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I HATE COPS.Category: Rant...
Saturday, 26 January 2008
09:31:54 PM (GMT)
What. The. Hell?

Okay, so yesterday Jon and I had a little run-in with some cops.
Basically, here's the story:
At about 12:30 he came and picked me up. Eventually, around 1:00, we just parked in
some parking lot and decided to sit there. Gas is expensive, after all, and we had
nowhere to go. It was late and he doesn't have any money, because he has to pay a
$200 ticket.
I think it's worth explaining why he has to pay a $200 ticket. Trust me, it's

He was driving to come see me one day, right? Yeah. He gets in his car, which just so
happens to be a Jeep with broken 4WD, so he was using RWD... everyone knows that
sucks in the snow.
He hits a patch of ice and goes sliding into some guy's fence.
He did the responsible thing and didn't drive off. O______o'' The cop gives him a
ticket for... what now? Oh yes. "Driving too fast for conditions". Which is complete
and total BULLSHIT, because he wasn't going over the speed limit. The cop doesn't
even know how fast he was going. Nobody saw how fast he was going, either.
20 MPH is NOT too fast, even if it was icy. He didn't even know it was icy yet; he
hit the fence about three houses down from his.
It's a giant fucking Jeep. When a Jeep hits a fence, the fence WILL GO DOWN.
...Urgh. It's ridiculous.
I hate cops that give out tickets just for the sake of giving out tickets.

Back to my story:
Yeah, so we pulled up in a church parking lot, so we didn't have to drive.
After a little, we moved into the back seat so we could cuddle. Yes, Fabby does
adorable things sometimes. And it's hard to cuddle with a giant fucking console
between the two of you.
So we were back there, being good.
Ironically, we were just discussing how I didn't want to have sex when the FUCKING
COP shows up.
Now, I figured he was going to determine that we were both fully clothed and NOT
HAVING SEX and then he'd tell us to leave.
Ohhh, no.
He calls in two more cops for whatever reason. I don't know why it took THREE
of them, because we weren't even doing anything wrong. Apparently, I was breaking
some curfew law that I didn't even know existed. I've been outside WAY later than
that, and cops have seen me, but nobody ever cared.

Oh, noooo. They want to give us shit because it looked suspicious and Jon is three
and a half years older than me.
So he goes out collecting information and asking a lot of bullshit questions,
followed by calling my mother. Who thankfully didn't answer.
Then he demands my information.
I gave him what I guessed was my street address (I probably got it wrong...)
I have no idea what my home phone number is. I could have given it to him, but I
decided not to tell him I had a cell phone on me.

And then, I don't know my weight, either. And I don't really want to give it to the
guy, so I just tell him I don't know.
That's when he gets all pissy and calls me dumb. THE JACKASS HAD THE NERVE TO INSULT
I was insulted as hell. He's calling ME dumb?
He's a fucking cop, and it's 1:30 AM on a Friday night in a reasonably large city.
Someone's probably getting raped or robbed or something, and what is he wasting his
time doing? Fucking with some kids who weren't even doing anything wrong!
Fucking cop was rude as hell. I might have attempted to be polite if I wasn't pissed
as hell that he was even making us go through that.
But he didn't deserve it. My god, just because you have a shiny badge and I don't
doesn't mean you get to be a jackass to anyone you like, you got that?

What the hell is wrong with them, anyway?
Don't they have anything better to be doing? They're supposed to be law enforcers...
which requires that I break a law first. He didn't even give me the curfew ticket, he
just yelled at Jon a lot because he's older than I am.
Why can't I be out with my boyfriend without people accusing him of fucking me?

That pissed me off. A LOT.
Fucking faggots.

I hate him.
It's because he was a Cherry Hills cop. Stupid prissy rich asshole...

blindwonder says:   26 January 2008   337616  
The nerve of some idiots.
Uneek says:   26 January 2008   586781  
oo what a asshole =.=
neoeno says:   25 February 2008   217531  
Well the cops are meant to sustain law and order. You were breaking
the order, thus you ended up a target.

Not saying it's right.. but that's why.
Fabby says:   26 February 2008   613544  
What sort of order were we breaking? O-o
We weren't disturbing anybody. Is there some sort of order in the
world that is being disturbed by me cuddling in the backseat of my
boyfriend's car? Is someone really losing sleep over that?
neoeno says:   26 February 2008   822636  
Well, one order is the order of age differences. Three and a half
years was evidently too much for that cop's sense of social order.
There's also the public display of affection, which are a notorious
source of disorder, hence why so many people object to them. How dare
someone express any kind of passion where other people can see it?

Like I said, cops aren't just for enforcing the law, and anyone who
says their function/effect/purpose is entirely for the betterment of
mankind is naive.
Fabby says :   27 February 2008   552377  
xD It may have been a slow Saturday night.

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