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Trouble in Camp icecon - Amber Heason - part 1Category: (general)
Wednesday, 9 April 2008
06:42:21 PM (GMT)
Chapter 1: The Ride to Camp
"But mom"   "I will hear no buts, Kathean! You spend too much time on the computer. 
Besides, it will be good for you to get to go outside every day" Said my mom as I
looked angrily at her. "Mom" I paused "I said call me Kat or Kattie, but never EVER
call me Kathean! And besides I never agreed to this in the first spot anyhow.  I
could become the greatest computers in the world and your'e worried about me, a 13
year old girl, not getting enough sunshine? Did Albert Einstein ever get forced to go
to a summer camp, I don't think so!" I ended my sentence furiously. I really didn't
want to be going there in the first place. All of my friends were on the computer. I
guess she doesn't want me hanging out with my friends in chat rooms anyways. "Now
listen here, you are going to have a good time here at camp or I will ground you if
you get in any sort of trouble. Do you understand? Plus you aren't Albert Einstein
anyhow." I gave her a look. There would be a lot of clues that I was the "computer
geek". For one thing my skin was the palest thing in the world that if someone
compared me to the moon, I would be whiter. Everyone at school called me the vampire
because of my snaggle teeth and my skin and how no one was my friend, or even wanted
to be. Another thing is that I knew almost every chat sign there is to the happy
face, to the elephant. I knew too much about World of Warcraft and I had a mouse (a
computer one) keychain on my tote. I looked out the window in discourage. If only
best_Buddeh_numbeh_one was here. He is my best friend online.  I guess I'm doomed
"doomed" I muttered as we came to the front gates. Of course, they were wooden. A
noted a small metal box next to the opening as my mom hit a button, "Kathean Heason,
full summer camp." Mom said "come on in" was all the little box could say. The gates
opened as we drove in and parked. A girl came up to me "Hey there partner!  You are
in little coyote forest tent 209, otherwise known as the rattlesnake-done with the
whole creepy voice act- tent!" I looked at her with a look that could scare a bear
of. "Great" I said sarcastically as I unloaded my stuff and headed towards my tent
with my mom behind me. "It's alright Honey, I love you." "Love you to mom." Not
necessarily but just to make her happy.  OH this is the best. I get to live through
the entire summer in a stupid Wild West themed camp, just what I needed. I sighed
heavily as the same girl came up to me and escorted me the mess hall. "All right you
are the first one here little partner. Just stay here or you can just mosey on over
to the tent and wait for your other tent mates of rattlesnake tent!" she said the
title again with that whole it's supposed to scare 5 year olds lightly sound. I ran
out the door as I went for my tent. I tripped on a stick and fell flat on my face. I
forgot that I was very clumsy. I stood up and brushed the dirt off and started to run
again. I stepped into the tent as I started to get my bed ready as I laid my stuffed
lion on My bed I realized that my dad was supposed to come here tomorrow to visit me.
He was the one to give me my stuffed animal. I heard some laughter as one of my other
tent mates arrived. "Bye bye mommy!!" She said as she started to make her bed too.
She was the one to break the silence first. "Hi there, I'm Samantha J. Wirson. A lot
of people just call me shooter for short."
 "Why shooter?"
 "Got a pop can?" I held up my empty pop can that I drank in the car she threw it up
in the air and then spit at it. It fell down as if it were shot by an AK47. "That's
why." She said she sounded so proud of herself. I noted how she looked. Sweat jacket
and jeans. I liked it. "What's yours?" "I'm Kathean M. Heason.  But I'm begging you
please call me Kat." She looked at me weird "any other nicknames? Like online or even
at school?" 
"Well online I have 15 so you pry do not want to hear them. And I get called vampire
at school." She looked at me "V-V-Vampire?" she looked scared. I showed her my
snaggle teeth. "oh.OH! I get it. It's because of your teeth."
 "And my skin" I threw in there "what?" I pulled her out of the tent and showed her
my skin in the sunlight. "Man,''she paused ''it looks paler than the moon or -or like
the snow.'' I rolled my eyes ''Thanks a lot.'' 
"No probemo." She beamed a huge smile as I pulled her back in the tent. "Wanna go
explore?'' I asked her "but the girl with the horribly bad western accent said we
had to stay here."  I laughed so hard. "Nice observation. But I wanna go so-'' she
held me back "you are not leaving this tent. Trust me you don't want to."  
"Why is that?" "
The sun is going down we better head to mess hall."
 "Oh." We ran.
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