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Problems Steve is HavingCategory: emo
Thursday, 17 April 2008
02:07:28 AM (GMT)
*shrug* I feel like a bwag about it.
  • Sleep: I'm currently posting this at ten to seven, having been up all night. I haven't been able to sleep before three for the past... month I guess it must be close to. It's resulted in me missing a fair chunk of schooling, and also 'losing' a fair chunk of time (as Dowell put it, being awake in the morning makes you think "OH, SO THAT'S WHERE ALL MY TIME WENT"). However, I HAVE been up all night, in an attempt to reset my sleeping schedule and clear this all up. I have a weird boost of energy when I haven't slept the night before, once I get over the body temperature drop that happens around 6AM (shiver, shiver, shiver). This problem is not entirely unrelated to...
  • Eating: Because I don't get up early enough, I miss breakfast, not that I did eat it when I got up early enough. Either way, Eating is a Problem. Up until Novemberish (hahaha...) last year, I'd always had a healthy appetite, despite staying pretty close to the lower bounds of the HealthyWeightThing. Then it started to go downhill... I stopped eating breakfast, then stopped eating most of my Lunch, just leaving dinner. Before that, actually, I had problems with overindulging on sweets, maybe my reaction to that somehow caused my appetite to decline. Anyway, it went away mid Jan of this year, and then came back even worse. Over the past four or five days I've been eating precious little. As well as not really getting hungry, I've also not got much appetite, except for things I really enjoy eating (e.g. pasta). If I weren't living with my parents I could probably sort it out a lot easier, but my mother thinks everyone is like her, and so accommodating for my needs doesn't make sense to her. Still, she tries to help, even if it makes things worse.
  • Emotionz: Last weekend was very awesome, but also a bit emotionally disruptive, especially considering it kicked off a bout of NewPersonInfatuation (a condition that occurs when a new person [re]enters my life and the development of my friendship with them is rather fast (this happens a lot, for various reasons)). These things will settle down on their own once a couple other key stages are reached and I've thought about them enough. Hopefully this will happen before school starts, since I don't want to have it beaten out of me so much. Forgive my acting a bit odd, and try to be as specific as you can, because I'll likely explore all possible meanings of what you're saying and choose the least awesome one.
  • Girls: Srsly, what's up with them? :P But, I mean one girl in particular, who I won't name, that's been acting a bit odd recently. Because've the preceding point I'm not really in a position to give this huge amounts of energy. I'm hoping this will resolve itself. Time will tell, I guess.
  • Illness: Getting better Not aided by points one or two, I might add.
That's all that springs to mind at the second. Wish me luck with the next 17 hours of consciousness...

koolkat_01 says :   17 April 2008   264453  
that wat up


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