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the story of what i did for love pt. 8-10Category: (general)
Monday, 8 October 2007
10:40:06 PM (GMT)

Part 8 


November 1, 1993 

Ji Won opened his eyes and found himself laying partially on Mina’s body. He
blushed and slowly moved away from her. Then he just laid near her watching her
sleep. Suddenly it caught his eyes. The sleeves and pant legs of her pajamas were
lifted up and he got a good look at her arms and legs. Dark purple bruises cover her
entire body. There were several scars on her legs and arms too. Red lines run across
her legs and it made Ji Won wince because it looked so painful. 

He didn’t want to disturb Mina but he was really curious. She turned over and Ji
Won lifted the back of her shirt. It was even worse than her legs. Ji Won opened his
mouth lightly in shock and touched her bare back delicately, fearing that he might
hurt her. Mina began to stir. 

I rubbed my eyes and sat up. I saw Ji Won looking at me with this sad expression on
his face. “What’s wrong oppa?” I asked. “Who did this to you?” Then he
lifted the sleeve of my shirt. I opened my mouth in shock. I tried to hide it but I
couldn’t believe he saw my bruises. 

As I tried to answer him, I heard my stepmom’s footsteps heading towards my room.
“Oppa!” I yelled, turning back to Ji Won, who was rubbing my bruises. “You have
to get out of here! My mom is coming!” Ji Won looked at me surprised but I opened
my window for him to climb out. “Climb down this tree. Goodbye Ji Wonee,” I said
to him with tears in my eyes. 

Ji Won remained silent the whole time as he left her room. But he didn’t leave
though. He sat on the branch of her tree and looked through her window. He couldn’t
hear what Mina and her mom were talking about but he saw it. He saw Mina’s mom
bring out a small wooden stick and whack Mina with it several times. Ji Won
couldn’t take it anymore. He busted back into Mina’s room. 


Part 9 


I looked up at my stepmother in pain. “I’m sorry mom. I didn’t know we’re
supposed to have guests today.” 

She glared at me with cold hatred in her eyes. “Mr. Eun, of the Eun Hotel Empire
all over Hawaii, is coming to visit us. Your father might get a promotion if we make
a good impression! You’re supposed to be awake half an hour ago to prepare all of
us tea! Now Mr. Eun is down there expecting tea! What am I supposed to do now huh?”

My stepmom began to breathe rapidly as her anger increased. I saw her raise that
stick of hers again. I curled myself up hoping the pain would lessen but I know it
wouldn’t so I prepared myself for the strike… 

Ji Won caught the stick just before it would hit Mina. Mina’s mother stared at Ji
Won in surprise. Mina opened her eyes and stared at Ji Won in shock. He looked down
at her. “Mina, are you okay?” 

“Ji Won!” I screamed. “What are you doing here?” 

Ji Won looked back at me. “I came to save you from this evil bitch.” 

My stepmom twisted her face in hate. “I knew you were trouble all this time Mina.
How dare you bring this boy home? Wait until I tell your father about this!” Ji Won
grabbed my stepmom’s arm to stop her. “You do that and I’ll have you fired!”
I stared at Ji Won dumbfounded. ‘What is he talking about?’ 

“What are you talking about you juvenile delinquent?!” snapped my stepmom. 

“I mean,” said Ji Won glaring at her. “ That you’re having tea with my father
right now and I’ll get you and your husband fired if you hit Mina one more time.”
I look at Ji Won surprised. ‘Ji Won is the heir of the Eun Hotel Empire? His family
is the richest in all of Hawaii!’ 

My stepmom looked at Ji Won doubtfully. “If you’re his son, then how come
you’re so filthy?” Ji Won gave her a smirk. “I know you want proof. How about
all of us go down there to talk to my dad?” My stepmom looked at him and thought,
‘This is the only way for real evidence. He might get us a promotion.’ Then she
said, “Come on then, boy. Let’s go.”


Part 10 


All three of us came downstairs together. Ji Won had to help me down because my legs
were too weak to support me. Ji Won helped me sit on the couch and he faced the
strange man before me. Mr. Eun glared at Ji Won. 

“Hi dad,” said Ji Won. 

“Where the hell have you been Ji Won?” shouted Mr. Eun. 

My family just watched them yell at each other. Ji Won shrugged his shoulders.
“Around.” It made Mr. Eun really mad but he never hits Ji Won. He continued
yelling. Ji Won didn’t really listen and after a while he cut his dad off. “Look
dad, shut up about it already and we’ll talk about it at home.” 

‘Dang,’ I thought. ‘I could never talk to my parents like that.’ Mr. Eun
shuts up. “Okay son, we’ll talk about it at home.” Then Ji Won gestured his
hand at my entire family. “The Nams were nice enough to let me stay at their house.
You owe them dad.” Mr. Eun nodded. “Fine. Joon and Young A, you two just got a

My stepmom got so excited. “Thank you Mr. Eun!” 

“Come on Ji Won,” said Mr. Eun. “Let’s go home. And have that talk.” Ji Won
brushed his dad’s hand ff his shoulder. “Later dad. I’ll be home in an hour.”
His father glared at him. Ji Won glared back. “I said one hour.” Mr. Eun knew Ji
Won was stubborn. So he agreed. “Fine then. One hour.” 

After Mr. Eun left Ji Won talked to my parents. “Listen here,” he said as he sat
down next to me. “I can get you hired and fired just like that.” And he snapped
his fingers. 

“We know, we know,” said my stepmom sweetly, pouring Ji Won some tea. 

Ji Won didn’t drink it. “All I want is for you two to not touch Mina anymore. If
I see another bruise on her, you know the consequences. Ji Won held my hand the
entire time he spoke with my parents. I felt a strange warmth going through me and I
knew that right then and there that I was falling in love with Eun Ji Won. 

My dad remained quiet while my stepmother talked. “Of course Ji Won.” 

Ji Won rolled his eyes. “Okay, and I’ll make sure you keep your promise.” Then
Ji Won turned to face me. “Come on, let’s go.” 

“What?” I asked confused. 

“Go to my house with me.” 

“Go go!” said my stepmom pushing me towards Ji Won. “Have fun kids and stay out
as long as you like.” I knew my stepmom was really ticked off but she was playing
it off pretty well.

Bwunny says:   9 October 2007   151938  
wow thats amazing

love_swimming_girl says :   9 October 2007   335915  
lol nice =)


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