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Love and lots of lust 8Category: (general)
Monday, 31 December 2007
05:44:15 PM (GMT)
Neji was walking around in panic of what he had seen earlier. It was the most
disturbing thing you could think of. He decided to go home and just slam his head on
his wall for 30 minutes. Maybe that would reset his mind. He was walking when Lee
walked passed him with his eyes glued to the floor with a glower. Neji stopped in his
tracks and turned to Lee who was dragging his feet slowly.

“Tell someone Lee.” Neji said with a soft voice and Lee went stiff.

“How did you..?” Lee asked and Neji put his finger to his lips.

“I just do.” Neji said and jumped off.

[With other people

Rock Lee decided to pay Naruto a visit. It seemed that Sasuke liked toying with the
poor kid so time to cheer him up! He knocked on Naruto’s door and no answer. He
checked the door knob and it was unlocked. He walked inside and called Naruto’s
name. He called it again, finally an answer. Naruto’s voice was low and grim. Lee
walked into Naruto’s room and Naruto’s cheeks were tearstained.

“Naruto you ok?” Lee asked and walked over to Naruto and sat on the bed next to

“No Lee…” Naruto said and Lee looked into Naruto’s eyes.

“What makes you so upset?” Lee asked and Naruto sighed.

“Well I’ll tell you because you don’t seem like the type to judge people…”
Naruto said and Lee slightly smiled at that. “Well…. I think I’m in love…
with Sasuke,” Naruto’s voice was low and Lee cracked the slightest smile and
hugged Naruto.

“This is fantastic!” Lee yelled and Naruto took in a deep breath.

“It would be if I didn’t chase him off.” Naruto said and Lee raised his

“Nonsense Naruto! I’m sure that getting Sasuke to leave you alone will be easier
then chasing him away!” Lee said and Naruto looked at the ground.

“I hope so.” Naruto whispered and Lee cupped Naruto’s face and tilted it
upwards and smiled.

“I’ll talk to him Naruto. Ok?” Lee asked and Naruto smiled slightly and

“Thank you Lee.” Naruto said and Lee nodded and got up.

“Well I have things to do so I’ll talk to you later!” Lee said and ran out the


Sasuke sat in his room and sighed. He was so amazingly bored. He had two naked drunk
guys passed out on his floor. Awesome. He looked outside and there was a knock at his
door. Sasuke answered it and Lee ran in.

“SASUKE-KUN I HAVE GRE--… what the hell!?” Lee asked pointing to the two men
unconscious on the floor.

“Don’t ask…” Sasuke said and Lee nodded and started onward with this story.
“Naruto…” Lee said and Sasuke’s eyebrow raised with interest.

“Yes go on.” Sasuke said and Lee was glowing with happiness.

“Loves you back!” Lee said and Sasuke sighed and Lee’s smile faded. “What’s
wrong Sasuke-kun?”

“I don’t think I feel that right now.” Sasuke said and clutched his heart that
beat slowly, even with the bringing up of Naruto’s name.

“But Sasuke-kun!” Lee exclaimed and ran over to Sasuke. “It was your biggest
dream that Naruto would love you again.” Lee said and Sasuke looked at Lee with
cold eyes.

“Was.“ Sasuke said and walked up the stairs. Lee sighed and looked at the

“Oh what happened to you Sasuke?” Lee sighed and walked out of the door.

“Reality…” Sasuke whispered to himself sadly.

[away from depressing shet.

Gaara walked into the hotel that him and his siblings were staying at. He looked and
saw Kankuro pissed. Gaara looked around and noticed no one else was there. Gaara
sighed and prepared himself for a long lecture.

“Hello Kankuro.” Gaara said and Kankuro sneered.

“You think this is funny?” Kankuro hissed and Gaara gave him an questioning

“There was no laughter.” Gaara said flatly and Kankuro stomped over.

“When did you plan on telling me?” Kankuro growled and Gaara was still confused.
Very confused.

“Telling you what?” Gaara asked and Kankuro scowled.

“Your new little boyfriend.” Kankuro huffed.

“Jun isn’t my boyfriend.” Gaara said flatly and Kankuro growled.

“So THAT’S his name Jun! Why don’t you just go hang out with Jun!” Kankuro
said in an immature way and Gaara sighed.

“I honestly didn’t expect to come home to this infuriatingly surly behavior.”
Gaara said and Kankuro growled.

“Don’t you feel so smart using big words.” Kankuro hissed and Gaara rolled his

“Surly is two syllables and infuriating is a word even a small child would
comprehend.” Gaara said and Kankuro clenched his teeth.

“Gaara!!! Your being a--” Kankuro was cut off by the soft feeling of Gaara’s

“Shh.” Gaara said and planted a kiss on Kankuro’s moist lips.

Gaara’s tongue swiped across Kankuro’s bottom lip and Kankuro hesitated but
parted his lips and let his tongue glide with Gaara’s. More force was put into the
kiss and the mood got heated. Gaara pushed Kankuro over into Kankuro’s room and
pushed him onto the small twin bed. Gaara broke the kiss and kissed down Kankuro’s
neck until he got to a certain point that Gaara knew was Kankuro’s weak point.
Kankuro hadn’t had his face paint on today because he wasn’t going anywhere
really. Gaara’s hand moved up to Kankuro’s hair and flicked off the hat that
Kankuro always wore. Kankuro unhooked Gaara’s gourd from his back and it dropped to
the floor. Gaara took a minute to relieve his muscles and shrug his shoulders. He
pressed his lips on Kankuro’s hungrily and moved his hands to the back of
Kankuro’s back and unzip the jumpsuit Kankuro was wearing. Gaara got it passed
Kankuro’s feet and looked at Kankuro. He was there, half dazed in his boxers. Gaara
crawled back over and pressed his lips to Kankuro’s and Kankuro played with
Gaara’s shirt and slipped it off then kissed Gaara.

“Kankuro I swear this will be a time I’ll make you never forget.” Gaara
whispered huskily into Kankuro’s ear.

“You probley will Gaara.” Kankuro groaned and kissed Gaara passionately.

[so ruining this moment by going to a different scene. Lol

Sasuke paced around his house. Silently. He just felt the need to be quiet. Itachi
woke up and rubbed his head.

“Itai… how did I get here?” He groaned and stood up and blushed. “And naked
at that matter.” He mumbled and Kisame kicked open the door.

“ITACHI-SAN! WE FOUND--…you..” Kisame said and blushed at the naked Itachi.

“What Kisame? I seemed to have misplaced my coat…” Itachi said and put his
finger on his chin in thought. “No matter.”

“Here Itachi-san un. You can use my coat, yeah.” Deidara said and threw the coat
at Itachi while shielding his eyes.

“Thanks…” Itachi said and put it on. “Well lets go.” Itachi said and walked
out the front door with his crew.

‹ikaeros› says :   6 January 2008   162879  
Itachi lost his coat XD
I hadn't been reading your diary entries so I started re-reading them

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