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Fire's Ice. Part 6Category: Stories
Friday, 7 March 2008
01:10:12 AM (GMT)
Zora stepped into the dark cave.Ezra was already sitting beside a big gray wolf and
a black wolf.Zora tipped her head up a little higher.Her tail was not between her
legs but out and drifted forward on the wind that blew in with her.That was the only
thing that told Ezra she was scared.
     Anouther gray wolf and a small red one sat across nex to the black and big
gray.The grays both stood up when she came in.They both stared at her.Zora's ears
lowerd a bit in shyness.They smaller of the two grays walked forward.He smelled of
hurbs that Zora could smell in the cave.
     "Zora...."His eyes were wide and he stoped just in front of her."I cant beleve
it.Im Fidel.This is Gust and his mate Hali and my apprintec Ira."The  females stepped
forward and both her beautiful.Ira was just a big bigger than Zora.
      "Welcome back to the pack."Said Hali she licked Zora's ear and Ira copied her.
      "Thank you.But i..."
       "No buts.You will learn all there is to learn.Ezra is a good
teacher.Paitant."Said Gust.His voice was deep.Like their fathers.It seemed that Gust
the oldest resebled their father the most and Zora the youngest Resembled their
mother and Fidel was inbetween.
       "I hope so."Zora smiled and one of the pups came from the back of the cave
running.One stumbled and landed at Zora's feet.It layed still and kept its eyes shut
tight.Zora smiled and forgetting the everyone elce she dropped down and layed her
head right in front of the  white pup.Her pink nose was just inches from Zoras.The
pup opend one eye and closed it quickly on a squeek when she say Zora.
     Zora laughed quietly and licked the pups nose."Hi." she wisperd quietly.The
other three pups watched from behind their fathers big hanches.
      They white pup opend both eyes slowly and looked at Zora her eyes were almost
the same shade of blue as her own."Hi"The pup wisperd back.Quietly she glanced back
at Ezra.The pup crawled forward and wisperd in Zora's ear.
       "Ezra likes you alot.He was thinking how beautiful you looked.Just thought you
should know since he doesn't bother to hide it from me.The pup poped up and her
siblings following suit ran outside again.Zora just stared up at the reat of them.
       Ezra didn't say anything.Not knowing if he had caught the pups words she stood
up.Hali and Ira were talking quietly.Gust Fidel and Ezra were watching her.
      "What?" she asked her ears burning with embarrasment.God she LONGED for
a litter of her own.Her ears flicked back and she stood her body tence once
more."I'll um go now."She said and dashed out befor anyone could say anything.
       Everyone in the cave was quiet."She is amazing."Said Hali quietly.
       "I dont think she relizes just how mutch."Said Ira.She stepped up and rubbed
her side to Fidels.He licked her head apsently.
      "Ill go after her."said Gust getting up.
       "No you stay.Ill go.Get together a hunting patrol and go out on the west
side.I want to make sure the Shadow Pack haven't been hunting on our territory."Said
Ezra getting up he parted the vines and jogged after Zora's pawprints.

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   7 March 2008   113997  
oooooooh she knows ain't that sweet. I'm not going to say rite more
becuz you will rite moe when u feel like it but please? ( i am
thinking it).
JoryJoryMiKayla says:   7 March 2008   481578  
i agree with katee except i am going to say for you 2 rite more.
kattany3 says :   7 March 2008   725239  
hey mine name is Kalia too =P and  i will its the weeken notin better
to do so .


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