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May 17, 2008Category: Days
Saturday, 17 May 2008
09:53:44 PM (GMT)
I woke up at 7am squished against the wall.
I struggled to flip on my other side, remembering the 5 other people in the bed.
Next to, my best friend snores loudly, courtesy of her sinuses.
I yearn for more sleep, cuddling up with Poochy, my "secret lover".
Knowing the possibilities of that ever happening, I stood up on the bed, planning to
take a shower, get dressed, and ready to go for the day.
Of course, one of the party-goers got pushed off the bed, blocking my way out of the
twin's room.
What else to expect?
I climbed back in bed.

I lay there for one or two hours.
Finally everyone gets up, taking turns in the shower to get the chlorine out of our
I was last, coming back out to everyone making ramen noodles for breakfast.
I've never had some, so I bulked up the courage to try them.
But I had cheetos and an orange soda on the side, so it was a "country breakfast",
accordin' to Jenn.

Robert, Collin, and Jared came back for a good thirty minutes.
We went downstairs to meet them, only for Jared and Jenn to get in a fight.
I personally was on Jared's side.
Jenn can get annoying when she randomly slaps you.
Go figure.

After they left, I was last to get back upstairs.
Syd had RENT on.
Gays, tranvestites, strippers, and HIVS & AIDs.
What more can a movie have?
After they had a party, I called my mom, asking when she was coming to get me.

She sent Cory, who came right after the stripper and the hot male got into a fight
and Angel was dying.
[[P.S. Angel's the coolest transvestite ever!! ;O;]]
Cory informed me about the shooting that went down where we were about to go
Garage sales in the ghettos can lead to interesting things.

The garage sale was boring.
End of story there.

We came home to get ready for a long time church member's wedding.
I got ticked off when I couldn't find my undershirt that went with my outfit.
Mom was no help, either.
I swear she has it somewhere.
Then I started getting a tummyache.
Maybe it was the tacos I had at Mixteca.
She said I wouldn't have to go, even though I really wanted to.
I fell sub-conscience, hearing them leave at six.
At 6:30, I got out of my mom's bed and came on the computer, creating this account.
I met a nice girl, Satsu, and created an oekaki.
I'd say my day went lovely.

sugarstar says:   30 May 2008   962212  
yay im nice^^
sugarstar says:   30 May 2008   591872  
Hi i am on my friends account
i forgot my password ;-;
FishE says :   30 May 2008   965649  
Ohh, I was wondering who you wre for a second xD
[[I bet your sis changed it!]]


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