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Home Intrusion pt. 1 :: SEX DO NOT READ IF OFFENDED ::Category: sex story
Thursday, 21 February 2008
05:42:31 PM (GMT)
I was at the grocery store when I spotted a beautiful 
woman with long dark hair. She looked to be in her mid 
thirties and in great shape. She was dressed in a 
summer one-piece dress that hugged the curves of her 
body. Her breasts appeared nice and round and firm and 
her ass was perfect. 

I left the store and sat in my car waiting for her to 
leave. I watched her get into a nice looking Honda and 
I followed her as she left. She drove north for a 
couple of blocks, and then turned down a nice quiet 
street. I parked down from her house and watched as she 
got out of the car and went to the front door. She 
unlocked the door and went in. 

The house was very nice, with large bushes and trees in 
the front. I drove to the other side of the block and 
parked in a church parking lot. I walked slowly around 
the block, observing the houses on both sides of the 
street. This appeared to be a very nice neighborhood 
without a lot of small children. As I approached her 
house, I noticed how the bushes were nice and thick 
next to the house. I continued around the block and 
returned to my car and left. 

That evening I returned to the area. This time I parked 
in the grocery store parking lot and walked to her 
street. As I approached the house I observed that the 
house across the street was dark; perfect I thought. I 
slipped up her driveway and into the bushes next to the 
house. They had been trimmed to provide a walking space 
between them and the house. Now I couldn’t be seen from 
the street and I could move from window to window with 

I looked in the closest window and saw that it was the 
living room. A girl of about sixteen was sitting on the 
couch watching television. She was a smaller version of 
her mother. Her hair was black and long. She had on a 
pair of shorts and a tee shirt. I could see her breast 
pushing out the front of the shirt. I moved quietly to 
the next window and saw the mother in the kitchen 
finishing the dishes. 

She had on another summer dress that showed the curve 
of her ass as she leaned over the kitchen sink. I 
watched her finish the dishes and leave the kitchen. I 
moved to the other windows, looking for any one else in 
the house, I did not see anyone else at home. I watched 
as the mother went into a bathroom and shut the door. 

A gate gave me access to the rear of the house and I 
moved to the windows to see if I could spot an access 
point. A sliding patio door was unlocked and I slid it 
open and stepped inside. I pulled my ski mask on and 
crept down the hallway toward the living room. I 
entered the living room behind the couch where the 
teenager was still sitting. I slipped up behind her and 
wrapped my arm around her neck. I had my stun-gun in my 
other hand and I pressed it into her neck, squeezing 
the trigger. 

The stun-gun gives out 145,000 volts of electricity, 
more than enough to paralyze my young victim. She did 
not have enough time to let out more than a small yelp 
before she was knocked unconscious. I quickly used my 
duct tape to secure her hands behind her back. I taped 
her mouth closed and taped her ankles together. I 
picked her up and headed down the hallway to the 
bedroom. As I passed the bathroom, I could hear the 
shower running. 

I took the girl into the bedroom and laid her on the 
large king-size bed. This was her mother’s room, based 
on the décor. The bed frame had wooden posts at the 
corners and smaller posts along the top. I looked 
through the dresser and found some nylons. 

I cut the tape on her ankles and wrists and used the 
nylons to tie her spread eagled to the bedposts. She 
was now lying on her back with her arms and legs 
secured to the four corner posts. She had regained 
consciousness by now and was squirming on the bed, 
making muffled noises through the tape. I stepped up to 
her and looked into her eyes. She looked terrified. "If 
you don’t shut up, I’ll kill you," I told her. I then 
slapped her hard across the face. She started crying, 
but laid still. 

I moved back into the hallway and waited outside the 
bathroom door for the mother. The shower stopped and I 
could hear her drying off. The bathroom door opened and 
the mother stepped out. I stepped in front of her and 
punched her hard in the stomach. The punch knocked the 
air out of her and she doubled over. I grabbed her by 
the neck with one hand and used the stun-gun on her 
with the other. She quickly passed out. 

I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. I laid 
her on the floor and stepped back. She was dressed in a 
robe and had her hair wrapped up in a towel. I pulled 
the towel off and then pulled the robe off. She was now 
entirely naked. I rolled her over and taped her hands 
behind her back. I took a pair of panties from the 
dresser and stuffed them into her mouth. 

She was regaining consciousness and I crouched down in 
front of her. "Listen carefully." I said. "If you don’t 
want to see your daughter hurt, you need to remain calm 
and do as I say. I won’t hesitate to hurt both of you 
if you refuse to cooperate," I explained. 

I pulled her to her feet and showed her the girl tied 
to the bed. "Are you going to be a problem?" I asked. 
The mother shook her head no. I pulled the panties from 
her mouth. 

"What do you want?" she asked. 

"We’re going to have a little party!" I told her. 

"No, please don’t hurt my daughter!" she cried. "I’ll 
do whatever you want, just leave her alone," she said. 

I took the stun-gun and pressed it against her leg and 
gave her a quick zap. She cried out in pain and 
surprise as her leg gave out, causing her to fall to 
the ground. "I told you that I want your cooperation. 
I’ll do what I want, you have to decide how much you 
want to resist. The more you resist, the more pain I 
will inflict on you and your daughter." 

I reached over to her daughter and gave her leg a quick 
shot from the stun-gun. She jerked on the bed and let 
out a muffled groan. "Please stop!" her mother cried. 
"I have money; I’ll give anything if you let her go." 

I looked down at the mother. She was very attractive, 
with long black hair, firm tits that had not begin to 
sag, and a beautiful ass. She obviously stayed in great 
shape. "What’s your name?" I asked. 

"Maria," she replied. 

"What is your daughter’s name?" I asked. 

"Terri, she’s only fifteen, please don’t hurt her," she 

I reached down and slapped her face. "I’m not going to 
tell you again to stop telling me what to do!" I said. 

Maria let out a loud scream shouting, "Rape! Rape!" 

I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her feet. I 
pushed her onto the bed. She was bent face down on 
Terri with her feet still on the floor. I pressed the 
stun-gun against Terri’s neck and pressed the trigger. 
Terri started jerking and trashing on the bed. "Shut up 
and I’ll stop," I told Maria. 

Maria stopped screaming and laid still. I pulled the 
gun away from Terri’s neck and pressed it against 
Maria’s neck. "You do something like that again and I 
will shove this up your daughter’s cunt and fry her 
pussy," I told her. "Where is your husband?" 

"H-he’s on a business trip," She said. 

"Now that we know who’s making the rules, let’s get 
started. Lay up on the bed next to your daughter," I 

Maria swung her legs up onto the bed. She was lying 
face to face with Terri. Both mother and daughter were 
crying. "Lay still," I ordered. I untied Terri’s legs 
and reached up and pulled her shorts and panties down 
off of her. She had nice legs and her pussy was covered 
with a soft mound of black hair. It was not too thick 
and I could see her pussy lips sticking through it. 

Terri tried crossing her legs to cover up her exposed 
cunt. I slapped her on the side of her ass and told her 
to stop. Terri still had her mouth taped closed, but I 
could hear her whimpering. "You better calm her down. 
The sooner we get this over with, the sooner I leave." 
Maria started whispering to Terri, telling her to 
cooperate and they would get through this together. 

I reached up and starting massaging Terri’s cunt with 
my fingers. Her pussy lips were dry and I could not get 
my finger into her cunt. I pulled Maria down so that 
her face was right in Terri’s pussy. "Lick her cunt!" I 
told her. Maria hesitated, glancing at me and then at 
her daughter. I slapped her hard on her bare ass, 
leaving a red handprint. "Do it now and do it good," I 

Maria started kissing Terri’s pussy, pressing her lips 
against the pussy lips. "Use your tongue, start getting 
her wet," I told her. Maria stuck her tongue out and 
slid it up and down Terri’s cunt. I reached over and 
spread the cunt lips open, allowing Maria’s tongue to 
slide into the cunt hole. 

Maria started sucking and chewing on Terri's’ cunt. I 
could see Terri move her hips; first away from her 
mother's mouth, then toward her as the sensation of 
having her cunt eaten began to arouse her. As Maria 
licked and sucked on Terri’s pussy, I began sliding my 
finger in and out of her cunt hole. Maria was licking 
around my finger as I pushed it in and out of her 
daughter’s cunt. 

I would pause and let Maria lick the juices off of my 
finger, and then I would slide it back into her pussy. 
I could feel Terri’s hymen, and knew that this was 
probably the first time that she had been eaten, maybe 
the first time she had been finger fucked. 

I got up and moved around to Terri’s head. "I’m taking 
the tape off of your mouth; make sure that you don’t 
scream." I removed the tape and Terri just looked at 
me, not saying anything. Terri has a beautiful face 
with black hair like her mothers and smooth skin. "Keep 
eating that pussy," I told Maria. 

Maria’s head was down between Terri’s thighs. I watched 
as she pressed her mouth against Terri’s pussy and 
sucked and licked her pussy, moving her tongue in and 
out of her cunt hole. "Has anyone ever eaten your pussy 
before?" I asked Terri. Terri shook her head no. "Tell 
me what it feels like." 

"I-it feels strange, but g-good," she admitted. 

I reached over and caressed her tits through her tee 
shirt. They felt small and firm. "Has anyone ever felt 
your tits before?" I asked. 

"Ye-Yes," She stammered. "My boyfriend has touched them 

I pulled a knife out of my pocket and cut her tee shirt 
and bra off. She lay naked before me. Her breasts were 
small but round and her nipples were sticking out hard. 
Terri was starting to breathe harder as the sensation 
of having her pussy eaten for the first time began to 
affect her. 

I started squeezing her breasts, rolling the nipples 
between my fingers. I sucked and chewed on each tit, 
making her nipples hard as rocks. I kissed her on the 
mouth, sticking my tongue in deep. "Stick your tongue 
into my mouth," I told her. 

Terri kissed me back, sliding her small tongue into my 
mouth. I sucked on her tongue, pulling it deep into my 
mouth. I bent down and pulled Maria’s face up off of 
Terri’s pussy. Her face was wet with juices. I kissed 
Maria, sucking the juices out of her mouth. "Now, kiss 
your daughter, let her lick her own pussy juice off of 
your face," I ordered. 

Maria leaned up to her daughter and kissed her full on 
the lips. "Lick her face Terri," I said. Terri licked 
the juices off of her mother’s face. I pushed Maria 
onto Terri, making her lay face to face on top of her. 
I knelt down between their legs. Terri’s pussy was wet 
and red from the licking her mother had given it. 
Maria’s body was lying with her pussy pressed against 
Terri’s. Her ass looked beautiful; nice and round and 
firm. I bent down and gave it a nice kiss, first on one 
cheek, then the other. 

I reached down and slid a finger into Terri’s pussy. It 
was nice and wet and I could easily slide it up until 
it pressed against her cherry. I slowly finger-fucked 
Terri’s pussy with one hand and began to lick Maria’s 
cunt. I used my other hand to spread Maria’s pussy lips 
apart, sliding my finger into her cunt. It was nice and 
tight. I licked her cunt from asshole to clit, making 
her squirm on her daughter. I licked and sucked on her 
cunt lips, feeling her clit with my tongue. I took the 
clit into my mouth and gently sucked on it, giving it a 
gentle chew with my teeth. 

I heard Maria let out a gasp and felt her press hard 
against my mouth. I continued sliding my finger in and 
out of her cunt, feeling it getting wetter and wetter. 
I slid a second finger into her pussy and then a third. 
I started fucking her with my hand faster and deeper. 
Maria started moaning and lifting her ass to meet my 
probing fingers. I started fingering Terri the same 
way, only not going as deep because I didn’t want to 
pop her cherry with my finger; I had other plans for 

Both mother and daughter were now moaning and 
squirming; their hips moving to meet my fingers. Terri 
let out a low cry and I felt her pussy contract around 
my finger. Juices flooded out of her pussy and dripped 
down her ass. Terri had just had her first orgasm! I 
pulled my fingers out of her pussy and bent down and 
sucked hard on her cunt, feeling the juices run into my 
mouth. I continued to finger-fuck her mother, ramming 
my three fingers faster and faster into her pussy. 

Maria let out a grunt and I could feel the juices 
flowing out of her cunt, dripping down onto her 
daughters’ pussy. I took Maria’s pussy into my mouth 
and sucked the cum out of it. I slid my tongue up and 
down her slit, slurping up her juices. I stood up and 
moved to the top of the bed. I bent down and kissed 
first Maria, then Terri mixing their juices together in 
their mouths.

I stood up and looked at the two of them laying face to 
face, their faces wet with each other’s pussy juice. I 
rolled Maria over onto her back so that she lay next to 

I untied Terri’s hands from the bedposts. She looked so 
cute; I could hardly keep from jumping on her and 
fucking her right away. I tied her feet together to 
keep her from trying to run away. I pull Maria up into 
a sitting position and made her lean back against the 
headboard. Her hands were still taped behind her back. 
I made Terri sit up next to her mother. They were both 
watching me.

"Who wants to do a little cock sucking?" I asked. 

Neither spoke. 

"If someone doesn’t tell me they want to suck my dick, 
I’m going to get angry," I warned. 

Maria spoke up, "I-I want to suck your dick. Please let 
me suck it, I’ll suck it good," She pleaded.

"How about you Terri?" I asked.

"Please don’t make me do it, I’ve never done anything 
like that before," She cried. 

"It’s time you learned." I told her. "I’ll bet your mom 
is a great cocksucker, aren’t you mom?"

"Yes, please let me do it." 

I stripped out of my clothes and climbed onto the bed. 
My cock was as hard as a rock. It’s about eleven inches 
long and four inches in diameter. Both girls looked at 
it with wide eyes. I moved up in front of Maria and 
slapped her face with my cock. She let out a gasp. I 
grabbed her tits and pressed them together, then slid 
my cock between them, slowly fucking her tits. The head 
of my cock bumped against the bottom of Maria’s chin. 

"Open your mouth!"

Maria opened her mouth and I stuck the head of my dick 
into it. Her lips stretched-out to get around it. "Lick 
and suck on the head," I told her. Terri watched as her 
mother licked and sucked the head of my cock. It was 
red, and wet with her saliva. "Do you want a taste?" I 
asked Terri. She shook her head no. "Wrong answer," I 
told her. I moved over to straddle her body and pressed 
the head of my cock against her lips. 

She refused to open her mouth so I smacked her several 
times in the face with my dick. It left red marks on 
her face and wet smears from the pre-cum juice that was 
leaking and the saliva from her mother’s sucking. "Open 
up!" I ordered. Terri opened her mouth and I forced the 
head of my cock into her mouth. "Suck!" I told her. Her 
mouth was stretched out but she managed to suck the 

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and ordered her to 
lick my cock from top to bottom. She used her tongue 
all over the outside. It glistened from her spit. I 
pulled Maria’s head next to Terri’s and said "Lick it 
with your daughter; show her how it’s done." 

They were both licking my cock; Terri was concentrating 
on the shaft and Maria on the head. Maria’s mouth was a 
little bigger and she was able to easily get the head 
into it. "Terri, lick and suck on my balls," I ordered. 
Terri moved down to my balls and gently licked and 
sucked on them, pulling them into her mouth one at a 

"Maria, suck my cock into your mouth. I want you to 
take me as deep as you can," I said. I began sliding my 
cock in and out of her mouth, pressing deeper each 
time. Terri had stopped licking my balls and was 
watching with a surprised look on her face as her 
mother took more and more of my cock into her mouth. 

I grabbed Maria by her head and started fucking her 
mouth; I could feel the head of my cock hitting the 
back of her throat, making her gag. I still had another 
5 inches to go. "Relax your throat and breathe through 
your nose," I told her. I slowly slid my cock down into 
her throat. Her mouth was bulged out and I could see 
the outline of my cock in her throat. 

"Another couple of inches," I told her. I pulled her 
face forward into my crotch, her nose was buried in my 
pubic hair, and my cock was all the way down her 
throat. I could feel her throat muscles contracting 
around my dick, trying to swallow it down or reject it 
back out. Maria began pushing against my legs trying to 
get her breath. 

I slid my cock all the way out of her mouth and she 
gasped for breath. I quickly put it back into her mouth 
and in one motion, slid it all the way back down her 
throat. I had her head pressed against the headboard 
and I began fucking her throat, never pulling my cock 
all the way out of it. 

I could feel her struggling against me, but I continued 
to fuck her throat. The sensation was unbelievable. My 
cock was leaking pre-cum straight into her belly! I 
finally pulled my cock out of her mouth before I came. 
I still had another face to fuck!

lil_mizz_ghetto says:   1 July 2008   448169  
love the storys
italian_babyxo21 says:   13 July 2008   928992  
You have a real talent for riting stories, however, I think that...
well... hm. I like it... but for children who really have gotten raped
and read this... their not going to get "horny" like other people may
write after they read this. They're going to to think back to the
flood of horrible images they saw when they were getting raped.

I think for some future stories you should write about sweet sex, or
about two teenage lovers who have just found out that they like the
same gender or whatever... just a suggestion.

But I do enjoy your stories, you do have a gift.

‹•Heyoooooo•› says:   26 December 2008   979617  
Sex_stories_author says:   26 January 2009   219382  
Ha, I love the bitches who read the rape story and get offended when
"home intrusion" pretty much implies it's gonna be force. C'mon cunts,
gimme more.
‹~WildBerri~› says:   6 February 2010   121076  
I loved it! You could go to a professional site and not get stuff as
good as this! I plan on reading every one of them if I cna they are
totally awesome!!
couldyoubeloved says:   12 June 2010   806418  
I love it. @italian_babyxo21, Girls who get raped aren't going to
read stories like this... As the author said, it's clearly marked
"Home intrusion". A girl who got raped wouldn't come near this page,
these stories, not to mention this particular story.  
couldyoubeloved says:   12 June 2010   496749  
I love it. @italian_babyxo21, Girls who get raped aren't going to
read stories like this... As the author said, it's clearly marked
"Home intrusion". A girl who got raped wouldn't come near this page,
these stories, not to mention this particular story.  
couldyoubeloved says:   12 June 2010   270107  
I love it. @italian_babyxo21, Girls who get raped aren't going to
read stories like this... As the author said, it's clearly marked
"Home intrusion". A girl who got raped wouldn't come near this page,
these stories, not to mention this particular story.  
Synthia says :   4 September 2010   295553  
lol I luv it!

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