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Where have all the smart people gone... DxCategory: (general)
Friday, 26 October 2007
12:31:39 PM (GMT)
Oh where, oh where could they be? No seriously, this is a rant. But first,

All I see are ten year olds and nines year olds,(Not  to mention they are peverted as
well), that speak like this:

HI!! lyke, mi's nam eh izz granipuuuuuuuu 232323232 and i like dis website a hole
lot!!!lolololololololol.... oh an buy the way i is emo and is going to hang miselve
if i dont get eny freinds lolololol. lyke so sad right? TTTTTTTT_T__TTTTTTT

No, but seriously...And what's up with all these quizzes? Who the hell cares, and how
come there are only SIX groups for literates?!?! And yet, there are 1092 groups for

Just ignore things you don't want to see. Like WHAT THE HELL?!?! 

If I see a naked man, I am going to click, then cry about it the next day, I mean
COME ON a naked man, it is kind of hard to miss. >.> No seriously, WHAT THE FRIGGIN

Ok, now for all you literate people, please come and comments, also those who oppose,
so that I may find SOME intelligent people, besides the people I have already found.

Jahannam says:   26 October 2007   328661  
Well, there is a big group of younger people (who can't write, yes)
but this site wasn't meant only for them, so you can't stop the older
group from doing things like that. If a ten-year-old doesn't want to
be in a pornographic group, why would she/he even join it?

As for emos and such, I think a large portion of the teenagers on this
site claim to be emo, so there is likely to be many groups based on
that. I'm not sure how many people are actually interested in having
intellectual conversations or whatever :P

But, there are plenty of intelligent people here! Just keep talking to
people, you'd probably be surprised.
‹MusicDefinesLove› says:   26 October 2007   138781  
I don't type weird. I type with good grammar and spelling. 

Now, I have to admit. A lot of young children my age or even younger,
have joined cybering way. But, really, aren't gross and perverted
people on all social websites? And, the internet is a free world, and
in a free world, you have too deal with this. I would recommend to
just scroll down and ignore it, or click the back button.
ndabf says:   26 October 2007   133231  
I'm quite intelligent. I hate those people too.
Jamgirl0808 says:   26 October 2007   961557  
I did not mean all people on this website are like that, in fact, I
have found a quite a few literates,(five) and three of them I have
become friends with. I myself am thirteen,and I don't type badly.
Also, I know the site was not meant just for them, in fact, I thought
this was meant for the older population, but I was quickly mistaken.
Also, I know a lot of them just talk the talk, but I mean, that gets
annoying too,(As you can see, the example was n00b based, not actual
EMO's ) And I find cybering a perverted thing, I mean, staring at
pornographic image for enjoyment, is perverted. Cybering, is like
reading a novel. People reading sex-based novels are perverted. If
that is the only thing in the novel anyway.
‹I <3 kitties XD› says:   26 October 2007   385168  
I would be quite offended if you did not find more literate people
than five on this website.
You should make a list!
Jamgirl0808 says:   26 October 2007   817522  
Hmm. That's a good idea. I will look into that, maybe when I am less
lazy. xP
raynrayn says:   26 October 2007   859684  
baby hookers and horny 9 year olds...the world is a scary place to
live in right now. =_=;;
Lyncheh says:   27 October 2007   644628  
I'm literate! xD I hate all the 'lol u r liek wierd' crap. 

Rock on grammar! ^^
Jamgirl0808 says:   27 October 2007   629281  
HELL YES! >D And seriously, it is getting scarier and scarier.
Lyncheh says:   28 October 2007   544247  
I really don't see how typing "2" is quicker than "to". -_-
xxmaybabi394xx says:   28 October 2007   285311  
There is nothing wrong with sometimes using shortcuts like"2". For
example in my school we are taught to use shorthand when taking notes.
Its going overboard if you say something like"thooses fhuckkers are
gai" but Other than that Its not that big of a deal
Jamgirl0808 says:   28 October 2007   128644  
What school do you go to. O.o They teach us the opposite, cause they
check our notebooks. Also, I never undestand how typing 'lyke' is any
easiar then 'like' or how 'u' is any quicker then 'you'. -Sigh-
Somethings i will never understand, but I am talking about the
overboard-ness, not like, "Gtg, Ttyl, wtf" And stuff like that, I even
use those sometimes. I am talking about the, "OMG SHE DID WHA?!?! Leik
I lol'd a ta pic cause it was totaly funni
kiwily says:   28 October 2007   996578  
I feel like Linda adresses half of these topics. It's the illiterate
people that are bored and spam around, and this site isn't a child's
site, it's on the front of the site, although this does LOOK like a
retarded children's site.

the Literary people are all in a little corner reading a book.
kiwily says:   28 October 2007   411489  
Therefore, I'm not a literary person. XD
Jamgirl0808 says:   28 October 2007   284546  
Who's Linda? And... How are you not a literary person? You seem
pretty literate to me. Also, lol. =3
solcutiee says :   28 October 2007   796482  
I know what you mean,i mean i haven't been on kupika that long but
i've been on enough sites to see that kids are overunning it.I mean
speak proper english!,what do you go to school for anyway?.Sometimes
they just make me so mad,it's like Parents just keep your 10 yr old
perverts from the computer.

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