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Death Note Fanfic part 2Category: (general)
Friday, 25 January 2008
07:33:02 PM (GMT)
LIFE NOTE PART  TWO:                                                                
                                    confusing matter

"She looks like an angel..." The man said,whose name was Lawliet(guy name?)."Your
sure im not dead?"He asked again. "Yes",Yoshiko replied,"apparently if you touch the
life note,you can see her,Amalia.Oh,yes,do you remember anything about your life?"
"Yes,Im a detective,and Im head of the taskforce.I was working on the kira case with
Light Yagami(Yoshiko had an odd look on her face after he said that) His
father,Matsuda and a couple of other agents. I was killed by kira I quess...Now you
brought me back to life though." After saying this he asked her to bring him to a
certain building for some reason.  
    When they arrived,L(he told her to call him that O_o) She Saw Security
When L walked up to to the security and showed them his I.D (He still has it?) they
both wispered,"SHouldn't he be dead?Guess they were wrong. Uh,Yeah,You guys can
    WHen they entered,everyone looked at them,they also saw someone who looked quite
young sitting in a large chair,he looked like this:
    "Ryuzaki?!?!" Matsuda cried out," were dead! How did this
happen!?! "Who are you two?"The boy in the chair asked asked. L wondered why Matsuda
was working here with this guy," I am L, Who are you?" The boy had a confused look on
his face," No,I'm L. The other L was killed by kira." "Yes.I know that." L replied,"
This young girl has a book called the life note and apparently it brought me back to
life.Unless this is some twisted dream world where my worst dreams come-" "OKAY!"
Yoshiko called out,"I think we get it." "Life note?" The boy(WHose name was near)
answered," Um,Have any of you two heard of the death note?" When he asked
this,Yoshiko thought," I better not say anything." and shook her head no. To her
suprise,L said yes. He said how he remembered that kira used the death note to kill.
"Well.."Near replied,"If you really are L,you'll be taking my place." 
They sent L through a series of tests,with Matsuda yelling every time," THIS IS L,I
KNOW IT!!!" Yoshiko wondered why all of these people were accepting the existance of
the life note. After all the tests,they finally confirmed he was L. "Near" L said,"
You are N again."
"Oh yes,L, do you remember who kira was?" Matsuda asked. L shook his head.
"Well,"Matsuda replied,"Since kiras dead you really don't have to know."
 Ryuk started laughing and twisting around like crazy. "What is it!?" Yoshiko yelled
out. Everyone looked at her. " was a fly?" She nervously replied. 
   Yoshiko walked out of the building with Amalia and Ryuk," What was all the
twisting and laughing about!?!" "Well,Ryuk began," In the shinigami realm,we have
these apples that kinda look like peppers from your realm, except for its really
dried up,but in the human realm-" "Just get to the point." Amalia snapped. "Fine."
Ryuk replied,"Im oppsessed with apples like humans with beer and drugs,and If I don't
have some,then I go CRAZY!"
   "Well,your in luck,I have one in my bag,just take it." Yoshiko replied,pulling the
apple out of her bag. She gave it to Ryuk. "I'm going to write in the life note in
the park." She said,heading over to the park. As they were walking there,she saw a
very masculine stealing some electronics from a store,the man who was working there
ran outside,yelling for help."Um...Ryuk? wanted criminals to die,so,
this would be a time to use the death note,right?" "Uh,I guess so..." He replied
"Good" She said,"This should be interesting,and I can see his name on his jacket so
it'll be easy to to this." She pulled out her Death note and wrote the Name: Minoru

                                              ~40 seconds later~

If was almost as if the world stopped because anyone who was near looked at the
man,he grabbed his chest in a fight for breath,the hit the sidewalk with a
THUMP. Yoshiko walked over to the man and grabbed the item he had stolen. A
C.D player. She handed the C.D player to the man who was working at the shop. As she
continued walking,she heard people wispering,"Kira lives...or maybe,theres a new
   She finally arrived at the park,Ryuk and her both had suprised looks on their
faces when they saw.....
Last edited: 28 January 2008

Momo16 says:   3 February 2008   628865  
its so good xD
Lawliet lives yatta!!!
;3 i wonde rwho they see
i bet its light xD
Yoshiko_Saruwatari says:   3 February 2008   378865  
Shank you Momo-chan!^-^
*Throws confetti* Yesh,Lawliet lives!
and about who they see.... yesh?^_^
Misa_Amame says:   3 February 2008   738675  
yay! L ish Living!^-^ ANd I agree with momo16,I think its light that
they see!
Yoshiko_Saruwatari says:   3 February 2008   172991  
Thank you #_#
Suki_Chan says:   4 February 2008   194266  
This is awsome! I sooooooo wish this was an anime!
Yoshiko_Saruwatari says :   4 February 2008   361532  
Yaw yaw.^-^ 
Remember on youtube when we 
made the life note theme song from some drawings 
I made of her,Then some clips from death note


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