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After the FMA SleepoverCategory: FMA, fangirls
Saturday, 1 December 2007
10:46:29 PM (GMT)
	I do not own FMA and I did not make it. This is just a fanfic. Also if you're
a WinryxEdward fan or a RosexEd fan get the frickin hell out of here.

Pride (not the character, he's my curse or my innerself): I don't think you're
supposed to say that on a disclaimer.
Sarah: Shut up! My computer, my plot, my fanfic and my disclaimer!!!! *shoots the
living day light out of the character Pride so that her curse would shut up*
Pride: How can that be a disclaimer when you own it. *sees her shoot Pride* Oh shoot.
You frickin fan girl! *now speechless*

	Okay so before i was rudely interuppted I was saying that Winry and Rose fans will
get the hell out of here. Or else what I did to Pride (the character) will happen to
you so be careful when you're around me. I do not own Ella and Eve and just so we can
make it clear.

Ella = hontouni_shiawase_daOMGAnimeXD
Eve = nekoprincess
Ella, Eve and FMA = No ownership!!!! 

~~~~~~ON WITH IT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Okay so this happened after the sleepover was over. Remember that Ella ripped Roy's
gloves, as it turned out, I burnt his other gloves so..........

~~~~~~~~~At the FMAFG headquarters 8:00 am~~~~~~~~~

Sarah: *calculating how much money they had and adjusting their schedule for the
Eve: *signing paperwork (yes, another mountain appeared)*
Ella: *drawing on her tablet while glancing every once in awhile on what Sarah was
Eve: *stops writing* --sweatdrop while glancing at paperwork-- So Sarah, what are we
going to do today?
Ella: Yeah, I'm kinda curious myself.
Sarah: At 9:00 this morning we are going to meet with the maintenance crew of the
club. Next we check on our prisoners. And at 12:00 noon we are going to a court
Eve: Okay, so that's all........ Wait, a court trial?????? 
Ella: *reads the schedule* Yup, a court trial. And it looks as if it might consume
the whole afternoon and maybe the evening too. I guess we better eat an early lunch.
Eve: Wait, okay so we have a court trial. What I don't get is why do we have one and
who is against us.
Sarah: The court trial is for the ripping of horsey's gloves. He calls it damaging of
another's property which is just a fancy way of saying destroying of his things.
Ella: That's all? I mean just because I ripped his gloves he already sued the club??
And I thought he was in his  star suite.
Sarah: Eve gave our prisoners the freedom to have contact with the outside world. Of
course, they can't go out but they can make phone calls to everyone except to the
military and anything about the military. You pamper them too much. They're going to
become spoiled. Which reminds me that we better start hiring a lawyer. We lack funds
already and hiring lawyers is expensive. Not to mention calling them.
Ella: Sarah, you're starting to sound and act like Kyouya. You're even writing
everything in a notebook and you always carry your laptop, calculator, your notebook
and some random book.
Eve: Yeah and it's starting to scare me.
Sarah: ---ignoring their comments-- Well, I better start making inquiries. You guys
talk to the maintenance crew. The phone calls might take all morning. Our phone bills
are going to be high I just know it. I might come with you in visiting the prisoners
but I guess I can't talk to the maintenance crew. See you later. *starts calling
random highly respected lawyers*
Ella and Eve: Bye *goes out*

~~~~~~~~In the basement ('coz that's where they were supposed to meet the maintenance

Eve: --ignoring the crew and whispering-- Ella, Sarah is starting to act strange. She
is starting to act like Kyouya and Kyouya is evil. 
Ella: --whispering-- Yeah and I used to think we just all had lost it but I never
actually thought of her as evil. 
Eve: Why don't I ask Ed about this? 
Ella: Yes let's. --to the crew-- Okay we'll deal with this problem with Sarah another
time but for now try to tolerate it okay?
Eve and Ella: *leaves*

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ed's suite (it's 5 star)~~~~~~~~~~

Eve: *pounds door insistently* Let me in Ed!!!!!!!
Ed: *opens door* What do ya want? I'm busy here!
Ella: We were wondering if you thought Sarah was evil.
Ed: You all are!
Eve: You pint-sized midget not that kind of evil. Evil as in like this guy *shows a
pic of Kyouya*
Al: *looks at the pic over his brother's shoulder* He doesn't look evil but he still
gives me the creeps.
Ed: *notices how small he looked against Al and moves a few feet away from him* What
are his attributes?
Ella: Well I know that he's quiet in a cold sort of way. He's very cool, calm,
collected and organized. Oh, and the only times when he loses his coolness is when he
is woken up. Waking him up is like saying you want to end your life. Oh and he loves
money and Sarah is starting to talk and act like him.
Ed: He must be her idol. Sarah's job is like a combination of a secretary and a
treasurer, right? Ella is the supervisor and she can be the one that can make you
smile with her drawings. Eve is --sarcastic voice-- the almighty leader of the FMAFG
Invasion Club.
Eve: Die. *shoots*
Ella: Al you don't need to see this. *takes off Al's head and puts it in a bag*
Al: I can't see! What's going on Ella?!
Ed: *gets shot* I hate you shorty!! *smirks while dying* 
Ella: *jams bag in a locked closet* Let's see if you can find this, Al's body!
Eve: *starts cursing Ed's dead corps* Well we can't do anything now. Let's go back to
the office now. *leaves with Ella*

~~~~~~~Back at the office~~~~~~~~~~~

Ella: Sarah!!!!!!!!
Sarah: *smiling a cat ate the canary smile while drinking a cup of milk tea* I
managed to find a good lawyer. And for a cheap price. Took me all morning but it was
worth it. Come on, let's eat. I'm starving.
Eve: *realizes how hungry she was* But I might throw up during the trial if I eat.
Let's not eat and just study ways on how we can avoid the trial.
Sarah: You should eat. If you don't eat you won't be able to think straight therefore
you won't come up with good answers.
Ella: She's right. Come on, what do you want, some sandwiches and salads or some of
this pork stuff my mom brought?
Eve: Uuummm, neither. Let's just eat what's in the cafeteria.
Sarah: Why don't we buy some chicken or barbecue from the cafeteria and eat it there.
And let's also eat the pork and the sandwiches and the salads. I don't want the stuff
to go to waste.
Ella: Okay, even I don't think I want to eat the pork stuff. 

~~~~~~~After eating they went infront court house~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Eve: --butterflies in stomach-- I think I'm goin' to be sick!
Sarah: It's just the butterflies in your stomach. They'll calm down once you get used
to the feeling.
Ella: I'm nervous. If we lose, we're going to lose the FMAFG Invasion Club.
Eve: We might lose the club!!!!!! NO!!! *starts bawling*
Sarah: This is the whole reason why I never mentioned it the whole time.
Random Lawyer: *walks up to Sarah* Hello, are you Miss Lariba? I believe the one
crying is Miss E'Claire and the other one is Miss Shiawase. Hi, call me Travis. I'm
your lawyer.
Sarah: Okay, so have you studied our case?
Travis: Yes and I'll make sure we win. This will be a fairly easy case.
Ella: Don't say it's easy. I swear you might end up dying. Or maybe even Mustang. 
Travis: I can assure you that I will deal with this as peacefully as possible.
Eve: *stops crying* Okay, so if we're all ready then let's go!
Golden Trio and Travis: *enter the court house*


TO BE CONTINUED -------------------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Last edited: 7 December 2007

‹ikaeros› says:   1 December 2007   942997  
Has Eve written about opening her presents yet O_o???
‹ravieve› says:   1 December 2007   127976  
totally wicked, Sarah. I do believe you out-did yourself! totally
‹Thoughtful Zombie› says:   1 December 2007   294125  
She said she's writing it right now. And thanks to the both of you.
‹ravieve› says:   2 December 2007   488148  
the lawyer, forgotabouthisname, is so gonna die if we don't win!
actually, if we lose...could we throw him with the kitties?? (the
mutant ones)
XD sorry, hyper today!!!
‹ravieve› says:   2 December 2007   917299  
aww, sorry for spoiling them too much! n-n;;;; you know how I can
so? can I throw him (and Roy) in the PIT OF DOOM! ??????!!!???
‹Thoughtful Zombie› says :   5 December 2007   614939  
Yesh but I'll write about after the sleepover


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