleep.
Slowly, he began to drift away to the sound of Lily’s voice. 

	When he woke up, Leon was shocked to see a man standing in front of Lily, talking to
her. She didn’t seem to be scared, in any way. Then again, Lily may have matured, but
she was still naïve. The man seemed to be in his forties to late thirties, small,
barely visible wrinkles adorning his tanned face. His eyes were a warm hazel, and his
hair was black and short. He noticed Leon staring at him, and smiled kindly. “Ah, so
you’re awake.” Lily giggled, grabbing Leon and standing up, pulling him to his feet.
“This is my friend Leon. Leon, this is Edward. He gave me some food, while you were
asleep.” Leon frowned, feeling sick premonition radiate throughout his body, along
with paranoia, but all of that was down the drain in an instant, when Edward held out
a wrapped object. “Here, this one is for you. It’s a McDonald’s hamburger.” Leon
licked his lips hungrily, before grabbing the warm object, pulling the paper from it
and eating the contents, not bothering to savor any of it. He was too hungry to savor
the flavor of the food. While Leon was busy stuffing his face, Edward turned his
attention to Lily.

	“Where are your parents?” He asked with a worried expression on his face. Lily’s
gaze turned downcast, and she looked at her feet, avoiding Edward’s face. “I lost my
mommy, and Leon’s parent’s kicked him out of the house… We’ve been here for at least
five days, maybe more. We can’t tell anymore.” Edward softly grabbed Lily’s chin, and
tilted it so her face was looking up at him. “Listen, if you ever need a place to
stay, you and your friend have permission to stay at my house. I don’t think it’s
safe for you children to be out here, alone, with no shelter and no food. Really, I
live alone, and I doubt you and Leon here would be much trouble.” He smiled sweetly,
and Lily pulled away, thinking his offer over, before shaking her head. “Thank you
for the offer, but Leon and I are quite happy with the way things are, right now. We
will think the offer over, though.” Edward grimaced, before sighing. “Okay, fine.
I’ll return tomorrow, for an answer. Is that okay with you two?” Lily nodded in
reply, and Edward turned his back to them, lifting one hand in a goodbye gesture.
“I’ll see you both tomorrow.” And with that, Edward went on his way.

	Lily sat down when Edward left, Leon sitting next to her, crumpling the paper from
the devoured burger and tossing it into the air, playing catch with himself. “So,
what do you think we should do?” Lily asked nervously, turning so that she was facing
Leon. Leon stopped playing with the paper ball, instead setting it down at his side.
“I don’t like him, Lily.” He answered, venom in his tone. “I know he gave us food and
all, but he seemed to remind me of the wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Lily bit down on
the inside of her cheek, apparently not liking his answer. “If Edward had ulterior
motives, wouldn’t he have just taken us by force when I said no?” “Maybe Edward
doesn’t want to cause a scene, so he’s going to continue to sweet talk us until we
want to go with him. Don’t let the candy man peddle his vile candy to you, Lily.
There’s just something about him I don’t like.” Lily glared daggers into Leon’s eyes,
and Leon’s eyes did the same into hers. “You’re going to trust your instincts instead
of trusting him?! Please, Leon! I know for a fact Edward isn’t a bad guy!” “Lily, for
God’s sake, you just met him!” “What’s your point, Leon!? I had just met you, and I
was already trusting of you! Are you saying you didn’t trust me when you first met
me?” Leon bit his lip, avoiding Lily’s eyes. Lily had her answer.

	As Leon turned his back to her, lying down on the ground to try to sleep, Lily
glared at his back. “You didn’t trust me, did you?” When she received no answer, Lily
let out a groan of frustration, and turned so her back was to Leon’s back. She fell
asleep soon after, full well knowing what her answer to Edward’s question would be
when they awoke and he came for them. She would tell him yes, whether Leon liked it
or not, and Lily had a feeling that Leon wouldn’t like it one bit. 

	The next morning, Edward had come earlier than expected. About ten minutes after
Lily and Leon and awoken from their slumber. He could tell there was a bad air
between the two, but he dismissed it. “What is your answer?” He asked calmly, as Lily
got to her feet. “My answer is yes. But, I don’t know what his answer it.” Lily said,
glancing over at Leon. Leon stared at the ground, unsure of what to do. His mind was
begging him not to, but his body was telling him to go. A warm bed, food, a bath… He
would be able to live a good life, hopefully. Slowly, Leon got to his feet. “Yes,
I’ll go too.” Edward smiled happily, and embraced the two in a hug. Lily hugged back,
giggling happily. Leon let his arms hang loosely at his sides. This was a big no-no.
Just going to a random man’s house? They had only known him for a day, not even. But
Leon would do whatever Lily did. And so, when Edward told them to follow him, both
did, and Lily glanced over at Leon, saying thank you, and giving him a kind smile.
Leon smiled weakly in return, but that sick feeling was still in his stomach. 

	It was a long, awkward, quiet ride in Edward’s car. Nobody quite knew what to say,
but then again, what was there to say? Leon chewed his lip nervously, and Lily did
the same, while Edward hummed a random song in the front seat. The car was a
comfortable black explorer, but the fact that it was comfortable still didn’t take
away from the fact that it was a particularly uncomfortable car ride. The silence
loomed over them, like a bad omen. “Edward, how much longer until we arrive at your
house?” Lily asked, obviously eager to see her new place of residence. Then again,
anybody would be, after living outside. Edward chuckled. “We’re here, already.” The
doors opened to the car as it pulled into the driveway, and both Lily and Leon hopped
out, before staring in awe at their home. It was like a mansion, almost. There was a
garden out back, flowers everywhere… Lace curtains could be seen through the windows,
and there was a happy little mat outside the door that read ‘Make yourself at home’
in small, calligrapher font. Large pillars held up a miniature roof that was above
the porch, ivy trailing them both. Childish glee ignited in both Leon and Lily.
Edward smiled in satisfaction, and walked past them, pulling a key from his pocket.
He unlocked the door, and both children ran into the house, Edward right behind them.

	The interior of the house was amazing, apparently Victorian themed. Everything had a
cozy feel to it, despite the largeness of the house. Leon and Lily were examining
everything, running about and talking with each other as they did so, about how
amazing everything was. Edward smiled brighter, when the two ran at him, as he shut
the door and locked it. “Upstairs, there is a hallway of rooms. Choose whichever room
you want. I’m going to go make some lunch for you two, since you’re both probably
starving.” And with those words said, Edward walked down the hall, going into the
particularly large kitchen, which resembled a kitchen at a restaurant. Leon and Lily
bolted up the winding staircase that was directly in front of them, and chose the
first two rooms they saw. Lily’s room had been designed for a girl, obviously. Pink
and pastels colors were the main color scheme. Lace, silk, stuffed animals and girly
designs adorned the room. While Lily was embracing her bed, Leon walked out of her
room, going to the room that he had deemed his. It was for a guy, judging by the
video games, sports items, and the blue and black color scheme. He allowed this
façade to go on for a while longer, before shutting the door to his room, ripping the
happy from his body. Something was just not right about this. Why was a man with no
family living in a house with rooms that were furnished for little girls and little
boys? There just had to be something bad about this guy. It was all too perfect. 

	But, when dinner came, Leon and Lily ate and talked happily with Edward. When they
both decided to take a bath and went into separate bathrooms, they put on the clothes
that Edward had neatly laid out for them. When they were about to go to bed, they
brushed their teeth with the toothbrushes Edward had given them, and grinned
foolishly as they did so. And when they went to bed, they allowed Edward to tuck them
in, and speak pleasant bedtime stories to them. Leon could feel the paranoia and
premonition he had experienced earlier that day die away. And the three of them were
happy. But happiness never lasts.

	It was a month or two into their stay at Edward’s home. Edward had called them to
the staircase, and had sweetly said, “Go to

beautygirl12 says:   21 May 2008   251941  
holy shit
feh says :   21 May 2008   894391  
A more educated response would be preferred.


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