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Fly High 2 Chapter 9Category: fantasy story
Monday, 17 September 2007
10:47:01 AM (GMT)
"Follow me." The girl held her hand out. I took it cautiously. Not knowing what to
expect I followed Emily out of the cave. "Chika. Why are you here?"
"My plane crashed, 3 people died."
"I'm sorry."
"I'm not, I didn't like any of those three." Emily stopped, turned and looked at me.
"You would wish death on people you didn't like?" I wasn't sure what she ment.
"Er, no."
"Oh good, no matter how much you hate someone, never wish death on them, it could
bounce back to you."
"You mean backfire."
"Same thing." We stopped outside a tent covered in white fur. "Mom! I've brought a
"Fantastic! Is it a boy?"
"Girl." Her mother entered from a small bedroom, she had straight light brown hair
like Emily, and blue eyes, if she didn't say 'MOM' I would've been so sure she was
Emily's sister.
"Hi, i'm Gabriella."
"I'm Chika, what do you know about the three stones of phillipa?" Gabriella's face
turned pale.
"You're not?"
"The chosen one?"
"Erm I guess." 

Gabriella sat me and Emily in a triangle around a pot. Gabriella raised her hands
over the pot.
"The stone of Luna." A white ball appeared over the pot. "It helps the water within."
The ball changed into a yin yang symbol.
"The stone of-" I started.
"The stone of Aquata." The white ball changed into a blue ball. "Strenghthen's ice."
The ball changed into a ice symbol.
"And the stone of Sol-" Again I got cut off.
"The stone of Solana." The blue ball flashed, it hurt my eyes. in the balls place was
orange ball. "Powers up fire." The ball changed into a small flame.
"Thank you. But where is the stone of Luna & Solana?"
"Solana's the furthest one, 400 miles far east. Luna is 100 miles south." My mouth
"I have to leave as soon as possible."
"Oh no you're not! You're getting rest first." Gabriella was persisstant.

"Gabriella." I whispered. No movement. "Emily." No movement again. I got dressed and
sneaked out.
"What are you doing?" Emily asked.
"I'm comming." She struggled to fix her shoes on.
"No, it's too dangerous."
"I don't care. It's so booring here. It's nice to have an adventure." She paused,
looked at her mum. "You go ahead."
I walked out. I was really nervous, as soon as I found all three of the stones. The
big battle between me and Evilyn will begin. Emily came back.
"I said goodbye to my mum." She was crying.
"You should stay."
"No. She understood." I shaked my head and smiled. I walked a step.
"Oops, I forgot the coat for the stones." I walked into the tent. Only to be ambushed
by Gabriella. She was crying too.
"You! Taking my daughter away from me!" She sobbed. "Is she dies! I'll kill you." I
grabbed the coat and ran out.
"You stay here. You care for your mother. Don't come with me. Just stay." I ran away
miles and miles away.
"Wait!" Emily screamed. I turned round. Her lips touched mine. For a minute our lips
were locked. We broke apart. I bit my lip. "Good luck." Emily giggled and ran back to
her home. I stood there dumbstruck, confused about my own sexuality. I fell down
knees clenched in my stomach, I threw up...
"Oh my gosh. I hope i'm not... It could be food poisoning." I said to myself. I
remebered what me and Seth did back in the coat room. Did he use protection?

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